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This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (Calling another user an idiot in an edit summary) on the Super Mario Wiki. Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked from editing this site.
If this warning was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

I saw what you said about UM in the edit summary of this page. Please do not do that again. Niiue - Who has lost his tail?


Template removed by the administrators.

Please do not use sarcastic tones at me. Sarcasm is a way to say "Hey idiot". Please don't be rude to me or anybody else. I don't want to give you Warnings and Reminders, but I don't want to see trolls, either. Niiue - Who has lost his tail?


How was I flaming you, sir? Mechawave, I don't flame people. You are the one who called UM an idiot. I'm not.

In fact you yes, that's right, YOU are a common troll. I never said you made your account by mistake, but I feel like talking to you was, however, a mistake. I've had my account since 2008, and I have never seen something as repulsive as what you just told me. How have I flamed you earlier? If Warnings and Reminders are flaming, then half the wiki would be banned. You are a bully who takes pleasure in being rude and mean, so I have no need in talking to you. Flame me all you want, but from now on, I will not respond. Curse, yell, and scream, but I'm not talking to you again.

Niiue - Who has lost his tail?


Template removed by the administrators.

Hey, MechaDecker, what you gave me was a Reminder, not a Warning. Know the difference, smartypants. You are a rude troll, and, if logic still exists, you will most likely be banned by Halloween. I suggest you be quiet for a while, or you'll be in deeper trouble. And as for swearing, well, if you do it again, you will probably end up as a red link. BTW, You think I'M a youngster?! YOU called me a "big meanie face"! May the Sysops have mercy on your soul.

Niiue - Who has lost his tail?


Template removed by the administrators.

Why aren't you banned yet?! Niiue - Who has lost his tail?

Stop giving me warnings. I have not flamed or trolled anyone from this post and the previous one, so knock it off. All of your reasons are unjust and you can't help the fact you aren't getting what you want, like what typical spoiled 12-year-olds do. You said you would no longer post on my talk page yet you still do, and every single one of them have been reminders and/or warnings with absolutely no reasoning behind them (except for the first ones, which were even more blatant), no proof, and keep intentionally making matters worse for your own game. You are not apart of the staff of this wiki and I believe you never will be from what I have been seeing, even if it's not your intention. I've told you dozens of times to stop wasting space in my talk page yet you still do. You obviously want me banned for your own misdemeanors and beliefs on "trolls." --Mechawave 13:11, 19 October 2011 (EDT)
YOU are NOT the "staff", Mecheese. I don't care that it's Junior's big day on the 'net. I am WAY more likely to become a Sysop than you, troll. Oh, thanks for telling me I'm spoiled, I'll try to use 950px images next time. And Warnings are not "wastes of space", YOU ARE. Just leave already, you don't contribute much anyway. And WHAT does "no proof" mean?! Any cheesehead with tapioca for brains can SEE you were flaming! See you never. Niiue - Who has lost his tail?
I know, and you're a huge hypocrite. I don't want to be a sysop and you are very unlikely to. I don't understand the 950px part. Again, you insult me, being a hypocrite. I do contribute, see my edits to the wiki. The last sentence doesn't make sense. --Mechawave 21:00, 19 October 2011 (EDT)
Okay, let's stop stuff like this ↑. It's only making Mechawave say nasty things in response to nasty comments which is kinda why he got all those warnings he's whining about in the first place. Nintendo Logo.svg64Fan (Discussion)
Look, Mechawave, I don't WANT this fight, but you seem to want it, anyhow. Oh, by the way, here is a summary of what I said: Trolls don't become Sysops. The world won't bow to you. 950px images would be giant and "waste space" for a bit of irony. You do edit a lot, mostly the userspace and the upcoming games pages, but you can't use that to get away with trolling. And the "last part" means it is painfully obvious that you flamed me. If you stop, so will I. In fact, YOU, yes, YOU kept the fight going after I ended it. I gave you a Warning for calling UM an idiot, but you took it personally and yelled at me. Niiue - Who has lost his tail?

A Reminder, Warning, or Last Warning that you issued to Paperphailurethemariomonster99 is under dispute.[edit]

A {{Reminder}} that you issued to Paperphailurethemariomonster99 is under dispute. You may comment on the matter here, but please remember to abide by the rules listed at the top of the page. Thank you.
SMRPG Hammer.png

Niiue - Who has lost his tail?


Please stop removing warnings and other user's comments on the Super Mario Wiki. This isn't a warning, and it's possible that you made a mistake by accident or without realizing it; this is simply a reminder for your information. If the action continues, then a warning will be issued. Thanks for reading and keep contributing.
If this reminder was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

You're not allowed to remove warnings and other user's comments. Yoshiwaker (talk)

I'm not really assuming anything. And the reason why you're not allowed to delete things like that is because it's supposed to be a permanent record. YoshiwakerTyranitar.png
Warnings are usually supposed to remain on a user's talk page as a permanent record so we can see what things the user has done wrong in the past. However the warnings on your talk page are really very ridiculous, and I suggest you go here to appeal them. The appeal will probably pass. Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :DMarioguy1 (Talk | Contribs) Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :D


Keep the headers next time. Mario & Luigi

Sorry. Mario & Luigi (talk)

lol fail troll[edit]

You seem to be getting upset over warnings. Gonna cry about it, big boy? You are being a complete whiner and troll, and it's only going to result in a wonderful ban. Nintendo Logo.svg64Fan (Discussion)

How cute, baby's first day on the internet. But, alas, I'm tired of dealing with incompetent morons who have no life. Nintendo Logo.svg64Fan (Discussion)

Last Warning[edit]

This is your last warning. The next time you break the rules in any way, you will be blocked from editing the Super Mario Wiki.
If this last warning was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

It wouldn't kill you to actually listen to some of the warnings that were issued to you; insulting others and removing warnings from your talk page are not behaviors we tolerate here. At any rate, you need to stop leaving inappropriate comments on other users' talk pages, flaming other users, and abusing warning privileges, like you did here. Do any of these things again, and you're out of here.

¡Ganaste una Maxiestrella! PHOENIX (talkedits) 08:16, 12 October 2011 (EDT)

You're just asking for it, aren't you? You think you're the big guy here? Cause you aren't. Everyone here has a actual sense of decency while you stand out as that worthless piece of garbage who tries to intimidate people. Nintendo Logo.svg64Fan (Discussion)

Mechawave, if you BREAK THE RULES, you will be blocked from editing the Super Mario Wiki. Well, it's 'cause I only have one warning, which is a level three offense to falsely claim to be an admin. And I have one last thing: DON'T CALL OTHER USERS AN IDIOT!!! And if you do it again, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM EDITING THE SUPER MARIO WIKI. --New Supermatt Bros. (talk) 01:16, 14 September 2013 (EDT)

Last Warning[edit]

Template removed by the administrators.

Let me make one thing clear here. You started off in a bad place, and received a warning for it. Then you received a reminder for using sarcastic tones, and were recommended by a patroller to appeal said reminder, as it would likely be overturned. However, instead of doing so, you began to break more rules, insult more users, and generally disrupt the peace of the wiki. While you may or may not have been wronged (it's not my place to say), you reacted poorly to it, and continue to do so. Therefore, I have no choice but to issue this warning and hope you pay attention. Bop1996 (Talk)

If I'm correct, you can have a new one since you were blocked with the last one there. I think that's it. Bop1996 (Talk)
He wasn't actually blocked since receiving the first Last Warning, nor did he really do anything deserving of another warning or a block since the first LW was issued. If he breaks the rules again, he will be blocked, but for now, we're just going to remove this second, unnecessary Last Warning. - Walkazo 22:50, 24 October 2011 (EDT)


Unless it was not your intention, edit summaries like this is uncivil, as many people are not "lazy" but simply do not have the time to add a reference. That's what a community, large in size, is for. Also, the ref you added was a big, annoying external picture, not a URL or a quotation from a newspaper or resource, so I have removed it. Please ensure that you interact with other editors here in a more mature manner. Thanks. --Bryce emoticon-00159-music.gif talk emoticon-00159-music.gif contributions 03:50, 6 November 2011 (EST)


Mario Kart 7 Artworks[edit]

  • Regarding the File:Rosalina Mk7.png image, I didn't recognize the transparency that was on your revision. Sorry for the messup. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 22:32, 21 November 2011 (EST)
  • You do need to be careful though. Sometimes you may find images with questionable transparency, so it's often wise to preview them on different background colors. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 22:36, 21 November 2011 (EST)
  • I was wondering where you found the images, since Google was useless in finding them. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 22:38, 21 November 2011 (EST)

Mario Kart 7 Hidden Stats[edit]

  • I noticed that you inputted the hidden stats for each character and kart part. Personally, I don't exactly trust what the Prima guide states for each of those things, which is why I only inputted the stats that you see in-game. To finish up, there was a discussion relating to the stats on the talk page.
    Anyway, I'm only asking that you find a different source to confirm those hidden stats. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 07:57, 31 December 2011 (EST)
  • Well, the one thing that pretty much struck a nerve on my head was the Cact-X. The in-game stats state that it boosts handling AND off-road, but some other source claimed that off-road is hindered with the Cact-X.
    Anyway, I won't complain if enough people have proof of this info. I don't own a 3DS yet, so I can't experiment with the parts myself. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 12:34, 2 January 2012 (EST)

Mario Kart 7 Images[edit]

  • I was wondering where you found the images of the kart parts. Some of them look like they were extracted from a player's guide, while the others don't. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 08:05, 23 January 2012 (EST)
  • So I'm taking it that the Cloud 9, Pipe Frame, and Birthday Girl were not present when you did this. Hopefully, you'll find some better images for them. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 12:26, 23 January 2012 (EST)
  • I don't blame you. Paying for something that you don't even need is just a waste. But sometimes, what is useless to you could be worth a fortune to others. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 14:39, 23 January 2012 (EST)

Re:MK7 Items[edit]

That's not a personal thing. The pictures you uploaded are smaller and low of quality. You're one of many users that get the confusion that an image in PNG format and has transparent background is better than JPG regardless the visual quality or the resolution and file size of the picture. Additionally, most of the pictures you uploaded are the same of the MKWii ones (The official sites also use the MKWii artwork for most the items). ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png


Hi! Great job on adding all that info to Mario Party 9, but just remember to mark minor edits as minor and vice versa. Thanks. Keep contributing :)

Oh, and be carefull about making consecutive edits, like I am seeing lately on Mario Party 9. You made like, eight edits in under 10 minutes! Grat job with the article though... but just remember to use the Preview Button. Thanks!
Really? Wow! Fantastic! But I didn't know it was released yet. Are you in Japan?
I wish I was as lucky as you! I'm in Australia see, and I'm really looking forward to MP9, but it's probably gonna be released here last, unfortunatly :(

'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits)

No title[edit]

Where you did get those ingame models of Mario Kart 7? --Super Famicom 64 15:23, 14 March 2012 (EDT)

Your last SM3DW edit[edit]

You put an extremely innapropriate word in the edit summary, please change it. --NJE 13:37, 19 November 2013 (EST)Nickicksbutt7

Edit on Mario Kart 8[edit]

Calling another user an "idiot" in an edit summary violates etiquette rules here in MarioWiki. The user should have checked the reference first before reverting it, yes, but it still shouldn't amount to you calling him an idiot. He's just trying to be a good user around here, even though he should have understand it a bit better. Please keep insults to yourself. You've been warned about this before, but I'm not giving you a warning since I understand that stuff like this may seem stupid and you may overreact a bit about it. Just don't do it again.

By the way, I want to give you props on your recent image uploads in Mario Kart 8. Keep it up and keep contributing. BabyLuigiFire.png(T|C) 16:08, 1 May 2014 (EDT)


This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (Calling another user an idiot in an edit summary) on the Super Mario Wiki. Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked from editing this site.
If this warning was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

All right, sorry. Plus, please don't call users idiots; didn't you already get a warning for that?

I accept your apology. But you really should consider the warning, as you may get banned and prevented from editing the wiki if you continue.--

P&DSMBE OrbPurple.pngDigibutterFrancis SPM trans.png 03:15, 2 May 2014 (EDT) -- P&DSMBE OrbPurple.pngDigibutterFrancis SPM trans.png 00:24, 2 May 2014 (EDT)

Moving files[edit]

Hi. After moving a file please remember to update the file name and tag the redirect for deletion, thanks. Yoshi876 (talk)

I'm not saying this for the fun of it, as per policy you need to update file names and tag the redirect for the deletion. Yoshi876 (talk)
Laziness is not an excuse to disregard policy, you have to do it even if you can't be bothered. And trust me I wish I could stop bothering you over this, but until you start doing I won't. Yoshi876 (talk)

If you expect people to do all the rest of the work for you, don't move the files in the first place. Moving files are already an extra burden with the image redirects, links, and deletion tags, but creating this burden and actively moving it onto other users is not appreciated in this wiki, which is why we're "nagging" about it. This attitude will not fly in MarioWiki, and considering the ongoing record here involving courtesy in MarioWiki, you should be more serious and less condescending of other users in this wiki. You have a significant number of commendable edits, such as sprites from Mario Party 9, Mario Party 9, and Mario Kart 7, which should not be overlooked. Despite this, I am not pleased with this behavior and I want it to be improved or stopped.

Ignore the warnings and advice from users if you want, but it can and it will hurt realizing your goals here ultimately. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 20:31, 8 May 2014 (EDT)

You can ignore my informal warnings all you want, but I'll just keep coming back with harsher punishments if need be. You can't just go "I don't care" and expect people to be fine with it, when it's something you need to do. Yoshi876 (talk)

Last Warning[edit]

This is your last warning. The next time you break the rules in any way, you will be blocked from editing the Super Mario Wiki.
If this last warning was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

Sir, you are constantly violating the courtesy policy with messages like this and the like, I suggest you fix up your attitude or you will face a temporary ban. Yoshi876 (talk)

If you're expecting me to incite me further, it's not working. Your behavior is not benefiting the upkeep of the wiki overall, especially with your "I'm the only one who actually works on this article" mindset, your derogatory remarks (like calling people "sir" or "Captain Obvious"). In the end, at this rate, your behavior is going to be your biggest obstacle to "try to make these articles accurate and reliable information", not our nagging. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 13:28, 9 May 2014 (EDT)