Toadstool's ???

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The location of Toadstool's ???.

Toadstool's ??? (Peach's XXX in Japan) is a special item that belongs to Princess Toadstool in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Considering the events that occur when it is found, the object is something extremely private and personal to Princess Toadstool. She doesn't want anyone except her grandmother to know about it and/or see it.

Toadstool's ??? is in between a blue chair and the fireplace in the back of Toadstool's room in the castle of the Mushroom Kingdom. If Mario finds it at the beginning of the game, Princess Toadstool's grandmother rushes over to Mario and offers him a Mushroom if he'll mind his own business; however, this can only occur once, and before Toadstool joins the party. If they look at it after returning Toadstool to the kingdom, either Toadstool or her grandmother (it is unspecified) tells Mario to return it. If Mario looks at the object after Toadstool joins Mario's party, the princess will scold the plumber, saying that he does not respect her personal, private belongings. Players cannot see the object on either occasion as Mario faces away from the player rather than towards them when he finds it.