Whomp Stomp
Whomp Stomp
Appears in Mario Party 9
Type Boss minigame
Time limit 10 seconds per round
Music track Tough Enemy
Now You've Done It!
Music sample
First phase:

Second phase:

Whomp Stomp is a boss minigame in Mario Party 9. It is the mid-boss battle in Bob-omb Factory in Solo Mode.


The players land on their platforms and then turn to face another platform. Whomp drops down onto that platform and startles the player in front of him (the most common being the fourth player).


Each player chooses whether or not to turn the platform (represented by 0 or 1). After the players have made their selections, each player who chose "1" steps forward and pulls a switch, and the platforms rotate once per switch pulled (indicated by the number displayed in the center). Whomp then falls onto the player in front of him, making them lose a point. The other players jump on Whomp's back and deliver as many ground pounds as they can, earning three points for each ground pound. After a set time, Whomp rises back up, the players resume their positions, and the process repeats.

When Whomp is down to half of his health, he gets angry and stomps his foot. For the rest of the battle, he stomps on the counter every round, adding either one or two rotations to it before the players have made their selections. As usual, the player who lands the final attack earns an additional three points, and the player with the most points wins the minigame.


Whomp is shown lying flat on the ground. He gives out one last grunt of defeat and explodes into small pieces, releasing several Mini Stars in Party Mode and Solo Mode.

In-game textEdit

  • Rules"Players each choose 0 or 1 turns of the platform. Try picking a number that keeps you from winding up under Whomp! Players left standing can ground-pound Whomp for points!"
  • Controls"Hold the Wii Remote vertically. Press left or right on   to select 0 or 1 turns of the platform. While standing on Whomp, press   to jump and   again to ground-pound."


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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バッタンの01カウントバトル
Battan no 01 Kaunto Batoru
Whomp's 01 Count Battle

Chinese 砰砰的01加加看
Pēng Pēng de 01 jiā jiā kàn

French (NOA) Gare à Ba-Boum!
Watch Out to Whomp!
French (NOE) Le compte est Whomp
Pun on "le compte est bon" (the count is right) and Whomp
German Wummp-Wumms
Whomp Thump
Italian Il Womp conta?
Is Whomp Counting?
Spanish (NOA) La sentencia de Don Pisotón
Whomp's Sentence
Spanish (NOE) Rocosentencia
Whomp Sentence