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Regarding your edit to Waluigi: Koopa and Paratroopa wouldn't be considered enemies in a sports series game. The Koopa Troop are with Donkey Kong's team in Mario Superstar Baseball, for example. And... Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 02:01, 28 February 2007 (EST)

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Wayoshi (Talk)

I politely disagree. Toadette is friends with Wario,Waluigi,Koopa kid,and boo. Yet their still considered villains. Besides Donkey did fight with Mario in Mario vs donkey kong. Delsait 02:04, 28 February 2007 (EST)


I'll have to politely disagree with your reason for two removals on Tatanga's page.

1.) I thought so too when I first saw Tatanga defeated in Super Mario Land, but it was just his ship that exploded. Tatanga's best ship must have some feature that warps him away from it when it gets destroyed. He might've even anticipated his defeat because he was just out to distract Mario. (Ever seen the movie "Galaxy Quest"? Well, the bad guy, Sarris, gets his ship destroyed by mines, but is able to teleport off at the last second. We don't know this until he appears and attacks them again.)

When an enemy falls off the screen in a sidescroller, this typically means they are dead. (What, Koopalings survived in New Super Mario Bros. Wii? That fall off the screen was different. They physically fell over the edge, and obviously survived the fall given the ending sequence of the game. Maybe the same can be said for Bowser in Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3 if a player shoots him down because there is a physical "over the edge" that he must fall. Whereas there wasn't for Tatanga, it was just a straight-out floor). Tatanga's ship in Super Mario Land 2 was weaker and obviously didn't have the feature. You'll notice it was just him that fell off the screen, his ship completely vanished. He fell off the screen upside-down too like all defeated enemies, instead of simply being sent flying somewhere. He hasn't appeared since, as the only villains to return from the dead (excluding Nastasia because she turned good) are associated with the Koopa Troop, like Bowser, the Koopalings, King Boo, and especially Petey Piranha. (New Super Mario Bros. in particular actually goes into details on this)

I bet Nintendo intended to kill Tatanga in Super Mario Land, but decided to bring him back in Super Mario Land 2 and say that he survived. Maybe just to let you know that he was working for Wario.

2.) I have the manual and while it is true that it doesn't say Wario hired Tatanga, why else would Tatanga even be working for Wario in Super Mario Land 2? You'll see he is guarding one of the six golden coins to Mario's/Wario's castle.

Ghostkaiba297 03:15, 8 March 2010 (EST)

1.I guess you could explain his survival like that but it was probably due to limitations and that it would've been unsatisfying to players to see Tatanga escape. I think he survived as he cried afterwards and wasn't shown to explode. Plus others have survived the same or worse such as King Goomba in Mario 64 ds, Captain Syrup in the various endings of Wario Land 2, Fawful, Bobo

2.) Wario could've paid him and he needed the money for a new spaceship or he joined up to get revenge on Mario. Delsait 01:13, 26 May 2010 (EDT)

I've never seen any of them except Fawful. I assume of course you're referring to Superstar Saga, when Luigi knocks him out of the castle and he seemingly explodes... hey, another similarity to Tatanga. But I don't think anyone can deny that Fawful did not survive the end of Bowser's Inside Story. But this talk is about Tatanga not Fawful, so I won't go into details about him. Personally I think he's dead at the end of Super Mario Land 2, that's the type of death scene in sidescrollers, but I'm not gonna give him this status on his page in this wiki, and anything I put related to the subject will say it is ambiguous. ...but what about Captain Syrup? I've never played Wario's games (unless Super Mario Land 2, where he is the main villain, counts), does she survive at the end of the game that is her final appearance?
And just a suggestion, you could also put any of your responses to my talks onto my talkpage, under heading Re: Tatanga or something like that.Ghostkaiba297 06:04, 11 June 2010 (UTC)
In Super Paper Mario, Chain Chomps are crying the instant before they die. And with the exception of characters that look more like they just fell over a cliff (ie: Koopalings, Bowser, etc.), have you ever seen an enemy return after falling off the screen like that? Well, Tryclyde, but there was a different Mouser... plus, Super Mario Bros. 2 is a dream, isn't it? ...But I won't argue with you over whether or not he survived. Each to his own opinion for stuff that Nintendo prefers to leave a mystery. Ghostkaiba297 04:19, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

For the characters from the games you didn't play.

  • King Goomba falls of a cliff in Paper Mario. Returns and explodes when defeated by Yoshi in Mario 64 ds. Shows up again in Mario Kart and other spinoffs. His dialogue also indicates he'll be back.
  • Bobo falls of the screen in Wario Land 1. Back for a rematch in Wario Land 2
  • Captain Syrup falls of the screen in several endings in Wario land 2. She returns in Wario Land Shake.
  • Kamek falls off the screen in several games.
  • Major Burrows explodes in Mario Galaxy but shows up for its sequel.


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Sorry I've been typing on mobile and I'm not as thorough when I'm not using a keyboard. Delsait (talk) 18:30, February 6, 2020 (EST)