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About confirmation

I recently joined this wiki and have made approximately 18 edits. However, I've not been confirmed as of yet. I gather from your user talk that you're a Sysop and can therefore confirm me.

Thanks for your time,


P.S.: Awesome username, by the way.

P.P.S: Do you know of a good way to edit on an iPad?



When you banned me there was a big misunderstanding which I explained to KPH2293. He unbanned me because I didn't do any thing wrong so please don't re-ban me ask KPH if you're confused.

-Dry Luigi


Thanks :) · SMB (Talk) · 22:29, 31 July 2009 (EDT)

No problem. --YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


Yoshario How old are you?Do you have Animal Crossing City Folk and Internet connection?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mariodsi (talk).

Is there something wrong?

Hi, Yoshario, I think I have a problem. Every time I post a new message on a page, I get kicked out due to a database error. This started yestercay, and I've already gotten kicked out about ten times today. It's getting annoying trying to reload every time I get kicked out. And, after I hit the save button here, it's probably going to happen again. HELP! -FunkyK38

Database errors are common here. It'll fix itself eventually. --YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

I have another problem, one I'm hoping you can fix. It's about confirming my email address. Every time I try to confirm, the email that is supposed to be sent to me isn't. I'd really like to have contact with the sysops in case something goes wrong like it did last night.FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Re: My Redirect

Frankly, I think we shouldn't have to make hundreds of redirects just because searchers are too lazy to capitalize proper names (i.e. game names). If there's no redirect, they're simply transferred to the Search results, where the page they're looking for will be at the top of the list; the only difference is that they have to make one extra click of the mouse instead of the Wiki doing it for them (using up precious server space in the process). I'm actually in the midst of writing an essay addressing what should and shouldn't be redirected, since, in my opinion, it's getting a little out of control. - Walkazo 21:26, 2 August 2009 (EDT)


That image of Flying Mario from Super Mario Galaxy,is that a real image?It looks like mario from the box art recolored.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mariodsi (talk).

The image is indeed official, as it is on Nintendo's official website here. --YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


Tadaa!2.gifHi, Yoshario!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon

Stooben Rooben 14:37, 6 August 2009 (EDT)

Hey Yoshario...

Is there any way you can undelete a page? If so, could you undelete The 'Shroom:Music & Artwork Team? I thought I removed the delete template, but the category must have stayed... · SMB (Talk) · 20:37, 6 August 2009 (EDT)

Yeah, I just restored it. Thanks for letting me know. --YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
Thank you. :) · SMB (Talk) · 20:40, 6 August 2009 (EDT)
No problem. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


How do I change the background color of my userpage? PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

About the Warnings

I didn't edit anything else Yoshario i stopped doing that what do you mean Mario64fanatic (talk)

Oh I was going to fix that but then my computer crashed and it did not let me on the mario wiki plus i don't know how to fix it im still learning this whole thing Sorry Mario64fanatic (talk)


This probably doesn't concern you too much, but Wario Loaf says the Mario Kart Wii Tourney is at 3pm, but does that mean across the entire world? Or what country is Wario Loaf in? Hyper Guy (talk) I'm asking you because your online!

Sorry, I don't know. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
It's 3pm EDT (Eastern Time, USA). It is in about a hour in a half if you are in the tournament. Baby

Mario Bloops 13:35, 15 August 2009 (EDT)

This a'int Tucayo....

Tadaa!2.gifHI, Yoshario/talk archive 104-197!:Tadaaa!.gif

Hey, this is Luigifreak! For next months special issue, I am requesting to you to write about An interview Steve, RAP, and if you have ze userpedia account, Paper Luigi DS, and Princess Alyson Koopastool. These are all taken from Userpedia awards . This topic is based off of results given by the recent awards. Once you have chosen your topic, please PM/ tell me on my talkpage what you will write about so I can give you additional information. Feel free to use a different subject If you do not wish to write about this topic. If you need a different topic to write about, or if I missed one of your sections, please tell me, and I will get back to you. Thanks!

'From Tucayo's slave,

I normally like to interview people who accept the interview before, so if any of the aforementioned users decline, I cannot give you the interview. --YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Hey Yoshario...

Could you please delete the two images in Category:To be deleted? · SMB (Talk) · 16:43, 21 August 2009 (EDT)

Done. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
Thank you, also, I'm sorry to bug you, but could you also unprotect Image:MPDS Scene.png, as it is not on the Main Page. · SMB (Talk) · 17:03, 21 August 2009 (EDT)


I am Zero! Hey Yoshario, is it possible to alter the size of the profile image in the forums? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

If you minimize it with MS Paint or something, then re-upload it, that should work. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


I am Zero! Right now when I was at the chatroom I entered my username, but it say to identify and enter my password, so I entered it as /NickServ identify <my password (checked my spelling and capatalization)>, but it say my password is incorrect, do you know what is going on? Zero signing out.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Zero777 (talk).

You can go to #help on the darkmyst network and they can probably email you your password. --YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


Its okay, those things were just a suggestion. Thanks anyway! Luigifreak (talk)

No problem. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

How To....

I am Zero! How can I register a name on the chatrooms? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Use the /nick command to go to your selected nick and type in /NickServ register password email YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


Why did you put my User Page on my talk Page!??! I don't want it There...

30pxSuper Mario Skywalker 19:53, 25 August 2009 (EDT)

Er....I don't remember doing that. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Could you still fix it?

30pxSuper Mario Skywalker 19:42, 26 August 2009 (EDT)

You are special

Mariosuit.pngDear Yoshario/talk archive 104-197
The 'Shroom's special issue is coming out on September 12th, please PM me your sections by not later than September 7th (also PM them to Stooben Rooben); it is of great importance that you send it in time; no late sections will be allowed.

If you won't be able to send your sections in time, please tell me as soon as possible so we can work something out.

Please remember to follow these rules:
  • Write your sections with perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Your sections must be good in length and quality.

Yours Truly:


Director of The 'Shroom

Stooben Rooben

Stooben Rooben
Sub-Director of The 'Shroom


I am Zero! How can I make a signature in the forums, is it in the section that say Signature with a text box next to it? If so how can I put a picture on it, do you put the name of the pic. by URL? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Type the url of the picture n the Signature text box with [img] on the front of the url and [/img] on the back of the url. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

I am Zero! How can I make a new poll on the forums? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Click "Post new Poll". YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

I am Zero! Where is that located? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

To the right of "New Topic". YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

I am Zero! And where is that? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)


HI YOSHARIO!, you havent sent me your Shroom section. Please PM it to me before the 11th, in case you cant do it, please tell me. --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 20:46, 8 September 2009 (EDT)

Friend Request

Hi from 006.pngCmario1735x35px...

I'm a fan of Yoshi, (and Mario, a little) too.

Wiki Adventures

Check out User:Mario64fanatic/Wiki Adventure -Mario64fanatic (talk)


Hey Yoshario, can you delete accounts? I used to be megamariofan65 but I forgot my password and now that account isn't really needed. So, can you delete it or something? fawfulfury65 Dark Fawful sprite.PNG

No, but I can block them. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
No never mind. Thanks for trying though!


Can you help?

I'm uploading an image but I'm having trouble doing it. Every time I try to upload it, I get a message that says the file type is unwanted. Do you think you can help me? FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

What file extension is of the image you want to upload? YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
It's okay, 2257 is helping me with it.
Well, there is something you can help me with. Can you delete the image Rosalina Athletic.jpg for me? I uploaded a new pic of it and I want the old one deleted.

Bullitin Board?

I am Zero! Hey Yoshario, is there a special, mariowiki, or just a page here in the SMW which is like a bullitin board, for users to post things they want everybody to read? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

You can try PipePlaza. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Not a Glitch

I am Zero! Yoshario can you please delete the Blue Shell Mania glitch, it's not a real glitch at all, this glitch never happened to me when I was online and it's really actually a hack, because only one time I was hit by 3-5 spiny blue shells and when I was in last place I saw a guy throwing several spiny blue shells in a row, and the glitch is to impossible to believe, the only way I say it should be up there is if it had a youtube link, but it doesn't and it is not a glitch, it's a hack. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Teh' Shroom

Is there any way to sign up to be interviewed? €lectrobomber

Short Articles

Hey Yoshario it's me again. I just found these 2 new articles made by Spenfen (Alpha Kretin and Beta Kretin) and they're only 1 sentence long. So can you do a warning or something to Spenfen for making short articles? Fawfulfury65 Dark Fawful sprite.PNG


Is it possible you interview me for The 'Shroom?

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>I PWN.RalphSprite.png

Joke proposals

Yoshi! Super paper bowser just made a proposal, I think it's a joke but I can't be sure whether I should delete it or not as I can't really read it as it's so messy. Yellow-Yoshi-127.pngYellowYoshi127Yellow-Yoshi-127.png

It has nothing to do with the wiki, thus it should be deleted. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
Yoshi! Ok thanks, I didn't think it was anything to do with the wiki which is why I contacted you. Yellow-Yoshi-127.pngYellowYoshi127Yellow-Yoshi-127.png


Thank you very much for the kind words and the trust. I will do my best to live up to the tasks of a patroller :3 - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 21:06, 16 September 2009 (EDT)

No problem, and keep up the good work. :) YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

RE: Sysop

Hey, thanks for the support; I'm very honored to have been given this opportunity. --M. C. - "Mario Gals" Fan! User Page | Talk Page 20:19, 22 September 2009 (EDT)


Want a quiz? Click this link to go to one! User:Marioman23230

If you don't want me advertising, tell me. I'll be sorry, and remove the comment.


Hey Yoshario! I made an article on Blorb Mushrooms but then I later found out that there was another article on them called Blorb Mushroom. Can you delete one of them? Fawfulfury65 (talk)


I have been waiting for a confirmation email. But I never got one! Do you knwo what's wrong? User:Yoshiaga/sig 17:18, 26 September 2009 (EDT)

Sorry, I can't help you there. Make sure you have your e-mail address spelled correctly. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

User Brawl Table

I am Zero! Ok, I get why Super Smash Bros. Zero was deleted, but do you know who deleted my sub-page User Brawl Table, I need that table when I write for the 'Shroom, so do you know who deleted it? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Sorry, my bad. I misinterpreted it for something that doesn't serve the wiki. I'll restore it. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


Okay, I've been trying to get some good feedback on this all day. The power shots for Mario Super Sluggers don't have their own pages. Should I make those pages or leave as is? FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

I'm sorry I cannot help you, but as I don't have MSS, I wouldn't know the notability and importance of the "power shots". YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
Hey, can you check out User:Mcburger=Mc rodent, or whatever his name is? He's got some suspicious stuff on his userpage.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by FunkyK38 (talk).
Sure. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
Thanks. I saw his page and I'm like, okay, what's this guy doing? Since that last hack I've really been on my toes about new users. FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png

That.....wasn't a hack. Talk:Main Page should explain it. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Well, yeah, okay, that makes sense... sheesh, you 'sops are so technical! :) FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

I guess it's in our nature :P YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


User: Dinahsty0 is a sock/Spammer making article the Ariel blair Hammer Bro Brawl artwork.pngMCHammerBro.MP8 MCBallyhoo and Big Top Artwork.png

'Shroom 'Shroom 'Shroomy 'Shroom 'Shroomness

Tadaa!2.gifHi, Yoshario!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon

Stooben Rooben 17:07, 1 October 2009 (EDT)


Why'd you get rid of my userbox stuff without even bothering to tell me? I don't really want the stuff back, it's just that I had no forewarning. Also if your gonna go around deleting all the stuff that violates the userspace stuff, you're going to nail me an a couple thousand other users. €lectrobomber

You did. It was announced on the Main Page. And the rules aren't just my decision. Its the decision of every admin. Also, your first userbox was a little...offensive. Thanks and please enjoy the wiki. :) YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Well, yeah, but I thought the stuff on the main page only applied to sub-pages. But whatever, I guess I'm not gonna argue with a sysop. €lectrobomber

No it didn't. MarioWiki:User_space#What_should_I_avoid.3F, says non-encyclopedic material is something you should avoid. Oh, and just because I'm a sysop doesn't mean I don't make mistakes. :P YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Then if you're using that kind of logic, all userpages should be deleted, because they contain non-encyclopedic material. €lectrobomber

Not really. For example, Babel userboxes provide benefit to the wiki, because if something needs to be translated for an article, they could contact that user. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Ok, Ok, we're putting that matter aside. On the subject of babel users, how do you access parts of the MarioWiki in other languages in the first place? Wasn't there a link to it on the Maine Page before? €lectrobomber

There are no Mario Wikis in a different language (at least not one affiliated with us). Babel is so you can find users that can translate games that are in different languages so we may have information on them here. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

I asked Porple for his opinion, not you, I already know what you think about this. €lectrobomber

I was just there to clarify what happened. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

You posted it on the wiki, anyone can give their opinion . --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 20:25, 4 October 2009 (EDT)


Hi, sorry to disturb you. How did you find out that Tuxfox3 was a sockpuppet? I found nothing when I checked him. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 19:38, 4 October 2009 (EDT)

He mentioned that "he was back" on his talkpage, and there was a user named Tuxfox3 who vandalized. You'll probably find something if you check his IP range. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


How do I change the back ground of my user space? Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

Pixie Dust --Yoshieggs6 22:02, 20 October 2009 (EDT)

excuse me

You are so mean! you made my friend Electrobomer go away! You friend sender awayer! You are supposed to help people, not drive them away! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

How can he help if your friend keeps acying like a baby? --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 17:32, 6 October 2009 (EDT)
Stop framing Yoshario! Electrobomber posted disciminatory content, so it was reverted. Many people in history suffered from discrimination, and it continues today! It is one of the worst things we have in this world! There's absolutely NO way to tolerate behaviour like that! And now stop this discussion! - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 17:34, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

Spammeing Happened a sec ago - Luigi3000

I don't find anything wrong with Yoshario ---Yoshieggs6 22:00, 20 October 2009 (EDT)


Yoshario, I have a small section on my page where I keep my personal userboxes, is that okay? I heard what happened with Electrobomber, and I just wanted to make sure I'm not breaking any rules or anything. FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Hey, Yoshario, how can you guys tell if someone's a sockpuppet?--FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png 17:38, 9 October 2009 (EDT)

We checkuser them and find their IP. If the IP is the same, then they are sockpuppets. And as a response to your previous question, userboxes are fine, userbox shops are not. Electrobomber already had userboxes and there was no need for a userbox shop. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
Okay, thanks. --FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png 17:43, 9 October 2009 (EDT)

Yoshario, that Bullet Bill guy keeps creating unneeded articles! Can you give him another warning please? --FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png 18:29, 9 October 2009 (EDT)

Done, thanks for the heads-up. :) YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
No probs!--FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png 18:31, 9 October 2009 (EDT)


Hello, My userpage was deleted today by RAP. Thank you Yoshario for restoring it so quickly! My son, BoygeyDude, and I really appreciate it! BoygeyMom

Tara Charendoff/Strong

Could you please revert back your edits? When the Super Mario World animated series was made in 1991, Tara was known as "Charendoff" at that time. For encyclopedic purposes, calling her "Tara Strong" in 1991 is just like calling the Soviet Union of the 1940s "Russia". Marcus2 17:46, 19 October 2009 (EDT)

Yes, but would not calling her "Charendoff" cause confusion? YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
As to what? The interlink still links to "Tara Strong". All fans of Tara know that she was once Charendoff. Marcus2 17:50, 19 October 2009 (EDT)
Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know that, and I apologize for reverting your edit. Feel free to change it back. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


I think you just lit the wildfire with your proposal... I'm not yelling at you or anything, because you're entitled to your opinion, but I think you're going to have a hard time getting support on it. --FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png 18:01, 20 October 2009 (EDT)

I know you're not yelling at me. I hope it didn't sound like I was yelling at you, either. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
There's a user named NES Boy, I think it is? Well, he's been flooding the recent changes board with uploading files, and I looked at a few of them, and they're pretty much the same. Can you check those pics just in case I missed something? Thanks.--FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png 18:06, 20 October 2009 (EDT)

Okay. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
It's like the ten that are on the board now are all of the same thing, Mario or Luigi battling Bowser Jr., and I don't think we need so many pics of it.

--FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png 18:11, 20 October 2009 (EDT)

Hey, Yoshario, can you give Challe64, or whatever their name is, you know what I mean, a reminder/ warning? All they've done today is create two pages that were worthless, I followed it, and they took the delete I put on one of the pages off. Thanks,--FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png 17:33, 28 October 2009 (EDT)


Hey, why did you delete my Super Mario 63 topic? Answer this question on my talk page, since I'll prolly forget to check back here.--Blablob 12:16, 25 October 2009 (EDT)


If it were on my userpage, could it still get deleted? Fawfulfury65

How stupid... Oh well, get rid of it then -_- Fawfulfury65

SPAM APAM IS HERE!! User:Luigi3000|Luigi3000


Hey,nothin' is really new with me. I've just been coming here to get some new info on New Super Mario Bros. Wii ;)

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNGNSMBW will rock ;)

Revise Glitch....

I am Zero! Hey Yoshario, some user named Drifblim3445 keeps removeing The Lost Graphics glitch saying it is not a glitch, I edit that glitch back several times but he keeps removing it saying it is not a glitch even though it is, so can you please edit that glitch back and tell him that it is a glitch and not to remove it anymore? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Image Linking

How do I make an image that can link to a page? A Sig1.jpgA Sig2.jpgA Sig3.jpg 16:24, 8 November 2009 (EST)

Use Special:Upload. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
Um, no I mean like you click on the image and it takes you to a page. See, I'm trying to make my sig image link to my userpage. A Sig1.jpgA Sig2.jpgA Sig3.jpg 22:25, 8 November 2009 (EST)


How do I create a proposal? Fawfulfury65

I find it easy to edit an existing proposal and paste it onto the appropriate section on MarioWiki:Proposals. The "deadline" for the proposal is one week from posting at:
  • Monday to Thursday: 17:00 (5pm)
  • Friday and Saturday: 20:00 (8pm)
  • Sunday: 15:00 (3pm)

Hope that helps. :) YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


is it possible you can find out my password user: booguy. I forgot my password and can't get back onto my account. If not can you tell me someone who can help me.

No, but if you have an e-mail specified an e-mail can be sent showing you how to reset your password. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

I never put an email on my account.

You can create another account and I'll block the original. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Thanks Yoshario!!!

Delete images

Hey, Yoshario! Can you delete these images for me?

I don't need/want them anymore. Fawfulfury65

Sure. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


HI YOSHARIO! Can you please PM me all the sections you have got so far? Thanks --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 15:45, 8 December 2009 (EST)

Fake News

Where is it? Why isn't it on here?

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>AND HURRY!RalphSprite.png


Hey, Yoshario - I know I was supposed to send my 'Shroom article in by today, and I did send it (VERY early this morning). However, it has not appeared in the 'Shroom... Did you recieve it? If I need to re-send something, someone has to let me know.
-009.pngCmario1735x35px 22:22, 9 December 2009 (EST)


Yoshario, can you change the user rights for this guy from (none) to patroller? He said he really wanted to. AndreaDazes67

1) I'm not a bureaucrat. 2) You are a sockpuppet. If you are actually serious about becoming a patroller, please obey the rules and follow the requirements at MarioWiki:FAQ. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

This is my last issue guys!

Tadaa!2.gifHi, Yoshario!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon

--TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 22:57, 28 December 2009 (EST)

Yup, it's that time again!

Artwork - WARP PIPE (Simple).svg Hi, Yoshario! Artwork - WARP PIPE (Simple).svg
This is your cue to get your sections done and sent to me through our forums by May 12. If you can't make the deadline and you have a valid reason for doing so, get in touch with me as soon as you can and we'll work it out.

Also, be careful to keep a copy of your work saved with you, either on your forum outbox or saved to your own devices. If you need to know anything else, hit me up! I'll try and answer any question you have.



WELCOME BACK YOSHARIO!"!!!!!!!!!!! We thought you would disappear as SoS :( --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 15:56, 18 January 2010 (EST)


Why did you put a warning on somebody's talk page when he didn't do anything wrong and why did you make a sig on a talk page and not a user sig page?

MP6 Peach.jpg Peachycakes867 (talk) Princess Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy.png

I don't believe I had issued a warning on someone's talkpage when that person didn't do anything wrong. Who's talkpage may that be? YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

It's a...

Artwork - WARP PIPE (Simple).svg Hi, Yoshario! Artwork - WARP PIPE (Simple).svg
This is your cue to get your sections done and sent to me through our forums by May 12. If you can't make the deadline and you have a valid reason for doing so, get in touch with me as soon as you can and we'll work it out.

Also, be careful to keep a copy of your work saved with you, either on your forum outbox or saved to your own devices. If you need to know anything else, hit me up! I'll try and answer any question you have.


Re: Shroom

Its ok, I understand, thanks for everything :) Hope to see you back soon man!! --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 12:23, 6 February 2010 (EST)

Thanks. :D YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Re: Userspace

Sorry. RAP told me to move my fanwork somewhere else.

Yeah. But BabyLuigiOnFire has fanwork, and so does a bunch of other people. KS3 (talk · contribute)

They have it on their own page. And on the topic of unallowed userspaces, User:StarFox457/Things I like. Hello, I'm Time Turner.
It's not allowed even if they have it on their own page. And thanks for showing me that rule-violating user subpage, now I can delete it. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png


I'm new, so can you help me? --Yoshi93 15:23, 24 March 2010 (EDT)

Welcome. How may I help you? YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
I'm not really sure, but since I just joined, what should I do first? --Yoshi93 11:10, 25 March 2010 (EDT)
Perhaps you might want to check the Maintenance section and see the work that needs to be done. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png
What next? --Yoshi93 15:50, 5 April 2010 (EDT)
You might also want to vote on a proposal, or Featured Article nomination. Yoshario (Talk)

Just a question

Can you please tell me where is the rock mushroom seen?Th one that turns Mario into a boulder in SMG2.PM Dry Bones Holding Bone Sprite.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

I believe it was shown in the SMG2 trailer. YosharioYoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Whos you favriot?

Whos your favroit Mario charcter? Yoshi or Mario, cuas you have both for your user name.-Dry Dry Bones Dry Bones SPP.png

I have no preference. Yoshario (Talk)

Blue Toad

The page got messed up and it shows that Blue Toad is only in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It used to have information for Super Mario Galaxy. Can you fix this? Or was this intended? --Yoshi93 11:21, 8 April 2010 (EDT)

[1] It looks like it was intentional that info on Blue Toad as a species was removed. Yoshario (Talk)


Hi!So you speak arabic,can you tell me where are you from?PM Dry Bones Holding Bone Sprite.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

I'm not actually from an Arabic-speaking country. I decided to learn Arabic because it is a widely-spoken language. I don't speak it fluently, though. Yoshario (Talk)
Oh really?Where are you from then?PM Dry Bones Holding Bone Sprite.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png
I am from the United States. Yoshario (Talk)
Wow!United states and you learn arabic?This is rare...Oh well sorry for the bother!PM Dry Bones Holding Bone Sprite.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png
No problem. Yoshario (Talk)

Pixie dust

I was wondering how to change my user page background, and someone said pixie dust. Whats that? And how do use it?-Dry dry bones (Talk)


I was just wondering how you make pictures. Sorry I keep bombing you with questions-Dry dry bones (Talk)

You can draw them in something like MS Paint and upload them using Special:Upload. Yoshario (Talk)


I accidentally created an article entitled: The 'Shroom Sign Up when I was trying to add onto Stooben's talk page. I've already asked Tucayo to delete it, but I thought I'd better be safe, so I'm telling you as well. Thanks, and sorry!

User Page

Need to make my userpage. Seince your'e a sysop can you help me? --Luigi93 21:54, 3 June 2010 (EDT)

userbox tower

How do you make userbox towers? Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesDryBones NSMBW.png

Before the top of the tower, put {{Userboxtop}} and after the bottom put {{Userboxbottom}}. Yoshario (Talk)


I'm very friendly. Do you want to be friends? Just wonderingDry dry king (Talk)


Hi Yoshario, I was wondering if you could be my friend! if so, please leave a comment on it at my talk page. Thank you!! GeneralGuy PM.png ShyMysteryGuy (talk) codebkgd=blend


Hey I was wondering how to change the background color on my page. I asked Tucayo (talk) and he said to ask a Sysop so here I am. thanks. Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesDryBones NSMBW.png


Hi Yoshario! Do you want to be my friend? If so, leave a message on my talk page.

Mrkoopa1234, out!


Hi , Yoshario. I was wondering how to create a userbox, and since you are a Sysop, I was hopeing you could help me. thanks!

Mrkoopa1234, out!


Luigi 93


Can you please help me, it wont let me make my page. Dead dude (talk)


Hi, Yoshario. I'm Neo (or Justin,) a patroller of Zelda and WiKirby. A little birdy told me that you've got PHP experience. Well, I'd like to speak with you about something I'm working on. If you have a Skype account, we can talk there. Otherwise, please let me know some way to contact you. I'm basically trying to put together a team of coders within the NIWA, and I want to find as many people as I possibly can with experience. Please get back to me ASAP. Thanks!ZW Neo 19:12, 2 August 2010 (UTC)

Spanish Edition

A spanish edition to Yoshario's user page.

Status: Ya no estoy ocupado. Probablemente verá me realizar ediciones diarias.

Hola, soy Yoshario, y soy un operador de sistema en el Wiki de Super Mario. Si necesita ayuda con algo, dejar un mensaje en mi talkpage. Si usted ve alguien spamming o vea un artículo de tonterías que necesita la eliminación, por favor reportarlo a mí, y lo haré lo mejor que pueda para detener a él. También puedo alcanzó en los foros de Mario Wiki. Si llegó aquí porque necesita ayuda sobre cómo escribir artículos, a continuación, compruebe MarioWiki:Manual de estilo para ver la manera correcta de escribir un artículo. Si llegó aquí porque estás aburrido, aquí están algunos hechos aleatorios acerca de mí:

  • mis juegos favoritos son Super Smash Bros y Mario Kart Wii (aunque casi nunca mediante Wi-Fi) en su mayoría hacer reescrituras y otorgamiento de licencias de imagen.
  • Me convertí en un patrulleros el 5 de mayo de 2009.
  • Me convertí en un operador de sistema de 3 de junio de 2009.

Estoy en línea acerca de todos los días, por lo que si utiliza la información de contacto anterior, ayuda debería venir rápidamente. Si no quieres preguntarme, puede solicitar otro experimentado usuario o el operador de sistema. Yo también estoy activo en mi propio Wiki de Animal Crossing, por lo que yo puedo ser alcanzado allí, demasiado.

User Page

Hi, Im new here and want to know if you could make my user page for me. Thanx- Boun C ball! (Not auto confrimed.)

Never mind...

You were too slow. I became autoconfirmed... Please, Next time get to me faster-Boun C ball out

Nice Username!

I love your username. Keep lovin' Yoshi!
The preceding unsigned comment was added by LuigiRocks2010 (talk).

New badge page

Hello Yoshario, it's Qaramana. I finished working on a table that gives the badges names in the foreign languages. This table will be in the "Badges names in other languages" article. It's just a prototype though. You can find this table on my talk page. Any ideas of improvement are welcome. شُكْرًا --Qaramana 10:55, 23 December 2010 (UTC)

Friend Request

Want to be my friend?


Don't use the p in userbox. Post your userbox on my user talkpage. Glitchy Missingno.jpeg SuperfiremarioGlitchy Missingno.jpeg