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Blade is a massive battleship in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Blade resembles a giant ax, with a great eye in the middle of the main blade. Additionally, two smaller axes hang from the side of the battleship. The main weapon of the battleship is a massive energy cannon that can fire the powerful Breaker Beam.

Blade is first used during a rendezvous mission with Yaridovich in order to retrieve the fifth Star Piece on Smithy's behalf. However, for an unknown reason, Blade did not meet Yaridovich at the predetermined time, leaving the latter with no way to get the Star Piece to safety. The pirate Jonathan Jones briefly saw the Blade while Mario and Yaridovich were fighting before ultimately having to return to the sea, to which he mentioned in a note to Mario.

Later, when the Axem Rangers are ordered to retrieve the sixth Star Piece from the Barrel Volcano, Blade arrives at the top of the volcano, allowing the Axem Rangers to leap onto him. When the leader of the Axem Rangers, Axem Red, manages to swipe the sixth Star Piece away from Mario and escape to the battleship, Mario follows him, leading to a battle with the Axem Rangers on the deck of the Blade. Once each Axem Ranger is defeated by Mario and company, Axem Red activates the main cannon of the battleship, allowing him to fire the Breaker Beam at Mario's party. At the end of the battle, the cannon overloads, and the Blade explodes in a magnificent fashion.

During the ending parade of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Smithy can be seen riding in the damaged Blade.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オノフォース
Ono Fōsu
Axe Force
German Klinge Blade


  • Smithy's factory administrators all wield large axes that look exactly like Blade.
  • Blade is referred to as a "he" multiple times in Super Mario RPG; like several of Smithy's weapons, Blade may be sentient.
  • Blade bore several similarities to the Air Force boss from Final Fantasy VI, specifically being a large airship with a face at the front, a laser gun, as well as having an overall similar build. Both Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy VI were developed by Square Co.