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Artwork of Beespy and Buzzbees from Donkey Kong 3
Artwork of Beespy with Buzzbees.
First appearance Donkey Kong 3 (1983)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong 3: Dai Gyakushū (1984)
Variant of Buzzbee
Subject origin Bee

Beespies[1][2] (or Bee spies[3]) are large members of the beehives in Donkey Kong 3. Starting from round 3, they begin appearing from the hives that Donkey Kong shakes loose. They take two shots of Stanley's Sprayer to defeat; the first shot simply turns them blue (green in the NES version). Even after the second shot, they split into four small stingers that are still harmful to Stanley. Sometimes they are escorted by Buzzbee guards that increase their point value significantly.

In Donkey Kong 3: Dai Gyakushū, Beespies take the form of Attackers when they are sprayed once. Being sprayed a second time defeats them. They first appear in Leaving the Earth, the sixth stage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 親バチ・ベスピー[4] / おやバチ ベスピー[5]
Oyabachi Besupī
Parent-Bee Vespee

Italian Vespa gigante[6]
Giant wasp


  • In the NES version manual, the term "Queen Buzzbee" appears at one point to describe Beespy,[8] despite the enemy being identified as Beespy elsewhere in the same manual.[9] This is a mistranslation from the Famicom version manual, which uses 「おやバチ・ベスピー」 in this instance.[10] Despite this, Queen Buzzbee occasionally resurfaces in English-language materials, named separately from Beespy.[11] In Donkey Kong 3-e, the name Queen Buzzbee is listed separately[12] and attributed to Beespy's characteristics,[13] but is scored like guarded Beespy,[14] suggesting that Queen Buzzbee is technically treated as the name of a Beespy with an escort, akin to Blooper Nanny and Blooper Baby.


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