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HI! i dont know if you have noticed, but we have a preview button next to the save one that can be used to, well, preview a page before you save it. so please, next time, before you save a page, use it so you dont make like 5 edits in a row. And if you MUST make more than one edit in a row, please mark them as minor --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom


Friend Request[edit]

Hi from 006.pngCmario17PMTTYD Curious Mario Artwork.png.
Although I don't agree with a lot of your opinions (on Yoshi, Bowser, and Wario mainly), but no two people think exactly the same, so its OK.

wanna be my friend--mariomario678910 19:17, 27 March 2010 (EDT)


Well, why list these facts when I listed 'em?

Besides, isn't Wario cool?

BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)


A Userbox[edit]

Here's a user box from me! |-


Mario on Fire.png

BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

I agree[edit]

I agree WARIO SUCKS! Up with Petey. PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

I've never liked him[edit]

I do like him but hardly he's just how should I put this uuuuuhhhh let's see (stupid) uuuuhhhh nooo that's not it uuuhhh (retarded) uuuuuuhhh oohhh I got it he's dang weired! I mean really even his games are weired it's like nintendo put all the weirdos in there compony to disign his games you know. I still like him a bit but hardly like on a scale of 0-10 I give him a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif (this might have been a bit harsh on him so sorry got a little crazy. :D)

Yea it made me feel better! Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

The userbox tower that everyone hates[edit]

I actually like that one concerning BiS o_o' - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 23:37, 5 October 2009 (EDT)


Hi again from 417.pngCmario17PMTTYD Curious Mario Artwork.png.

I finally noticed that you put me down as your friend (you never responded on my talk page (its OK)), so here you go:



PMTTYD Curious Mario Artwork.png

I guess I kind of agree with you now that I think about it. One of the main reasons I like Wario is because its fun to make fun of him (I don't torture him - I think he gets enough already)


Um...what did you mean when you asked me if I would mind if you put a userbox concerning with friends on my talk page or not?

If you meant to post your friend userbox on my page so that I would get it, its fine.

Otherwise you'll have to run that past me again. (I may be in college, but I can't read minds...especially over the Internet)
417.pngCmario17PMTTYD Curious Mario Artwork.png


Hi (this is a ferind request) Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

I now hate Wario! (yay 4 me)[edit]

I hate him becase in Mario Kart 64 he keep knoking me off the edge now I just wanna strangle that little midget! Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif


Lol that's funny in SM64 Ds I have a action repley ds and I use it to mess around with Wario (jump really high so he dies ect ect...) Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif


Want to know how to add color to a page? Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

I put a code on this page to make it a diffrent color copy the code and then deleat it! How to use it! the thing that says "color:white; in the code is the text color the thing that says background:blue; is obvously the background the thing that says the thing that says border:3px solid red;-moz-border-radius:6px;padding:8px;" is the outline just change the color.


INPORTANT if you leave the code here any message under this will have this on it!


I suggest that you use the names of the colors like green or blue instead of the #fCo thing... If you want more spacific colors just go to the help page. If you want to know how to change text color just ask me.

Cool I deleated the code for you (that was on this page) Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif


Just for you! the code is Image:Green_Mario.Gif Please try it out you might like the pic. (I recolored a mario pic in art but the anima movement got frozen in the first position it starts in.) Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif


Try putting thease around the edgess like this [[Image:Green_Mario.GIF]] Don't copy the nowiki things that I put around it so it would show up... The pic will look like this... Green Mario.GIF Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

Silly Signature?[edit]

Well, I love a signature. Problem is, no one bothers to rip Baby Luigi dancing aka battle pose in MAL PIT and I don't know how to rip. Plus, I don't know how to make GIFs.

And for Baby Luigi dancing, I will sure heck give it a 1000000/10!!

And my signature will look stupid, silly, smelly, stinky, same, sucky, sappy, soppy, soggy, saggy, safe, sickly, sna-ish, snagazine, squealish, sardines, salmon, and yeah, you get the point. ;)

- BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

Uh, Greenie?[edit]

Shouldn't you place your signature on your userpage, so you can keep track of it?

- BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

New sig[edit]

I was exploring and saw your new sig it looks good! Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif I also saw it, and I am afraid to say it has more images than allowed (2), so please remove the other 2. Thanks --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 14:17, 1 November 2009 (EST)

My new signature looks nothing special[edit]

Just take a look at it. It looks so awfully dumb. I cannot believe it.BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 22:07, 5 November 2009 (EST)

PS What's up with this gray, ugly box?

Also, thanks for the help you gave me with the signature. Now click on the "OnFire" part of my signature and there's your present. BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 22:11, 5 November 2009 (EST)
Stop screaming at me!! I don't listen to demands anyway, and I can only get more Wario facts if more stuff is popping up on my mind!!

Sheesh, you dingu, fadgen, dans, megeed amedfu freak! BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 22:50, 5 November 2009 (EST)

Samus Stroy[edit]

(Note: Intended typo)


No. That is definetly a HUGE wall of text there. I can barely even understand it without any punctuation!

This is a user not BabyLuigiOnFire. Yes siree, no.

BTW, Samus IS a robot.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

RE RE::[edit]

Ok I don't make animations I just edit them and after I edit them they can't move so u know i don't make them I just recolor them in art. Ok first I open art get out the animation (pefurably pixlated) then I re save it because if it's a moving animation then it will get the animation messed up and I have to recolor it and remake it and fix it and stuff. If it dosen't do that I just recolor the image and I'm done I might add a cape or something 2 it also. Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

RE: CAN I HELP YOU!!??[edit]

You can help. I'm in Super Mario Sunshine right now, finishing up. :P It's a tedious, but ok job.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Samus, Smaus, Samus, Samus[edit]

Well, about this Yoshi thing, it can mean this user copies me or that it is just a mere coincidence

Wow, we're living together, yet we still communicate like this. Sigh. You always have "better" things to do than go on Mairowiki. Which brings me here...

Why can't you edit some articles for once? I've also seen that not too many people are talking to you. Like, hmmm Fire Flower? Or Blue Shell?? Use your imagination. I can't edit everything at once, you know. This wiki is not based around me, but yeah, I do like to get well known for my actions.

Ok, let's talk about something not wiki Yeah, SAMUS!!! So robotic, Luigi likes Samus. Samus. Such a robot. Samus

Oh, by the way, Ness screams UDGE!! I LIKE FUDGE!! And screams like an old lady!

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

My Proposal[edit]

I see you voted in support of my proposal. Unfortunately, it was removed. It's back up again, so you're welcome to place your vote again, but I was wondering if you'd mind going to the individual articles and placing a vote or adding a comment there instead... It'd get work done more quickly and efficiently, as well as help attract more attention.

Just go to each page, read the proposal, and if you support, add a support vote. If you oppose, add an oppose vote. If you really don't know, or have a question, add a comment and we can discuss it until you know which way you want to vote. Elemental crystals:

  • Earth Crystal
  • Fire Crystal
  • Water Crystal
  • Wind Crystal (Note that a vote in any direction will affect the three other crystal articles, so it'd be best to just add a single vote and discussion to the Earth Crystal page as that's where the work has already begun taking place)
Here's a few other articles proposed for merging or splitting, so it might help if you put in something for these as well.



  • Bamma
  • Flare
  • Tubba Blubba's Heart (I'm no longer pushing for this one, since with some thought I don't think it'd be helpful. But, the merge is already up so some discussion would help in making it final one way or the other)
That was Redstar up there, FYI. Anyway, all of them are merged/split/created/deleted, I don't know if Yoshi Baby is split, but I will check soon. KS3 (talk)
It is really Baby Yoshi.

I got...[edit]



Yeah, I AM an ugly moron! Huzzah!! I hope the administrators (sysop sounds too silly) don't take that seriously because, uh, because you're a fat man who wears green? I don't get insulted by your "insults" ya know. I know you're just joking.

All we get is red envelopes with money inside them. I remember we got a whole bunch of stuff for Christmas including a car, a train, a house, some toys, some movies, some video games. Now? Nothing. I feel sad. I REALLY wanted a Baby Luigi this year. Now, it's impossible.

Well, for the Baby Man comedian act, he's gonna love tomatoes being thrown at him. He thinks that the audience loves him for giving him free food.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

PS Isn't Baby Mario manly? Plus, he's a butt. He's proud of it.

PPS You know, they should really make Mario Kart Wii action figures, with a character, able to ride on all karts available in their section.

PPPS When am I gonna get a Baby Luigi? :/

PPPPS Make sure you read the above comment, by Gamer 2.1. He forgot to sign.

Yoshi definitely is the worst idea for a character. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! KILL KILL KILL!!! You know, Baby Luigi needs to replace Yoshi in the games, because Yoshi stinks butt. Why isn't Baby Luigi in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games? He would be perfect, plus I want a baby beating up Sonic!!

Or in Brawl, Baby Luigi beating up Snake!! Or him taunting in a horde of Smart Bombs!! Grr...when it comes to characters, Nintendo is clueless. They only care about Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Toad (ok, so they give less attention to Toad too)!!

Why did Nintendo axe Mario Party? Who cares about those people saying PLAFORMERS ARE BETTAH DAN SPINOFFS!! What bozos...I want Baby Luigi participating in mini-games!! All we get is this stupid, stupid, STUPID Blooper. It's like, I'm gonna play as Blooper because I like Blooper!

You wrote so much, I'm not gonna respond to all of your complaints.

I'm so tired. I want to revise more course articles, but I can't get myself to do it. Partly because I don't own a capture card yet. ;(

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

PS I'm coming with you to hunt and capture Wario!

Propeller Baby Luigi = WIN. And Propeller Wario = FAIL

Propeller Yoshi = FAIL. Any game that stars Yoshi = FAIL Yoshi= FAIL

Baby Luigi in a Penguin Suit!! That's so cute!! He'll be so adorable in a Penguin Suit!!

Ugh, I replied later than you expected. I was fixing up Peach Beach and Dry Dry Desert. Baby Park is waaayyy too simple, despite it's chaoticness.

There's nothing to talk about. Why is the wiki so screwed up sometimes?

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Wartio's FAT[edit]

That's an intended teepo. TYPO. Argh!!


Wario's Poop, in Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense. I can't find that page anymore so I can type the excerpt of this hilarious think. Some Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense is funny, while others are just plain dumb (especially about Baby Luigi having reputation of being "gay" BOOOO)

Oh, and Pirate Goomba is a pirate goomba.

I love Bacon. Mmmmm. With only 1 gram of Saturated fat per serving!!

Oh, get some Boost (or whatever the heck that's called)! With a whopping 5% juice!

Sorry, me's being random, so me'll stop. Me hope ya feels better cuz being random is not a good thing on this wiki. Me'll try bein' serious nowz


BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

PS Batteries aren't included

Here yer go. I made ya a present. Place on your userpage, and you will contact Mario. Mario will then use his powers to see who is on your userpage!!


BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

PS What happens when you "no wiki" a "no wiki"? Huh? Will it turn out like this? <nowiki>

Mario Kart 64[edit]

New gameplay screenshots have been added, and several trivia have been either removed or relocated. Please review your oppose and remove it if you are satisfied with the changes. Thanks. --Garlic Man (talk)

I hate it how Wario says[edit]


And I hate it how you say that you hate it when I hate it when the hyperlink Link link links to the Baby Luigi article! I hate it when that happens, because clearly, I hate it.

Oh, and I hate it how you changed your signature.

(all of this is SAR CHASM!! Or sarcasm.)

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Thanks for giving me this pointless orange box of death that says YOU HAVE NEW MESSAGES (LAST CHANGE).

I was browzin' in Gamefacks and they said that KAMEK would do better than the BABY MARIO BROS. What have they been drinking? Kamek is just a stupid (I feel like cussing at him) named, generic magikoopa that does stupid things (my rage is boiling). Kamek is a ************************************************. Kamek should die. How can Kamek do better than the Baby Mario Bros.? He never had a role in the game. Well, forget it you morons. Kamek can go and rot in a pit. ROT IN A PIT I SAY!!!!!!!!!!

Curses, swears, laughs like a maniac. Ouch

Anyway, how was Spore? Did Yoshi try to flee from bees again? He did? Cool. Now place Kamek there and watch it rain!

My finals, I did better than I expected. It was the highest in my class. 196/200 is great, I guess.

I couldn't agree more...being a teenager does stink. I'm gettin' put on a lot of stress these days, and the main reason is high school (waking up at 6:30? LAME) and my grades. Getting a bad grade leaves me with a negative attitude, duh. And now, I don't have any time to go on KirbyWiki, and when I do have time, I don't have the urge to write up articles and rewrite them. I really want to go and edit KirbyWiki, and I wonder what those people at KirbyWiki think where the hoola boola I went.

And I'm not seeing Baby Luigi nor hearing him. Tis sad. But seeing and hearing Ness is ok I guess.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

DDR Super Hard Difficulty Luigi.jpg
Hello again. I agree. Kamek can go rot in Wario's Armpit, and Pit can drag Kamek there.

I'm a female person, yet I like a male person. But it's also not uncommon for girls to like cute things (like babies, hence BABY Luigi)

You like the Ribs? Well, I prefer the Oreo shake (from Baskin Robbins). It has as much sodium as in 9 bags of Lays Potato Chips! Plus, you can slurp it up with a straw! Deeeelicious!

Anyway, isn't Yoshi cute when he is getting chased by bees to death? Just look at pictures I took if you know what I mean.

Thanks. You gave me more info. I need that!!

I think I'll update my userpage when I feel like to.

(Plus, listen to Sherbet Land Mario Hoops 3 on 3 -30 speed. Hilarious)

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

I Heart the Magic School Bus[edit]

Check out this dude's userpage. He has something like your paragraph filled with Samus, except a lot shorter of course.

I don't know. He keeps mentioning me on his userpage (such as "This Person is Awesome" links to my userpage). Well, to tell ya that fact, I'm kinda flattered by this.

Oh, and what 'chu planning to do, eh? Go crazy? Sounds fun. How 'bout bein' random. Such as....hhmmmm...that yellow abomination named WARIO.

Sorry for this sappy talk. Gotta stop talkin' like this.


You love the Magic School Bus, don't ya?

Oh and BTW....SAMUS IS A ROBOT. Sheesh, when will these people learn that Samus is not a woman? Does it even LOOK like a woman?? No. Zero Suit Samus is just its inner form. Samus is the most character ever (note I intended this)

Also...Metrod is a pretty cool guy. Eh, he kills space pirates and doesn't afraid of anything.

I'll not sign and you figure out who I am....punk. If you're a punk, then I'm a bigger one, heeheehaahaahoohoohiihiihuuhuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(oh what the jel, I'll sign)

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Vandals -_-[edit]

Yeah, I hate them so much. It's easy to revert, just go to the history section, go to previous edits and click undo.--FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!

Tom Nook says "What?"[edit]

Anyway, this is regarding your most recent message you sent to me. I apologize for not being clear for this issue I'm trying to resolve.

I was talking about images of enemies in New Super Mario Bros. in the Mario and his Stupid Compiter site (MFGG). It does contain images of some enemies in New Super Mario Bros. However, that's not enough to fill in even half of the tables. My decision is to leave it blank until enough time passes and what is necessary has been accomplished.......

Man, this fever is making me act differently!!! Oh gawd. All of this sappy talk is making me sound so administrativey! Ugh. I still have a headache. I don't feel horrible enough to show signs of the H1N1 influenza that's spreading, but if I look at a picture of Wario right now, I think I might puke.

You know what? That's funny. They say that the H1N1 influenza is spreading like Baby Luigis running through my mind, but there is no sign of it here in this region.

One last word: VANDALS SUCK!!!!!!

We should encourage to vandalize, so that we can mercilessly ban them. Maybe I should tell that to the administrative staff, heeheehee. Taken that from Wikipedia, actually.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)


Happy Happy Birthday, happy birthday squidward.

Happy happy Birthday, pin the tail on the seahorse.

Happy happy birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SQUIDWARD!!


Another year older, haha.


Exactly. That's what I wanted to say. 2/17 is NOT my birthday. 2/18 on the other hand...

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

You're dead too[edit]

Why? Prolonged exposure to Baby Luigi's ugliness will scar you for eternity! Even when you're dead.

And what? You're talking about your stupid Netbook, am I right?

Look pal, you were born the same day as me, considering that we're twins. So take that, you fat freak. Those things also happened when you were born.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Awwwww, it's a Scrub Jay! How cute! I expected a bird, anyway.

Still, you smell. It is implied that you're punching me.

In 1981, it was nearly the end of the world when an obese person's fat shaved off. Mario grew out of the pool of fat.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

No you're not. Worship Baby Luigi and things may turn out a bit better

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

I was planning to, but I forgot.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Hey, I have a suggestion. Why won't YOU do it?

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Fawfulfury is asleep by now and I see no one is active. And I was ABOUT TO so seriously. Besides, don't get mad over this silly issue.

Oh fine, I'll tell them. But next time, please don't bug me.

You can basically kiss Mario goodbye for being featured. That fat thing gets too much attention and he appeared in too many games. Now Baby Luigi needs more attention than him. Mario is the one who is overrated. The developers only care about Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc.

Baby Luigi will NEVER become unfeatured. Like he said, he ALWAYS weens!

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

RE: FA Rules[edit]

That sucks. I like listing the reasons why articles are superior. Why? I just do

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Removing Support Votes' Reasons[edit]

Yes you are allowed to do this, but please don't artificially "bump" nomination pages by doing this. Only do it when the page is edited anyway. Time Questions 14:48, 20 February 2010 (EST)

The Most Hilarious Picture on this Site[edit]

Check out. My dragon's stone.


Look at Wario's points compared to everyone else's.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

I see a low pressure system outside. It's not a high pressure system, you know. And I saw big fat clouds too.

Ciconia ciconia should kill Kamek and his stupid Toadies. I mean, really, she has some sort of grudge against them.

Try searching Ciconia ciconia on google images.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Taken from the 'Shroom, by awesome writer Gamefreak75

"Tomatoes? Nah! Onions? GROSS! Garlic...YEAH!

Garlic, one of the most refined vegetables of today. Forget about the sissy fruits they call tomatoes and onions, Garlic is a real vegetable. You think garlic tastes nasty? You think garlic makes your breath smell!? Well...true, but think again!

Garlic is the newest taste and has been used in many recipes. There are whole meals being made with this delectable vegetable. Start off with some fried garlic as an appetizer. Have a nice bowl of garlic soup or have a deluxe garlic salad. For your entree, have some roasted garlic with a side of...GARLIC! Craving dessert? Try some garlic-flavored ice cream or some garlic tiramisu. Thirsty? Wash it down with freshly squeezed garlic juice. The perfect dinner, am I right?

Ever had troubles with vampires? Do you despise the movie Twilight? Give them a taste of their own medicine using garlic!

Visit your local grocery store before they fly off the, seriously, I thought I just saw Wario walk into the produce section. "

Visit the Fake News. It's awesome, like it always was.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

PS Did you expect the real life stork from the Island series?

PPS Oh, and is Corvus brachyrhynchos a crow? CUTE!!

"Ever had troubles with vampires? Do you despise the movie Twilight? Give them a taste of their own medicine using garlic!"

Did you read this line? That line made me laugh. Twilight is BS (blueberry smoothie, one of Baby Luigi's curse words) and I would surely get some garlic to repel Twilight fans. Hahaha!

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Who would win in a fight? Mario and Baby Luigi or Twi and Light? Well, Baby Luigi loves shining flashlights and Mario, he eats Twi.

Who would win in a fight? Mario and Baby Luigi or Master Cheif and Halo? Mario and Baby Luigi, duh.

Who would win in a fight? Mario and Baby Luigi or Donkey and Kong? Mario and Baby Luigi.

I'm a girl too, and I think Twilight is the most overrated pile of crap I ever saw. Up with Baby Weegee and Mawio!! Down with this horrid book!

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)


Which book??? the one by Erin Hunter or the one by Stephanie Meyer??

-KS3 (talk · contribute)

PS: What is the scientific name for shy guys and their varients???

I feel Sorry for that Penguin[edit]

Seriously. A Jackass Penguin. Why do the people call that poor penguin a JACKASS Penguin. Seriously.

And bustard, another type of bird, sounds like a bad word. Replace the u with an a aaaannnddddd....

Yeah, I know. I hate bad words.

Still, I love Mallards, House Sparrows, Mockingbirds, and Black Phoebes.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Re: Yoshikea[edit]

Sounds like the smartest imposter (no I'm just kidding) in the mushroom kingdom. yoshis aren't stupid, if you don't count the yoshi named Yoshi. Then which dinosaur genus does Yoshi belong to (not the stupid genus nor the idiotic genus nor the retarded genus)??? Yoshi should be smart enough if he appeared in the Olympic games (Why would dumb people go to the olympic games???) and not in the ParaOlympics. -KS3 (talk)

PS: He is not a frog either. He knows how to drive a kart.

PPS: Baby Luigi never appeared in real world. Mario actually got third in the Small Final in Snowboard cross in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. (Real name Mario Fuchs of Austria)


Please. Just let the proposal die in its own, like every other failed proposal. Ok? So people don't make the same mistake in the near future.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Well, he's got a point, you know. He didn't intend to humiliate you or rub his vote in your face. But, seriously. Some pictures look VERY obvious that they stink (Bowser Striker) and some votes look very obvious as well they are not valid. (ANOTHER Mario Party image!?? LOL FAIL) Bureaucrats can't be always right either.

I just thought, well, to just leave it as such. No horrible image has been featured yet ohwait there's that Super Mario Bros picture!!!

Still, not everyone has the same opinions as us (heck, you don't have the same opinion as me!)

Oh, and thanks. I already gave credence to you for the Wario facts.

Hey, can you help me find that Super Mario Bros picture? You know, with the crazy Paratroopa and Bowser? I wonder where you can find that, and that we can nominate it for featuring! Cool, right?

Let Mockingbirds and Scrub Jays rule over Wario! And Yoshi!

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

FI Proposal[edit]

Hey, I'm not mad at you. Even if I were, it wouldn't be a reason to remove your proposal. I just thought it was highly problematic. Nothing personal against you, okay? And yes, I do think it would be best to get rid of the FIs completely. They're fun (and I guess they wouldn't be fun anymore if everyone had to justify their votes), but they don't really suit the wiki, IMO. Time Questions 05:58, 23 February 2010 (EST)

HI REPLY[edit]

Ok you are not my worst freind 2ed i think you already asked that! Note: I'm pretty much inactive now! Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

No offense on what I said on U Know Who's page[edit]

sentence in title. -KS3 (talk)

PS: It was her fault because if she didn't have put down the "Kill me" section This wouldn't happen.

PPS: The below statement is false.

PPPS: The above statement is true.

PPPPS: You two need to get along.

Re: MS, U Know Who is really an idiot (not...)[edit]

First of all, yoshis aren't stupid. Only the yoshi named Yoshi is stupid. My talk page has pictures of Yoshi, not pictures of yoshis. There is a difference. If you want to compare, then go here and here. Second of all, yoshis are animals, and obviously are treated like horses/mules/camels (you ride on them and treat them with respect), and are not retarded stupid fat frogs. Yoshis should be treated with respect or else they would abandon their task and join the Koopa Troop. Third of all, stop being a idiot (just kidding). Fourth of all, can you please find a sprite of wiggler in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story??? Fifth of all, If you read BabyWeegeeOnFire's third archive you will see this huge wall of text partially taken from your great wall of text, only that I added some stuff to it. She blames it all on you. Hey, I did it too, and that's not fair (for you). Sixth of all, BabyWeegeeOnFire doesn't know how to create talk page proposals. I had to fix one for her. Seventh of all, hi. Eight of all, ... -KS3 (talk)

Re: Title[edit]

Yoshis are one of the best animals (notice how i say animals and not intelligent beings) and should have a scientific name and an article on Wikispecies (same thing with all the enemies in the Mushroom World, and Shroobs, and Piantas, and etc.. In the presumable next possible Platformer game Nintendo is possibly going to make yoshis be an enemy where when they stick your tongue out they can make you die thanks to all the mistreat you and your sister give to yoshi. That's why I gave that example on my Add Featured Quote and MarioWiki:Featured Quote proposal. -KS3 (talk)

U AND BWOF NEED TO GET ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!![edit]

FYI: BWOF stands for BabyWeegeeOnFire. Luigi is gay, and she is not gay. AAAAAAAAAA Canadian bacon. With 52 calories + a delicious breakfast/lunch/snack/brunch/dinner/night snack/fourthmeal.

Random things.

The Title is self explanatory, so I wouldn't say anything else.


KS3 (talk), both of your friends.


I wasn't biased with my "reasonings" in putting in my vote to "feature" the Princess Peach article. If I did see something in that article itself that would make me say otherwise, I would have sadly placed in my vote to oppose the featuring of said article. --M. C. - "Mario Gals" Fan! User Page | Talk Page 19:32, 1 March 2010 (EST)

Arch Chives[edit]

Time waht?



User talk:LeftyGreenMario/Archive 1

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U sasisd I dumb nad canot duneatasad sentecs, and yer wright, man! look hwo STEWPID ia am LOL ibethcu u caunnt nderatand dis riht now LOLZ tis shw ya I cant undersntd simepl sentences i cnanot undesatnd wut im talkgint aout LOL wario ewat bbay kgiugi LOL wahtu?

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Re: This text is invisible.[edit]

Can you read this comment without highlighting it??? Anyways, I know how to make invisible text (BabyWeegeeOnFire has some in her user page.) Here's how. You first find the color of the page, then you do <span style="color:(insert color)">write what you need write</span> and then it will come out as invisible text.

-KS3 (talk · contribute)

PS: the above text is true.

PSS: Please highlight the above section to see the text.


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BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Archive at 100 comments[edit]

How about instead of crazy archiving like what BWOF did, how about if you archive at 100 comments, like Steve?? KS3 (talk · contribute)


LOL, Spongebob reference, M I rite?

What is General Bob-omb trying to do, convert me into his way of thinking? God doesn't exist. We live like all other organisms, NATURALL!!!!

I dunnno what else to say, except that picture on your userpage does NOT need to be thumbnailed.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

One more thing: why does God have to be a MALE. Why couldn't be FEMALE?? Females play more of a role in life than a male.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

LOL, Scrub Jays[edit]


Enjoy :D

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

SPAM!! HOORAY!!![edit]

The following is spam. You certainly DO NOT want spam.


Ok, here's what I want to send you:


(Please delete this message, because it, of course, is spam)

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

You are now affected with the Northern Mockingbird curse![edit]

Now admire this picture with horrible Luigi in Peach's dress. (Ha Ha Ha!)

*copy Romeo and Juliet play onto someone's user talk page*

(It was supposed to be a reminder about the infobox, but I wasn't violating the rules. A custom one is fine. -LeftyGreenMario)

PS: This sentence is false.

PPS: sohcahtoa or what the hell that is ("You are affected by the Scrub Jay curse" says LGM)

KS3 (talk · contribute)

AAAHHH!! My eyes...they crash and BURN!!!!

SOH: Sine, opposite, hypotenuse

CAH: Cosine, adjacent, hypotenuse

TOA: Tangent, opposite, adjacent

See? I am mart. With an s. Just like how I am Icky. With a V. *reference*



BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Who's Cuter, Baby Luigi's Butt or Wario's Nose?[edit]


I had to say Baby Luigi's butt, because the fact that it belongs to the cutest character in the universe (BABY WEEGEE!!!!!) and the latter belongs to the most disgusting character in the universe (WAR).


BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Who the Heck Are You?[edit]

Stop stealing my account name!


(Baby Weegee explodes on you)


"Final Results" is to distinguish between the final results, which is the ultimate winner, and the immediate result, which is the loss in life or a gained KO. So in fact it is OK to have that word there. Also, I don't know how many years of high school credit grammar courses you've taken, but "they" as a singular pronoun is commonly used in the English language. Please refer to the following sources for more information on this topic: 1, 2, 3, 4. --Marcelagus (TCE)

"Final Results"? Results means the outcome of the event. Since the outcome is the final thing, it's double-talk to say "final results". "Current results" doesn't make any sense. It's more like "currently, this and this is going on". The first result is still the final event of the first thing. These are just examples. Double talk is puny and precision is power.
Here's an example of double talk: Don't repeat the same thing over and over again. It sounds normal, right? It isn't. Over and over and over and over? No. "Don't repeat the same thing over again"? Over and again mean the same thing. "Don't repeat the same thing again". Repeat and again also basically mean the same thing. "Don't repeat the same thing." If you repeat a different thing, well, it wouldn't be repeating, would it? So the outcome is this "Don't repeat." It's complex, but completely logic (I think).
"They" as a singular pronoun is getting more and more acceptable into everyday speech and writing, but even so, it's technically wrong. We should rather rewrite sentences from "the player should" to "players should".

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)


Holy crap, what the heck is up with your talk page. Anyways, Steve uploaded a new version of MediaWiki so everyone's sigs, Japanese and Spanish characters are all screwed up. --FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!

Hmm, the giant letters are fixed, but it was worse yesterday. When you tried logging into your account last night, it was like someone was trying to hack into your account. If you didn't give your password, it said "Mario is not amused" and the page just went blank. It was hilarious, but really creepy at the same time. --FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!

It's a lot better. *sighs*

I'm glad I didn't try to login last night. I was too busy being the co-star luma in super mario galaxy 2.

Did I hear that userpages are unprotected? Oh, chocolate cheescakes with aphelocoma feathers on top.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 18:44, 6 June 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, userspaces were unprotected until about two hours ago. --FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!


Come to Daisy's talk page about the MKDS weight please. ForeverDaisy09 07:52, 20 June 2010 (UTC)


Hey, how're you doing? I was just reading your userboxes. I've read every single one of them. I'm strange that way. I try to read every single userbox (which seriously kills my time when their page is like 2 miles long). It came kind of a shock when I found out you were a girl. Anyways, I didn't get the Mario Strikers Charged thingy with Diddy Kong. I just started the game so I'm a n00b, but so far I've breezed through the game. Was there something hard about diddy kong? Since I saw you compared him with the Perfect Run from Smg2..., I haven't played that yet though.

22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Oh, so you meant the Diddy Cup mission? I thought you mean facing him in the crystal cup. lol, I've never tried the missions yet. My little brother(who sadly dos not like the Mario series) and I have been playing trough it, and yes we've beaten almost 4 cups in 1 hour. My brother likes sports ALOT, so hes interested in nearly every single sport game no matter if they're Mario, EA sports, or Barbie. And the original Super Mario Striker (for the gamecube) was one of our first Mario game. (Mario Power Tennis being the absolute first), and we can practically beat legendary on that, well, we could, if the CPU doesn't cheat and get perfect strikes all the time.

Yeah, the perfect run. I just beat it today! And played it today. It actually WAS hard. It took 31 lives. Good thing I had stocked 32 in advance. Though I was recordin it at the time. About 7 of the lives was extremly stupid mistakes at the beginning Yoshi part such as swinging into right into a Mine -_-. The rest was at that filthy lazer and Hammer Bros. part. But I beat it. Though it took 45 minutes. I couldn't get ANYONE to play Co-op unless they're really special guest like they came from France or something. My brother hates Mario and most of the Single Player games, and he counts Super Mario Galay 2 a single player game because the co-op to him barely does anything. The only thing he plays now is Call of duty and sport games. He even counts New Super Mario Bros. Wii as a "single player game" despite it obviously being multiplayer. Sigh, but I'm still very good at Mario Galaxy singlehandedly. Yeah, Smg2 WAS very very easy. But I still think its harder than the original. The originals hardest level was eeither the bubble breeze, or the purple coin in the Ghostly Galaxy. The Luigi's purple coins were always easy to me. While Smg2s is the perfect run. And that is harder than the orignals combined. Also the hardest boss in this one is Fire Gobblegut while the previous is Fiery Dino Pirnaha. I can beat the entire Boss Blitz Galaxy no damage, so thats a piece of cake, but I still can't beat Fire Gobblegut no damage. Though I managed 2 hits.

What does blah blah blah for me mean?

22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Lol you DO talk alot. But I don't mind. People who make conversations proceed well in life. Which is something I dont like to do in real life. Anyway, alot of my friends when I first joined back in 2008 had retired (like I was for awhile) so I really don't have too much people to talk here. On the plus side the people who still ARE around has been turned into sysops! (Bloc partier; Stooben Rooben) to name a few. He DOES watch sports live. Thats actualy what he does alot. He dosn' relly like video games that much in fact. Only Call of Duty. That practically all he plays now. Call of Duty 20/7. Thats basially the only thing my SCHOOL plays bascially. They call Mario fans "nerds". Its a good thing I play Call of Duty now and then ;) But they just don't have taste. Yeah, he ALSO likes Mario sport games better than games like Wii Sport. I started gaming when I was 6 with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, then got my second video game series ever which is...Mario Spongebob the movie and battle for bikini bottom. Those are VERY GOOD games that are almost as good as Super Mario Galaxy 2. But my first Mario was Super Smah Bros. Melee (I thought that was part of the Pokemon series), then Mario Power Tennis and my first REAL game was Super Mario World for gameboy. I however liked Pokemon better tan Mario, until I became a pro at Pokemon and found about Evs and Ivs. Then I gave up because it was too complicated. I like Kirby too.

So whos older you or your sister? And how old are you two, like in elementary school? Middle School?

Yeah, well platforming is very fun for the old-time gamers and its "classic" and has that carefree attidute about it. I mean, Iwouldn't care if I saved or not in Super Mario Galaxy. Doesn't make a diffeence While RPGS, you ALWAYS have to be careful how you save the game. Blah, I do't really like DK anyways. Too much like Mario. WarioWARE not world, WARE is different as that isn't a plaformer. And if you hate Wario, you can see him repeatedly get run over by a boulder. ^_^

I have melee and Brawl. And I'm pretty good at Brawl. I beat boss battles mode intense with Meta Knigt and Kirby. I tried with Mario, but hes just too weak :'( I can also beat level 9s with any character one on one. Yeah, Brawl was our paradise for about 3 years or so. Then our wiisomehow couldn't read the disc anymore.

I actually like the mainstream a little bit, not alot, alittle bit more because I LOVE the spinoffs. But I think the Mario Partys are a waste. I mean sersiously, Gamecube had 4 of them. 4! I can't even remember which minigames are in which! And they're not even that fun. But heres a question: Do you count Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi as Spin-offs or Mainstream? (some people count them as spinoffs), but I don't know. And I heard alot of people liked the music better in the2nd one. But yeah, the Bowser fights were competly stupid. Never mind beating it no damage, I spent 5 minutes by myself TRYING to get hit, and he wouldn't do it.

22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

New section cuz the old one looked huge[edit]

Wow, you really don't like Yoshi, do you? I'm sorry to hear that. I love Yoshi, mainly because Super Mario World was my first Main Mario game ever. Ah well,people hve their opinions, and I respect that. Yeah, Im not a FPS FANBOY, no way, I just like and respect the games as I respect Mario. Though of course less than Mario. The exception is the Resident Evil Series and The House of the Dead series. Those games are VERY VERY GOOD. They're so far the BEST "voilent" games out there. Understandable however, since Nintendo really works with Capcom for Residnet Evil, and House of the Dead is made by sega. I don't own Grand theft auto, but from what I played its REALLY REALLY good.

And I'm not in elementary school, I'm in middle school, and they're already talking about sex, voilence, drugs, sex, and did I mention sex?0_0 I suppose thats the age to talk about those things anyways. But whatever. I occasionally join to make my image look good in the school (it kinda is), but for the most part, I stay away from them. Oh, and my people would also make fun of Donkey Kong but not in your way, they would say the white stuff is... man stuff, and the mound is literally Donkey Kong's "mound". Yeah Family Guy is the craze during my school days (it still is)

Well, the Spongebob games were VERY exceptional. Its one o the most underrated games of the decade. I mean, not many people know about it, but the people who do praise it IMMENSLY for its fun and innovate gameplay, awesome graphics, and a delightful and wonderous soundtrack. Though you can guess why: Its gameplay is very similiar to Super Mario 64 and to an extent Super Mario Galaxy. Its also released to a wide variety of consoles, so people who don't have Nintendo can buy it. I'll answer the rest tomorrow, as I;ve gotta go. C U tomorrow!

22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Sorry I couldn't get to you in a long time. I was very busy, so I didn't have many time to go on the internet. I have something to say about the previous message: Baby Peach actually came from Yoshi's Island DS which I consider a mainstream game because most of Yoshi's characterisitcs came from that, and Baby Mario and Baby Luigi stemmed from that. Plus never heard of Star Spirits appearing in other games. My brother is acting like a COMPLETE douchebag now. He thinks the world is entitled to his opinion. He says everything that he doesn't like is "gay" and that they suck. They say all fat people suck (even though hes a little chubby himself Btw I'm incredibly skinny and much taller...), he says that boys can like any girls, but girls can only like boys older than them or else they're "pedophiles". He also only listens to one branch of music, and that is the music teenagers heavily listen to these days like Tik Tok and Jay Sean. He doesn't even listen to the old classics like Crazy Train and eye of the tiger saying they're for Grandmas. And of course he says anyone who listens to video game music all have no life. I'm starting to think he hates Mario now, as when I offered to play Mario Strikers Charged with him, he said no and played Fifa World Cup 2009... I asked him why he would rather play FIFA than MARIO and he said Mario is just for nerds, and that the powerups make it unrealisitic. Wow. But the real World Cup is happening right now, so yeah. But hes still a douchebag.

Anyways, I've read on the news that people who are left-handed ALWAYS would've had a twin sibling. So those single child lefties had competed with their right handed counterparts for food and either won, or they both came out which creates twins. I guess you're part of the latter one ^_^

Well, popularity IS actually very important. It helps you develop social skills in life and help to make more friends. Not to mention the dating and the boyfriends and girlfriends.;) But I kinda think thats overrated. But for some reason my TEACHERS treat the popular people much more better too. They talk with them, give them good grades etc. Oh, and about 98% of my middle school, elementary school AND high school go on Facebook.-_- I have one too, to see what all the fuss was about but I go on that MUCH less than Mariowiki and Youtube.

Well horror movies initially make me scared and piss my pants during the movie and maybe a week after. But after that, I get much more confident because I feel I lived it down, and then I feel Brave and couragous. I also like to watch it because i want to see how the monsters act and wonder what the results would be if Mario fought it. Of course Mario would always win, bt its interesting to think what would happen of Mario ever fought Jason Vorhee or The Ring Girl. I would find that hilarious, if they were in Super Mario Galaxy or Paper Mario or Mario and Luigi and Mario beats the crap out of them:)

Thats whats so fun about games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Facing your fears and beating them up. Gives you a sense of satisfaction that you WIN against those scary monsters. Grand Theft Auto's MAIN thing actually ISN"T kill everyone you see. Thats for those assholes who don't relly play the game. The Main thing is to NOT kill innocent people and only kill targets. Some missions don't even have killing, like taking your girlfriend out for a date. Its only if you want to quickplay for 5 minutes and not save would you want to just cause mass destruction. Or if you're showing it off to a friend. And the people who make Family Guy actually aren't dumb to be honest. And Fairly oddparenets makers aren't geniuses. I mean, even I dn't like Fairly Oddparents because its just not gettig funny anymore. Poof ruins it. Hes cute and stuff, but just not what I'm looking for. Btw heres a fun fact: Phineas and Ferb a funny kiddy show on Disney is made by the makers of Family Guy, the Simpsons. and SPONGEBOB. Family Guy's Makers ARE genuises, just it might not be funny during Family Guy, but they really are funny and have a Broad sense of humor, unlike those "kiddy shows" like Fairly oddparents who caould only make kids laugh. That quote came from Spongebob's neighbor trouble episode. I've watched every single Spongebob episisode but 3 cuz I'm a HUGE fan.

On a ligher note, the people who praise Spongebob isn't actully game reviewers I have to say since its so obscure but the people who've played it. Many people have compared it to Mario and Zelda, and its just a great adventure game. I mean its Soundtrack is near perfect for a game thats not made by Nintendo. I'm starting to think maybe some of their composers might have hithced in and gave them a little advice. And game reviers did give it good; battle for bikini bottom was considered the best Spongebob game ever and the movie was second. they were rated something like 8out of 10 in some websites. So yeah, the statement all games based on movies are bad ISN'T true. Spongebob's games at least during 2000-2006 were some of the best games out there. But alas, their company got laid off by THQ for money saving purposes, so now Spongebob is screwed with a bad company. THQ was ONLY good for Spongebob games at least in my opinion, all the othe games sucked now.:(

Whoops guess I didn't end with a light note, but heres a quote:OBEY MARIO DESTORY WARIO!!

Ps, I've heard of that statement thing alot on the internet before, its a mind screw sort of thing 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Well, I've gotta get back to u later, but I just want to thank you for you edits on the Chain Chomp article. I'll try to improve it as best I could. Thanks! 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Lol Omg, I just played Resident Evil 4 right after Paper Mario ttyd. You can tell the differences: blood, voilence, but you can really see the similiarties: The puzzles, sneaking past sleeping enemies. You should play it. You're missing out on alot of fun. I mean Mario isn't the only video game in the world. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Oh yeah, and I remember Whackas also appeared in what was it Mario Party 6? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Do you have an european computer or something? How did you do that thing on the u???[edit]

Yeah, I meant outside of Nintendo. I guess Guitar Hero and Doom is a good start. Since Guitar Hero was MY first game outside of Nintendo (besides Spongebob but I used to consider that Nintendo how strange). I grew up with Mario too but I'm glad for change anytime. But my heart stays at Mario. I'm best at him, and I know the most about him even if I do play other games. Ahh, the patroller and sysop dutys. When I first joined (2008) I wanted to be a sysop quick. I was 10. But once 1 year or so came I realized that there are other things in the world. I mean, I've been inactive for 1 year or more. And besides you and your sister if you become patrollers and sysops will have to quit or at least take a break like Tucayo, since college is a competly busy scheldue with no time for ANYTHING, not even a social talking with real life friends. Don't ask me how I know. All I want to do is to at least get 5000 edits and then I'll be content. ( I have like 1000 now), and you have like 950). I'm surprised so many people have turned. Like MeritC only has 3000 and hes turned, and other people like Baby Mario Bloops has 6000 and isn't even patroller. So its strange. I'm however most surprised at FawfulFurys I mean shes 12! I guess it also kind of fits, since she has alot of time on her hands. But I don't see how you're not as social as her. I mean look at my talk page! You're very good at conversations. You should try that in your school life. You're just shy, I bet you'll get alot more friends if you just talk a little. I mean you're quite enjoyable to talk to, and friends are invaluable in life. Btw, is your sister more popular than you in real life? Also, how long apart did you sign up with your sister? Since I see that she has 2600 sort of edits, and you have 950. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png


Would you like to be friends?

Dry dry king (Talk)



On Mario Kart Wii, I like the colors of his Shooting Star.

Dry dry king (Talk)

Well... No, I don't like wario. (Note that I didn't capitalize the first letter. Why? It's a name! Isn't it a proper noun? No. wario isn't proper or common, thus NO letters of his name should be capitalized under ANY conditions. First word in the sentence? wario, not Wario. Understand? Good.) However, I do like Wario! You know, the guy who runs WarioWare Inc.? He isn't wario. He's Wario, a whole different person. wario isn't smart enough to run a business. He's smart enough to, um, well, he's not smart. Stupid, on the other hand, is a great desription for wario. And wario is stupid enough to... um... well, check out this. That should show you how stupid he is. Wario is smart, and I like him. I don't like wario. Oh, more cool(horrifying) facts about wario can be seen here.

Actually, I don't like him. More Details above. See if you can read it. ByeDry dry king (Talk)

Hey--I Like Wario! Not wario!Dry dry king (Talk)

Some trivia that you didn't know[edit]

  • Did you know that I suck?
  • Did you know Mario is fat?
  • Did you know Wario is VERY fat?
  • Did you know that the Grubba article has more stolen screenshots than not? And it's featured!
  • Did you know that Baby Luigi is ugly?
  • Did you know that Luigi is 94'/?
  • Did you know that Wario is cool?
  • Did you know that Wario is cute?
  • Do you wanna dance?


We should unfeature the Grubba article ;) Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 05:11, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

Thnx, didn't catch that. Hope no one reverts it


If I Can't Do What I Want To Do Then My Job Is Not To Do What I Don't Want To Do[edit]

WARNING: Spam is approaching!


Welcome. This place is to accommodate the people who served racing in the streets and dying because they are such a waste of space. We'd like to thank them for dying because we are a heck overpopulated anyway.

Anyway, this game is the sequel to Mario Kart Double Dash. After Wizpig got sent to the moon, Diddy Kong saw that Wizpig came back for more revenge and racing.

Wait. This isn't Diddy Kong Racing.

Mario Kart Wii is basically game where all you do is drive and use items.

Ha! It isn't that complex as it looks. In fact, only 24 characters appear, no more than 16 new racecourses, only 16 old ones you have already raced on, only 20 items, the rancid inclusion of bikes, no more than 36 vehicles to choose from, and JUST 10 exclusive battle courses. My advice: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.

Let me go over the three lovely classes again...with a brand NEW!! name.

Featherparns, Middlebolkers, and Fattenbenchies: A New Nicka Name For Dem

The story begins when the Featherparns were getting tired with their current name. They complained about it to the Middlebolkers. The Middlebolkers said, TOO BAD!!! and so the Featherparns turned to the Fattenbenchies which was risky. Of course, which you expected, the Fattenbenchies slapped the Featherparns and the Featherparns cried for only 13 days.

The Featherparns, for after crying 13 days, visited Nintendo for help on changing their name. Nintendo, though, saw them, gaped, rubbed their eyes, and screamed. They fainted because they developed those characters and they too surprised to help the ye ol' Featherparns in any way. They either froze and gaped or ran away in horror. Experiencing this, the Featherparns left Nintendo and decided to form a new name themselves and astound those two arrogant classes. The Featherparns made a lot of descisions on their new names. The first one suggest was the Shell Smashers, by a Featherparn who made the cut into Mario Kart Wii. Most of the other Featherparns opposed, simply because only two were turtles and Shell Smashers didn't make any sense at all. Another suggested the Cutesy Pies and the rest objected that name without hesitation. Then, one Featherparn suggested the Lightspeeders. This name sounded very suitable since they ARE light and they can zip around with the proper vehicles. However, the developer of Mario Kart Wii said that their name must be this: the Lighterspakers. The Featherparns were about to consent, but this was the developer's decision.

The other classes were jealous that the Featherparns got a new name. They mumbled, grumbled, complained, wailed that it isn't fair. However, the newly called Lighterspakers said that was truly deserved and that they said TOO BAD!! to them and the Lighterspakers thought the Middlebolkers were already content with their new name. The Middlebolkers were, in fact, sick with their name and they also wanted a new one. One suggested Monkey In the Middle and the rest consented. Then, the developer came in and said that this will be their new name: Mackerelleranna. The Middlebolkers wailed, but this was life and the developers was alike to a president, god, or leader. The Lighterspakers laughed at the Mackerelleranna but the Ligherspakers ended up getting slapped by the Mackerellerannas.

The Fattenbenchies weren't content with their current name either. They thought it made them look "stupid" and "fat." So the developer decided and pondered and curled his hair and thought up of this name: Obeserraker. The Fattenbenchies got even more upset and the Lighterspakers and the Mackerelleranna laughed at them and they too ended getting slapped by the Obeserrakers.

The new names caused such problems as it cause such hard feelings between the three classes. Thus, this is the conclusion of the new names.

Now that I have explained to you why the three groups has changed their names, let's go into detail about them again.

The Lighterspakers 8 little pigs form 8 little houses. The 8 little houses all got torn up by an angry wolf or a raging tornado. No seriously. 8 piggies form this group, the Lighterspakers. The story makes sense too. The "angry wolf" is the Mackerellanna group and the "raging tornado" is the vicious Obeserraker group. Obviously, the "raging tornado" is more powerful than the "angry wolf." They are the lightest of the bunch. You know them well. They are finally back, to kick some tail. Really. Packed with no more than the last game because two Featherparns, Diddy and Bowser Jr., got promoted to the Mackerelleranna group while Paratroopa got dismissed due to the fact that no turtle can fly. However, 3 new people took place in those that are lost.

The Lighterspaker Federation

Baby Mario: He wants to be called "Baby Man" because he thinks he is very manly, which IS true. Manly to the bone, Baby Mario is very manly. Probably manlier than anyone else in this entire universe. His extreme fatness adds a fattening 8 to the Weight stat while his carefulness with his steering contributes 6 to the Handling stat. He likes red and most of his vehicles are red. The only exceptions are the Blue Falcon, Booster Seat, and the Magikruiser.

Baby Peach: She's new to the kart. She's so new, that she isn't even born a week ago. That's how new she is. All about her is being newnewnew. Ugh! Everyone likes new things, and so people must like her. She is an explorer, I had heard. Her exploring nature gives her a 6 overweight Weight bonus and 3 bonus to her main variables needed to explore: Speed, Acceleration, and Handling. Her favorite color is this funky light pink, girly color that is, of course, new and an explorer's favorite.

Toad: Toad returns with more mushroom and feet power! Toad is still capable to run REALLY fast though. Don't let the illusion that appears he is driving a car or bike fool you. Just watch closely on the ground below Toad and you can see Toad's feet at work. Anyway, since Toad's vehicles are feet powered, he gets a nice 6 point acceleration boost. Plus, his feet can slide well, so this adds another 6 point bonus to Drifting. Toad's favorite color is this deep, warming, blue.

Koopa Troopa: Turtles do NOT drive. Nor will they ever will. And with Paratroopa absent, Koopa Troopa feels even more depressed. Koopa Troopa doesn't have any spirit driving a car or bike anymore and it's happy sounds it makes are just its signs of depression. Since it was very found of Paratroopa, it makes Paratroopa-like noises now as it retracts in its shell for a stunt. Depressed it may be, but it's still very alert and careful so it gets a nice 6 bonus in Handling. It also loves the nitrous it gets when it boosts, so it gets a satisfying bonus of 6 in Mini Turbo. It's favorite color actually is various, but most often seen with cyan or yellow.

Baby Luigi: Ah, the green ugly fatty. Really, he is that fat. An 8 boost in weight suggests that this baby is overweight. Do not play as him. His annoying voice will sure draw your nerves in your head and then KABOOM!!! goes flying your irritation and infuriating at this voice. He sounds especially evil and annoying when he hops over a stunt area as his evil laugh of death will sound. Baby Luigi, however, is just Luigi in a baby outfit and personality so if you want to have a Luigi-esque Lightspaker, then look no further than Baby Luigi because HE IS Luigi. However, I hope you can tolerate his evil laugh of death because I had heard a lot of people die from this...THING. He also loves being very speedy and so he gets this jetspeed point of 5 which he wanna ween dis wace. He likes the color of vomit if you hate him and likes the color of leaves if you like him, which a nice hue of green.

Baby Daisy: This is her very first appearance EVER. And she wouldn't like Baby Luigi because Baby Luigi was around since...uhhh...I don't know. 1995 I suppose? Baby Daisy has only been around since 2008. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR BABY LUIGI TO LIKE BABY DAISY and it shall never happen. Anyway, Baby Daisy wants to follow in the shadow of Baby Luigi. She has the exact same speed bonus as him, but also a meaty 3 pointer in nitrous boosting. But, she is less fat than Baby Luigi so she gets 6 in weight. Her favorite color? You guessed it: orange.

Toadette: Baby Daisy also wants to be like Toadette. Both were created for partner purposes. The only reason how they are different from each other is that Toadette is basically a pink Toad with pigtails and a dress while Baby Daisy is Daisy in a baby forme. Anyway, Toadette is being in the mainstream games now. Why he is in the mainstream games when he is so minor, beats me. He doesn't even have his own course while the Baby Mario Bros. had Cemetery Park. Toadette likes to get dirt all over him so he gets a big fat 6 (though not as fat as the Baby Mario Bros.) in Off-road. He also loves to have some speed with some off-road, so he is undoubtedly the perfect off-roader. His favorite color is hot pink. Why is he so homosexual, I wouldn't know. He even has a female voice!

Dry Bones: Hmm, Dry Bones? What kind of Dry Bones? Why isn't there a Wet Bones? This isn't a character, ladies and gentlebutts! This is just a pile of dry bones that can't even drive. Bones that just sit there on the seat is completely pointless. Why replace Paratroopa with bones is beyond me. If the bones can't drive, then the bonuses won't provide any benefit. Com pron da vu? Ugh, I don't know how to right French. But the most often you see Dry Bones is on a colorless, gray kart.

The Mackerellannas Even though they have a funny name, they are as boring as before. Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr., expect this place to be very boring. I'm so sorry you got promoted into the Mackerellanna class since it's SO boring. No one completely new joins the Mackerellanna class either. That's how boring they are. Boring to the core. But they acquire the coolest car in the entire game and that's a pathetic excuse why to say they are cool and isn't pathetic at all. I envy them.

The Mackerellanna Foundation

Mario: Ugh. The dull, uncontenting fat man is always here. He is always here to save the day, but he is always here to bore the eyeballs out of your skulls to death. Mario's stat bonuses are extremely boring too. Come on! 2 bonus in Acceleration and Handling! Very boring. 3 bonus in drifting is pretty usually too. The only thing Mario is great at is being fat with gives a fattening fatty fat fat bonus 6 in Weight. He couldn't be any boringer. He's the reason why the Mackerellannas are boring. His voice and his shrieks will also bore you to death. Especially the repetitive "Vrrrm!!" or "Oh yeah!" or "Mama!" sounds he makes. That will surely make your life a little bit duller than it already is. His favorite color should've been sepia, but instead he got red. That still suits him, because red is a boring color also and the first color of the rainbow is also utterly boring.

Luigi: Luigi is the younger brother of the boring fat man you always see. At least he has more tone and content than that shell of a fun person named Mario. "Coo!" is way more interesting to listen at than "Madio time!" at least. Anyway, Luigi enjoys being similar to Mario; like Strikers Charged and Slugs. However, Luigi should've been noted the fact that Mario is utterly boring and if Luigi found out, then Luigi would not act like Mario at all. Anyway, Luigi has the speed of 2 which will take him somewhere unlike Mario. He has the exact same weight as Mario which doesn't make any sense. Unfortunately, for Luigi, he is completely outclassed by Baby Luigi, which is pretty sad by being beaten by his own baby self that is pretty ugly. Luigi loves green, and he will always have a liking for the color green.

Peach: The next thing I'm going to eat is peach-flavored yogurt and here I am, talking about her! Finding a pink Mackerellanna car is difficult and it should provide a challenge for any racer. Why? Let me explain. Peach gets kidnapped 8234823044 and a half times a day so placing racing in her messy schedule is extremely tricky. Like I said in my last Informario, good luck to you finding a pink Mackerellanna vehicle! Anyway, when she DOES races, she enjoys to speed it up a little with 2 in her Speed. Peach also loves accelerating to her top speed, so 5 bonus is added in her Acceleration. And her most obvious adept stat is Drifting. She gained the experience from it in Mario Kart DS of course and earns an adept 6 in Drifting. He favorite color is pink, like I said earlier.

Yoshi: Yoshi doesn't even know how to drive a kart or a motorcycle. All he does is poop and give you a questioned look all day long until he loses and dies of starvation. His bonuses wouldn't count since he couldn't drive. If you see a lime-green kart just sitting there, it's certain to be Yoshi driving that kart. Watch out for bad scent too when approaching him.

Daisy: Don't EVER get Daisy mad. When she gets mad, she absolutely wreck anyone including you! Daisy is very fierce when it comes to racing and so she gets a 4 stat in Speed which will help her in catching up to people. Daisy also wants to be precise so she gets 2 in Handling. And if her opponents are relying on nitrous to get away from Daisy, her 3 point nitrous will let her catch up to her opponents and she'll beat 'em to an orange pulp used for orange juice. Her favorite color is orange; almost like Baby Daisy's.

Birdo: What is this...THING? I mean, it's a female all right but what exactly IS Birdo? This may be the future dinosaurs. This little thingy with a huge...SUCTION CUP?? I don't know what the heck that even IS. And why am I capitalizing everything? Birdo's a little fat so she gets 3 in Weight. A little dirt on her wouldn't hurt her so another 3 has been added to Off Road. But what loves doing is seeing her fart coming out from the pipe, so she gets her wishes. What is it? A 5 point boost in Mini Turbo. Birdo enjoys this purple-magenta color on her vehicles so noticing her won't be too difficult.

Diddy Kong: Diddy Kong recently got promoted from being a Featherparn to a Mackerellanna. Problem for Diddy Kong that this is an extremely BORING class to be in. Diddy Kong's already feeling quite bored with this already. Anyway, Diddy Kong still has favoritism towards some bonuses unlike Yoshi and Dry Bones. Diddy Kong likes zipping to full speed again, so he gets 3 in Acceleration. His drifting experience came from Diddy Kong Racing so he gets 3 in drifting. But the thing he likes the most is the nitrous because if he thought he'd let go of the accelerator when he hit a "zipper", he'd go faster. And he is absolutely correct! If you see brown Mackerellanna karts, they belong to Diddy Kong.

Bowser Jr.: Just like Diddy Kong, he acquired a promotion to the Mackerellannas. Just like Diddy Kong, he found out how boring this class was. Just like Diddy Kong, he was happy he was becoming more like his father. Ha. Peppy quote. Bowser Jr. is an annoying fart, whether he was a Featherparn or being a Mackerellanna. Due to that, he isn't interested in anything, but himself and his father. Due to that, his stat bonuses suck eggs. Sure the 3 point boost in Off Road and Mini Turbo is helpful, it is very meager and it's extremely useless. He's completely outclassed by Birdo, Wario, Dry Bowser, and a Medium Mii. His karts are yellow and green.

The Obeserrakers The Obeserrakers are finally here! I was extremely bored typing up the Mackerellannas and I finally have come across the famous Obeserrakers. No, really, they're famous. Funky Kong usually wins in Time Trials and is frowned upon online. They are also famous for knocking the Lighterspakers and the Mackerellannas offcourse and into Doom 3! They are also hated by Lighterspakers and Mackerellannas too as the result.

The Obeserraker Corporation

Wario: Though Wario is extremely fat and all the vehicles he drives are made out of FAT, he doesn't get the biggest bonus for weight in the Obeserrakers. He's extremely fat and he is famous for turning Medusa into fat when she saw him. It's illogical to get only 3 in weight and 3 in offroad, but 6 in Mini Turbo is logical. Why? The nitrous is a result of Wario farting and when I mean farting, I mean PRRRRTTT!!! His karts are yellow because he mostly used them as his toilet.

Waluigi: Waluigi is virtually the opposite of Wario. He is so skinny, he'll fall through the ground. That's why he uses karts as transportation. Waluigi is so girly too. I mean, what the heck is up with this dude? He has a 6 in Acceleration, which may not prove any good because the Obeserrakers completely suck at Acceleration but with Waluigi here to zip up, he'll be victorious. Waluigi also loves to drift for no apparent reason and since his preferred kart of choice is the Off-roader, he has a bonus of 3 Offroad. He likes the color purple, which is often regarded as a girly color. Oh yeah, and did you know the fact Waluigi got promoted to Obeserraker, which he must have felt relieved.

Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong is da Donkey! Donkey Man! Donkey is always in the Obeserrakers. Donkey is always here to knock off an annoying Lighterspaker or Mackerellanna. Donkey has a 3 in weight, which is natural for him. Donkey is also great at zipping it up again and drifting like a mad ape, so he gets a 2 in Acceleration and Drifting. Lastly, Donkey gets nitrous as a result as eating too much bananas and so Mini Turbo is 3. The vehicles Donkey Kong is driving in is brown so he could blend in with the car.

Bowser: Believe it or not, Bowser has the highest weight booster in his class when it should've been Wario! A 5 rating must mean that he is a hardcore Obeserraker. Bowser is the cliche villan of the Mario series though, and I bet these Bowser plots are getting kind of old now. Who does Bowser think he is? Bowser gets a nice 2 stat in speed so he can devour any lower classers trying to get away from him. If they try to drift away from him, Bowser has 3 in drifting to counter that. Overall, Bowser isn't that much fun to talk about since he will almost get as boring as Mario someday. Someday...someday. Oh yeah, Bowser likes the green color in the cars.

King Boo: It's more like King Boo Boo Bop. You simply CANNOT drive with King Boo. The reason being is that he has no legs whatsoever so reaching that gas pedal is nothing but impossible. Though King Boo participates in races, he simply cannot beat you since he can't even go 1 mile per hour. Even a snail could beat him in a race. So why should listing King Beebooboobop's bonuses worth it? If you see him, he'll drive in a black vehicle MOST of the time.

Rosalina: Called, "Rosa" by her fans, she is the first female Obeserraker racing here! She's tough like a grandma and speedy like a pooping Baby Luigi. With a starbit fueled engine, she can totally whip your butt and butts like Baby Mario. However, her Luma she decided to take along with her may screech out loud when she does a stunt and so Rosa is pretty much deaf by now. Since she is tough as a grandma, her acceleration and handling is boosted by a nice, satisfying 3. Since she is as speedy as a barfing Bowser Jr., she gets a nice 3 in her starbit speed. Not to mention it is fueled by starbits. Her color you see is teal.

Funky Kong: Funky Kong is so funky, funky people that aren't funkily funky are going to be funked out by this funky monkey. Funky funk is here and his funky debut in funky racing is quite a funky surprise. Funky Kong isn't that funky mean when compared to his not funky brethren, Diddy and Donkey. Funky funk proves to be very funky speedy when it comes to riding in any funky thing. A 4 funky speed bonus is no funky matter, funks. Funky also likes to be funky offroad, so he gets a lesser, less funkym 3 funky funk in funky off road. Funky's funky favorite color? Funky blue and white. Very funky funky indeed.

Dry Bowser: Either Bowser or Dry Bowser races because Dry Bowser is just Bowser in a bony form and an evil spirit. The most common Bowser you see is the former but still, you do see Dry Bowser. AND THIS GUY IS SOO SCARY!! No, I mean it. He's freaking scary man! He'll scare your pants off and King Boo, you aren't doing a great job on scaring people. Even Baby Luigi can do better than you, King Boobeebop. Anyway, Dry Bowser just LOOOVES to see some nitrous so there ya go. 6 in that stat. And don't forget off road. He's really great at that too. 6 in that stat too. Dry Bowser's favorite color? This BOORRING tan color.

The Shopping Carts Obviously, the karts are the single most important thing when racing and using items. The characters and the karts depend on each other. Without the karts, the characters can't win and without the characters, the karts would just sit there. Oh yeah, they also help each other get merchandise and groceries in lovely Sunday afternoons.

Ok, now the Obeserrakers are gonna get mad at me for keep on listing Lightspakers first. Well, let me tell em. I DON'T CARE. I actually like the Lighterspakers better than you Obese Rakes! You're the worst group ever!

Lighterspaker Karts

Standard's Kart Sack_________Preferred by: Baby Luigi

Da Standard's Kart Sack is going to rip to shreds boy! No it isn't. For some odd reason, it's preferred by Baby Luigi for some odd reason. I know, it's extremely odd. He loves it absolutely because I guess it's powered by his fart, hahaha. Anyway, it's the most Standard and nearly as boring as Mackerellanna karts, but it isn't. It looks like a go-kart by the way. There is nothing special except that Baby Luigi loves this THING. Following in Mario's footsteps I suppose.

Booster, the Wario look-alike_________Preferred by: Baby Peach

It's more obvious that Baby Peach likes this kart. It resembles something a baby should ride on anyway. It's kind of cool when someone does a stunt or throws an item on this because the top part of it opens and closes to allow space. Pretty nice technology there. For some odd reason, only the Baby Mario Bros., don't have any doilies on their Booster. It's has awesome stats on everything but Speed and Weight, but the most considerate one would be Handling for sure.

Mini Boob_________Preferred by: Toad

Toad rides this car because it may be the only one that ues feet power for it to work. Well, all of Toad's cars are feet powered anyway. This thing kind of resembles a car, but not a lot like the Wicked Wango. This car is pretty fast nevertheless and Toad must be running! It also has great Mini Turbo and Drifting. All of the other stats, however, are subpar, like Baby Luigi.

The Prices Charges for Cheap_________Preferred by: None

No really! The store only charges a cheap price before you buy this, which is $2342809.99! This car resembles a Cheep-Cheep; the one that looks most like the original is Baby Man's Cheep. But no one loves this vehicle because you are a fish out of water when someone is using it. Ok, that was a bad pun, sorry. Something smells fishy in here. Oh yeah, this kart is great at everything but Speed and Weight. Just use it's above-average acceleration properly.

Titan, Saturn's Moon_________Preferred by: Baby Mario

If you played 3D Hot Rally and see this little hot rod zooming, you know what it looks like. This car looks like the Monster from that game and it's the most "car like" out of all the Lighterspaker karts. This may describe almost like a boring Mackerellanna vehicle, except with mediocre Drifting and awesome Off-Road. When Baby Mario drives this, he thinks he's so tough and it looks most like the original Monster. Baby Mario isnt' tough though.

Captain's Failcone_________Preferred by: None

No one wants to ride in the Captain's Failcone because not only does it have stats that suck everywhere but Speed, but people must say "Falcon Drive!", "Falcone Turn!", "Falcon Throw!", "Falcon Stunt!", "Falcon Wheelie!" and yeah, you get the idea. Anyway, Toad's Captain's Failcone looks the most alike to the actual thing. And if you played F-Zero, then this kart should look WAAY familiar to you.

Lightspaker Bikes

Bike S Standard_________Preferred by: Koopa Troopa

Since the Standard's Kart Sack was taken, Koopa must this vehicle instead. Just like all vehicles with "Standard" in their title, they have boring stats except for Weight. However, Baby Luigi does find a lot of uses with this bike. So he must be following in Mario's footsteps! But in my honest opinion, this bike looks the best out of all the bikes. I mean, racing around with a racebike is awesome too, but most of the other Lightspaker bikes look...ugh.

I'll Shoot Ya With My Bullet!_________Preferred by: Dry Bones

Man, this bike sucks. Not only is it overused, it looks awfully stupid. The Beel Last of Mario Kart Double Dash also resembles a bullet bill, but the Banzai Bill looks cooler than that contraption with arms. The only reason why Dry Bones likes this because it resembles most like a regular bullet should; black. This thing is great at Speed, Mini Turbo, and Drift since it has inward drifting.

Bit Sized Galooigano_________Preferred by: None

Is it just me, or name sounds Espanol? Anyway, this loco bike is great at everything, BUT Speed and Weight, like all Lighterspaker vehicles shall be. This thing resembles a street bike, which is more awesome than say I'll Shoot Ya With My Bullet. It's a big shame no one prefers this bike anyway, but let's move on.

Duck, Duck, Goose_________Preferred by: Baby Daisy

This is another bad looking bike. It resembles...A DUCK. Seriously, Lighterspakers. It may be fine that if it was a plane, but a BIKE!!?? Looks extremely dorky. This kart is great and all, but its speed and HORRIBLE weight AND looks are a let down. Anyone riding this bike will be sent to Elder Scrolls Oblivion with any nudge from a heavier Lighterspaker vehicle or Mackerellanna and Obeserraker vehicles. Baby Daisy's Duck, Duck, Goose looks the most like a rubber ducky; that is why she simply loves this vehicle and getting knocked around.

Swerve Bike_________Preferred by: Toadette

No, this isn't a bike version of the Swerve Star; this is just a stupid Magikoopa on a stupid broom. The Lighterspakers are running out of ideas!! Noez! Gosh, they can just do better than THAT. Or maybe the developers of this game forced them to build that in order to please them? Sad, then. Anyway, this bike has excellent Offroad and all of the other stats shouldn't even be talked about since the only reason why anyone would ride this bike is because of its Offroad. Toadette on the Swerve Bike is the most commonly used due to his favoritism of Offroad.

Somebody's Come and Burst Our Bubble_________Preferred by: None

It's sad no one can prefer this rather cool bike. It has Mackerellanna stats, but they aren't as boring as any Mackerellanna kart or bike anyway. It has decent speed anyway. And it has a visor to protect you from any bug smashings. Awesome, but no one uses it. Sad. This thing resembles an awesome bike but I have to admit; it looks pretty fat.

Mackerellanna Karts

Standard Oil Mart_________Preferred by: None

This kart looks the EXACT same as Standard's Kart Sack but a little bigger. And it's the most boring Mackerellanna kart out there. Especially if Mario is riding this.

Dragging the Tempo_________Preferred by: None

No really. This kart is dragging the tempo because of its awful speed it has. Why it has awful speed is weird since it is a Mackerellanna kart and all Mackerellanna karts are supposed to be BORING. Maybe this is an exception. I don't know. It's great at everything but Speed, Weight, and Off Road which makes your groove drag too.

Wicked Wango_________Preferred by: Yoshi

Why must a stupid dinosaur like this awfully cool vehicle! I hate this! But I guess you can't have everything your way. Oh well. Anyway, this car looks awesome. It looks like a sports car with some neat spoilers and an aerodynamic shape! It also has cool stripes going vertically and the emblem on the sides. However cool, it's acceleration is AWFUL. Super Awful. More awful than the awful Spray Scrap. That's sad for such a cool vehicle. Handling and Off Road sucks too since it's aerodynamic, it has a need for speed.

A Really Really Fast Squid Squid_________Preferred by: Daisy

For some odd reason, Daisy loves this vehicle. I guess Daisy loves Bloopers. Anyway, I bet she is really fond of its stats too. All but Drifting, Mini Turbo and Acceleration aren't too shabby. Still, it's a dork's vehicle since it resembles a Blooper on its back facing forward. That's how it's shaped like. Nothing else really special, but I have heard that the tentacles move.

Tripping Today by Sakurai_________Preferred by: None

It's good no one prefers this vehicle. It looks awful and the stats look awful too. Not to mention utterly boring. It looks like a sleigh on wheels. This vehicle may be best used on wintery days, but not during a race! I mean, its Speed and Drifting is poop bad! Who likes these type of vehicles. Plus this vehicle is so ricketty racketty that it may fall apart soon or get torn by tornadoes in Wario City. Let's a move on folks!

Spray Scrap_________Preferred by: Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong participated in racing before and he just loves to be a Mackerellanna instead of a Lighterspaker because in Diddy Kong Racing, he had no strengths or weaknesses. Now he likes the Spray Scrap. He wants to win the race in the fastest way possible and this car answered his wish. Now he needs to maintain the other extremely poor stats not named Speed or Weight. This car looks like a Formula 1 racecar.

Mackerellanna Bikes

M Stand Up and Be Like Ike_________Preferred by: Luigi

It's a sad world for Luigi. All of his preferred vehicles are taken by greedy people. Let me list who evilly took his favorites and is forced to ride this contraption: Birdo, Yoshi, and Peach. All but the latter are such meanies. Luigi looks cooler on the Wiked Wango than Yoshi anyway. Anyway, the M Stand Up and Be Like Ike is same old Bike S Standard except that it is bigger and it has one tailpipe instead of two.

Bach's Bachy Bach_________Preferred by: Peach

Peach likes this bike because of its great Speed, Drifting, and Mini Turbo. You can see her riding in this. However, a pink Bach's Bachy Bach is extremely rare to see anyway and any other pink Mackerellanna vehicle is even more rare. Good luck seeing Peach on that. Anyway, this car sucks everywhere but Speed, Drift, and Mini Turbo and has pretty average Weight. I hate this bike since it's overused by Daisy but Daisy likes the Squid better.

Sugah Socccet_________Preferred by: Mario

Mario loves sugar. He likes scooters too. And he enjoys trading Speed, Weight, and Drifting for everything else. That is why Mario prefers this type of vehicles. Cars don't appeal him too much. This bike does look awesome, but with Mario preferring it, it suddenly turned into a boring scoot with nothing else to describe. And that mirror there is great for looking back.

Pants Zipper_________Preferred by: Birdo

Birdo most commonly rides this bike. The reason being is speculated because she likes its stats. And she is correct! It would be great if its Drifting didn't sucked too much and more added bulk to this bike. Even a Titan Saturn Moon ridden by Baby Man would knock off this mini bike here. Still, it looks cool since it resembles a real bike instead of those contraptions the Lighterspakers are forced to ride on.

The Butt Bike_________Preferred by: Bowser Jr.

The Butt Bike is fast and zippy. Yeah, and it's only good at speed! Everywhere else including Weight is to be laughed at when the Butt Bike struggles to go on ahead after being knocked around by deadly koopa shells. The only reason why no one uses this bike is simple; your butt will be exposed if you use this! This is a major offense especially to the Mario Bros. out there, but no one would want having their butt stick out. Bowser Jr. is an exception though. He sticks his shell instead of his butt out.

Donut Dolph_________Preferred by: None

Why are there so many vehicles based off on aquatic creatures? This beats me. All of them are like a fish out of water and they cannot do anything because how they function is very fishy. I guess the Mackerellannas and Lighterspakers thought it was pretty selfFISH for the Obeserrakers not to have any marine animal based vehicle. Anyway, this bike is shaped like a Dolphin. It's a pretty boring bike as it has a major offense in drifting but a nice Off Road and Speed to back that off.

Obeserraker Karts

Standardized Testing for L Students_________Preferred by: Bowser

Bowser just wants to be boring like Mario. The Standardized Testing is just an all around kart suited to boring people. It just looks like a fat model of a Standard Oil Mart anyway. Bowser likes this kart, but not as much as that horrid Baby Luigi likes his.

Driven Off Course_________Preferred by: Waluigi

That's right. Nintendo was driven off course when they created Waluigi. Now Waluigi is driven off course when he chooses this vehicle as it drives off course. This isn't like an Obeserraker vehicle at all. Oh sure it has great weight, but its acceleration is great! However, its drifting is horrible. And despite its name, it only has average Off Road.

Fire Can Fly_________Preferred by: None

Oh gosh. This car is fat. Very fat. Extremely fat. So fat, that one hit from a banana will lower its speed down to nothing and it is very easy to hit this vehicle. It may look like a racecar, but it's a pretty fat racecar with awesome speed and bulk to boot, but horrible, HORRIBLE Acceleration. And don't mention it's Off Road either; that's awful too. It's like an extreme version of the Wicked Wango, but a fatter look. Probably that's why no one prefers it, but Wario would like it.

Pick My Nose_________Preferred by: Donkey Kong

This kart looks like Pete's head and wheels attached to it. It is the most Weightious vehicle in the game. And it's speedy enough to catch up to its prey and chomp it up. But, all the other stats went down the shredder and into Wario's digestive system. Donkey likes this vehicle because it's fat. Fatty acids embedded into this vehicle are awesome to him.

Sit Down and Stop Driving Me Crazy_________Preferred by: King Boo

When King Boo is driving this vehicle, it looks like SpeedRacer. Trademark. This car would drive you crazy. No pun intended. Why? It is ONLY good at Speed and Weight. All the other stats are below average and that's just sad for such a cool looking vehicle. It's kind fat and slim at the same time. Gosh. Any time it gets abused by its antifans, it's chances of winning are severely low.

Honey, I Hate You!_________Preferred by: Dry Bowser

What do you think of an evil, scary pile of bones driving such a Porsche looking vehicle? I know, don't tell me. What the heck!? Dry Bowser's car is black and it looks gleamy and shiny. It isn't well known for its Off Road, Acceleration, or Handling. But every Obeserraker will like this vehicle because it makes you look like you're rich. That's cool. And the Honey, I Hate You! does its best everywhere else. It's pretty reliable to have and I bet the idiotic Mackerellannas and Lighterspakers are jealous.

Obeserraker Bikes

L Standard Bike_________Preferred by: None

I'm so glad it's preferred by none. It just looks like a bigger version of the M Stand Up and Be Like Ike except it belongs to the Obeserrakers. So Standard...

Flire can Run Bun_________Preferred by: Funky Kong

This bike is the cousin of the I'll Shoot Ya With My Bullet and Bach's Bachy Bach. It has the same plusses and minuses as those two except there is a minor difference between these two pluses and the Weight. Funky Kong likes this because he uses it to kill those ghosts that are trying to take his soul away from him by winning the Ghost Race.

Yahoe Bike_________Preferred by: Wario

According to a source, this bike was made by Dr. Crygor. It isn't true; this bike is made out of pure fat by Wario. That's why it doesn't fly fast; fat doesn't travel quickly. It's true that fat cannot drift well either. But fat adds bulk to your bike, so this bike gets a high Weight rating because it is made of pure fat. All other areas it does above average in. Just make sure you don't touch this vehicle because it will jiggle since it's made out of fat.

Meteorite_________Preferred by: Rosalina

Shooting Stars are actually meteorites that burn through the atmosphere. They can travel really fast; faster than a Sit Down and Stop Driving Me Crazy accelerating! Meteorites are on fire so that means that excelling at this is the Mini Turbo and Drifting. This bike must have a liking for Drifting attributes! All other stats except Speed and Weight are below average, so ha! Meteorites can't be that great! This bikes looks like a bike with a star in front of it. It doesn't actually look like a bike at all, but it is hard to describe.

Native Americans Use This_________Preferred by: None

This bike is like a Sit Down and Stop Driving Me Crazy except it is in a bike version. Like what Native Americans use to hunt, this goes hurtling really fast and Hiawatha can't outrun this bike! But it crashes into a target and sits there for a while before some comes and picks it up. It is hard to aim without practice. Native Americans Use This is basically like that. Great at Speed and Weight, but poor everywhere else. It looks slightly like a blimpy Bach's Bachy Bach.

You Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance_________Preferred by: None

King Boo was about to prefer this, but he saw more uses for the Sit Down and Stop Driving Me Crazy and so he preferred that instead. The You Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance is an ugly bike and it has those fat pockets in which the wheels are. It looks like a real bike, but an ugly bike. Baby Luigi would like this bike for sure. Anyway, it does have poor weight by Obeserraker standards and it has awful drifting. This bike doesn't have any awesome spectacular stats except for Off Road, but it isn't that spectacular. All the other stats are either average or above it.

Phew, finally done!

Items Items are back and they are nastier than ever! Now with different effects, you can enjoy killing your opponents even more! Several new items got introduced to this race! Now let's get crackin and go on crack while we drive! Note: Special Items are gone! NOEZ!!

Bananas/Triply: If you run on these, you slip and they get stuck on your wheels. Then, they travel inside your engine, and what do they do next? They release potassium in there instead! Instead of releasing potassium right when you run into it, it does a long term service of blowing you up! What's left of you? A banana smell.

Red Shell/Triply: Red Shells are covered in blood from which the lives they took when they touch. If it touches the kart, its spikes will shoot out and stab the driver, instantly killing he/she. Blood will get spilled on the road.

Green Shell/Triply: This shell is famous for making you regurgitate. Once you see it, you regurgitate everything including your stomach.

Mushroom/Triply: This mushroom is totally useless and when you consume it, all you get is this nasty mushroom breath.

Golden Mushroom: When you acquire this, save it until the end of the race. Then sell it for 923809428...cents.

Fat Shroom:NEW!!: All this mushroom does is make you turn fat. That's all. And maybe you can squash and kill people on your way. No troubles.

Fake Block: Once you place this down on the road, it will remain hidden. After an unsuspecting racer passes it, it follows the racer and sucks the soul out of the racer like what a Metroid does. And if you throw it forward, it will get you instead.

Blooper: What a great idea once you use it! You send a Blooper out and it does either of the following: 1) It squirts flammable oil on every single racer of the match and it carries all of them into a volcano 2) It turns giant and it eats everyone. The choice is yours.

Bob-omb: This bomb is packed with nuclear attributes. When it's out, it will walk around and call is buddies. Then taunt when they all sit there until they automatically move and BOOM. You turn into a star. Everyone else gets killed by the nuclear explosion.

Thunderbolt: Since a thunderbolt is hotter than the Sun's surface, you'll get 3rd degree burns from carrying this in your stash.

Thunder Cloud:NEW!!: You'll need the right conditions to form a thunder cloud: 1) An unstable atmosphere 2) A cold front 3) A cumulus cloud. After all of these conditions are satisfied, you may make a thunder cloud. Then, right when it reaches its mature stage, it sends out rain, hail, and tornadoes. All will kill all. Note: Wario City is NOT in peril because someone formed a thunder cloud!

POW Block:NEW!!: This POW blocks does nothing to you, but the environment around you. The ground will crack and everyone will fall into the fissure! Then the fissure will merrily close and squash you!

Star: You summon a star to aid you. A random star will come to this place and since stars are bigger than planets, it will scorch and devastate the place.

Spiny Shell: All it does is fly around. It doesn't know where it wants to go and maybe it wants to shop at Coconut Mall for a Coconut Mall T-shirt.

Bullet Bill: You turn into a bill and kill everyone in your path. Then you crash into a wall and you explode.

See? Aren't the items the most wonderful items in the world!?

Courses 16 new course and 16 old ones aren't enough. Seriously.

All Cups: You buy em and you get one free!

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit: Luigi circuit wasn't as hectic as the Mario Kart Double Dash version and it's so boring. Since Luigi is the brother of Mario, then no wonder why this place is so boring!

Moo Moo Meadows: See those cows grazing? They carry mad cow disease. When you hit them, they may kill you with their body or their virus that causes mad cow disease. These cows must be mad! Moo Moo Farms is the famous place of producing inorganic milk.

Mushroom Gorge: Mushroom Gorge is a deadly place. Your cars are simply too heavy for mushrooms and you break directly through them into a pit of endless and nothing.

Toad's Factory: Toad's Factory is like the Lowell Mills; it's loud and dangerous. Improper precautions may lead to death and this place is extremely overcrowded with 1800's machinery that could kill. What does Toad produce anyway? Oh, he produces blocks for babies to play with. Considering that Toad IS a baby.

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit: This course is the most boring course of the game. It's so boring! Besides, Figure 8 Circuit is better than Mario Circuit simply because there is no Mario at Figure 8! The map is shaped like the one in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but the course isn't exactly like Brawl.

Coconut Mall: If you race in here, the government will catch you and send you off to jail. If they don't, you'll run someone over trying to acquire a Coconut Mall T-shirt! That and you'll get prosecuted. And the parking lot does get crowded, so the bigger cars may run you over!

DK Summit: The cannon blasts you to the peak of the mountain. There, temperatures are below zero and you'll freeze to death or catch frostbite, redeeming this course unplayable.

Wario's Gold Mine: Soon, Wario's Gold Mine won't get any more gold because the mine is running out of gold. And tell me, is this place near an active fault?

Star Cup

Daisy Circuit: The evil statues of death will get torn down just like what happened at Iran or Iraq, so this place will be closed for now. An evil blooper lives here too and it may gobble up unlucky people.

Koopa Cape: The gradient of the water here is powerful enough to rip to shreds and you can't breathe once you get underwater, so you'll drown and the fish will feast upon you.

Maple Treeway: The cannon is strong enough so you'll overshoot through the trees and into the mouth of the hungry Wiggler. Otherwise, this is a peaceful place to picnic or race honeymoonish style. And you'll find yourself getting chased by killer bees.

Grumble Volcanoes: The lava balls will go into your gas engine and you'll have to jump out of your vehicle to avoid death! Then the fireballs will go after you and you'll die out of the burning.

Special Cup

Dry Dry Ruins: Due to recent sandstorms and acid rain, the ruins are falling apart. Plus, false passageways are present through the ruins. Gibdos are also present as they suck your lifeblood like Redeads do.

Moonview Highway: It's pretty black to see, but not pitch black like Luigi's Mansion due to industry light lighting up the place. However, gasoline trucks and bob-omb cars are extremely common and there are traffic jams all of the time.

Bowser's Castle: For some odd reason, zombies roam inside the castle. If you are not careful, the zombies may attack and cling on to you! Plus, the Bowser machine will shoot flaming balls at you and destroy you and your machine! Fire pillars also pop up out of nowhere and BOOM!!!

Rainbow Road: The road proves to be very slippery and if you fall off in which you will, you'll fall to Earth and get scorched up by the atmosphere.

Shell Cup

Peach Beach: See my Mario Kart Double Dash Info.

Yoshi Falls: This place is overly polluted and you'll have a chance of catching a disease associated with hygienic conditions.

Ghost Valley 2: Cracks galore here and you'll fall into your doom and get consumed by ghosts. It's pitch black here and the Boos that haunt this track WILL kill you and your soul.

Mario Raceway: This is actually one of the more able courses to race in. If it weren't so boring, then more lives could have been saved by choosing this course.

Banana Cup

Sherbet Land: Due to global warming, the ice will crack up and under the sea lives a hungry orca. There you go. Meal for the orca. The orca is truly happy.

Shy Guy Beach: Th Shy Guys here are terrorists as they will either fight you and jump on your kart or shoot cannon balls filled with sodium in it and you explode to smithereens. The crabs will pop your tires and you fall into the ocean and drown!

Delfino Square: Another able place if it weren't for those overly common waterspouts that keep on striking here. I mean, they are as common as House Sparrows are in cities or suburbs.

Waluigi Stadium: See my Mario Kart Double Dash Info.

Leaf Cup

Desert Hills: The sand will make your tires stuck into it. Then you sit there and either starve or parched to death. This is torture because you die a slow death.

Bowser Castle 3: Another able place to race in. Maaaybe except those fireballs spewing out and touching your gas tank.

DK's Jungle Parkway: There is a deadly tropical disease lurking in the jungle, I hear. Plus, wild animals are very aggressive here and they will attack you.

Mario Circuit: See my Mario Kart Double Dash Info.

Lightning Cup

Mario Circuit 3: This course is utterly boring, the boringness will bore into your skulls and you'll just faint with your tongue sticking out. You'll faint for the rest of you life until your die.

Peach Gardens: Unfortunately, Peach planter Pit Plants into her garden so if you fall prey to a Pit Plant, you'll get eaten immediately. Pit Plants are hidden and you cannot see them. Peach also planted other species of dangerous plants so everyone will be unlucky.

DK Mountain: Mario Kart Double Dash is right over there!

Bowser's Castle: The green Thwomp named Marty will lead you to his lair. He may sound friendly at first, but you'll find yourself in his dinner plate once you go to sleep. If you avoid him, the Thwomps will block your path and squash you. If you avoid them, then the doors will close and spikey poles will start appearing everywhere and you get cut into pieces.

Battle Courses These are the official descriptions of the courses.

Block Plaza: Built by little kids, will get destroyed by little kids. That's unfortunate for us battling here. Delfino Peer: The water level rises and this place will be underwater. We blame it on global warming Funky Stadium: This stadium is extremely funky. So funky, that you'll play this course over and over and over and I don't know how many times. However, we think that this course is a little too funky. Chain Chomp Wheel: A wheel with a chain chomp in it. Get squashed by it or get squashed by it. Why would you go there anyway? Thwomp Desert: This course takes place in the middle of a huge sandpit. No one knows what's underneath the quicksand because no one has lived to tell us. Battle Course 4: All you see is passages to take! Let's hope no one gets lost! If we find a lost person, let's invitte he/she to a picnic! Battle Course 3: If you cross another person's territory in this course, you may as well serve as a crash test dummy! Skyscraper: Battles get hectic and it's weird how we are battling our foes in a giant skyscraper. We are ordered to push them off into the city abyss. Why can't we just make friends with them? Cookie Land: The course does look tasty to us, but all of us would eat it and we'll be battling without any platforms to suuport us! Twilight House: Each of these rooms in this house holds a dark and scary secret. There are 8 dark rooms together and netiher of us found it at all pleasant.

All of this was written by a trusty Brighthead Lighterspaker.


Ah, the new challenges faced after you race. The ghosts will race you and if you lose their race, your soul will get eaten by that soul. And if you win? You just win. And the ghosts? Well, there are two sets of ghosts. One of them are the weeny unaggresive ghosts that ain't feelin' hungry. The second, however, is more feared by all and they want to win the race.

If you beat the time of Unaggresive Ghosts and kill them before they even reach the finish line under 10 seconds, the Aggresive Ghosts will challenge you. And trust me, beating them is hard unless you consume them and become a ghost yourself. If you do beat them in a race, they'll die.

Now here are the recommended bikes (yes, bikes!) for killing the Aggresive Ghosts

I'll Shoot With Ya With My Bullet: They reason being because you shoot the ghosts with your bullet.

Bach's Bachy Bach: I heard ghosts hate Bach and his music and they'll get killed.

Flire can Run Bun: Fire will burn the ghosts. Just use the right type of fire, folks!

And assuming you didn't get conusmed, get killed by other people, collided with items, or none of the stage hazards hit you, congratulations. You get to see yourself in the credits. Then the words will move up and THEN you will get killed.

Ah, nothing else to say. This is completed at last!

I'll first drive the golden spike on the ground.

Hmm, I missed!!!!

(In case you don't know what I'm doing, I'm hammering the last nail on all 24 character's coffins. I'm completed!)

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

-An awesome walkthrough by MY NAME IS TOAD!!!

Freaking Wii Party[edit]

I think it murdered Mario Party.

Check there.

RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IRRITATION!!!!!!!! HUMILIATION!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT A NEW MARIO PARTY!!! NOT SOME CRAPPY WII PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I was looking forward to Mario Party and Baby Luigi being playable, but nooooo we get Wii Party anyway.

(Excuse me for my language, but I can't find a better one)

845+4®|>5 BLUEBERRY PEANUT RASPBERRY SMOOTHIES at Nintendo. I'm anger. Anger!!

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

WTF???!!! I hope that Baby Luigi and King Boo are playable in Wii Party, but Nintendo is nonsense these days (DK Country Returns, please ask permission from Rareware nintendo, please. Mario Sports Mix, another Final fantasy game with mario characters, Paper Mario 3DS, wrong console, Metroid other M, please read Edo's NSMBW:TDILMM. Wii Party, should have revolt like Edo's Cookie Mario game start. Kirby epic yarn, yarns aren't epic. Mario Kart 3DS, should also include a remake of MKDD.) -KS3 (talk · contribute) 06:09, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

MK3DS will be awesome, though, just as long Nintendo doesn't milk up and axe Baby Luigi ;_; -Beeb
Besides, that crap called Wii Party already came out in Japan. So there's no hope for Mario, Baby Luigi, Wario, and King Boo. ;_; I hope Nintendo doesn't neglect Baby Luigi in Mario Kart 3DS. -Beeb

The Aphelocoma californica hex (sohcohtoa and the other 3 random things)[edit]

Time to do it again. This time, a picture of something...


Actually, i'm giving you 2 more

--KS3 (talk · contribute) 06:27, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

Yay, Mario is stupid! :) He should of said, "KILL HIM WITH YOUR FLYING PIZZA PLANET FART!" Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 06:32, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

This is your userspace, the welcome template says "you are allowed to do anything with your userspace" KS3 (talk · contribute) 06:43, 18 July 2010 (UTC)
Don't forget this awesome image too!
How can Luigi carry Mario is a mystery.

-Baby Luigi

Awesome images!





let's put romeo and juliet onto your talk page like i did to bwofs here we go ctrl v d romeo and juliet down there next to this no punctuation sentence
one day mario was walking he was fat he ate too much pasta thats what i think anyways he was walking he was talking everyone says he is too fat to be a hero mario was offended by this so he said well ill show you and did nothing because there was no princess to be kidnapped so mario got angry and he said well ill kidnap the princess so he did bowser was confused why his nemesis kidnapped something he should kidnap and questioned mario why did you kidnap the princess shouldnt i mario said that he wanted to be a hero so he could kidnap the princess and rescue so people wont call him fat and useles bowser thought mario had a point so he allowed mario to kidnap the princess luigi wondered why the princess was kidnapped again so he didnt bother trying to rescue mario rescued the princess although thats ironic because he stole the princess and he rescued so thats ironic the princess slapped mario because he stole her and then rescued her and that makes no sense people are now respecting mario because he saved the princess not to mention also stole her luigi now knew that mario stole the princess and pointed out that stealing the princess is illegal and doing that is bad mario said he doesnt care luigi is sensitive to this remark so he said quietly follow me since mario is too fat and gullible and followed luigi to a anger slip your kneck in this noose he said mario stood on a chair and had a noose around his neck luigi kicked the chair nothing happened thats because mario is a superhuman and he cant die so mario got angry and took luigi by the arm and threw him into a caged box and threw the box into the ocean and that was the end of luigi meanwhile bowser wanted mario to steal the princess so he could marry her but when mario heard this he rejected this offer and bowser got angry bowser chopped off marios butt and displayed it over the fireplace while mario has to suffer without his butt marios intestines cloggged up and exploded and that was the end of mario but mario cant die so he is tortured eternally unless he went to a doctor but hes too stupid and fat mario said bowser youll pay for this and mario spat out his digested bits from his intestines bowsers appetite was lost eternally and mario thought he should get a new butt so he was going to the store to buy a butt and one day mario was walking and he already got a new butt he saw samus hoooooo it said what i dont understand mario said samus continued to hooooo itself up but mario was too stupid and fat to understand so he kidnapped the robot but im not a robot samus was about to say but it just hooooo itself up again so there was really no point in doing that so samus got kidnapped by mario but that is strange because mario is supposed to rescue people not kidnap robots anyways mario took it samus to a disco dance hoooo it said it actually wanted to dance so mario pushed it inside the disco dance samus couldnt help but it started dancing look how much it enjoyed it so when mario took samus out the robot cried so much that it flooded its varia suit but its strange because robots cant have emotion nor cry but hey how come a tin thing cry after it stomped on a bug thats pathetic mario made fun of samus i mean seriously do people call you a she youre supposed to be an it also youre fat laughed mario samus got pissed off so it charged a beam at mario and shot it at mario what happened next mario cant die so he just laughed and shrugged the beam off samuss heart melted although actual hearts dont melt and robots like it dont have hearts then mario said when he was young his parents crumpled on the floor mario was helpless that time but he watched his parents slowly die then they were gone gone forever the people that gave his existence and loved him the last words his parents said to him is i love you after samus heard that story it cried and forgave mario for shooting that beam its okay said mario but robots like you shouldnt cry or forgive samus ignored that last statement soon mario and samus the robot met wario a stinking repulsive guy mario said this guy is his cousin and his childhood friend and samus was suprised how can this guy be related to mario samus tried to talk but out came a hooooo wario made fun of it and mocked its hoooo samus got angry but its impossible how can robots get angry mario grabbed wario and said dont make fun of my new friend wario said okay but i wanna see whats inside that robot mario exclaimed are you stupid samus is just a special robot and it doesnt have anything that interests you so please go away no whined wario stop your whining shouted mario but i cant help whining whined wario samus was sick of wario so it grabbed him with a laser whip and threw him all the way to pluto and the rest of warios life is spent frozen on pluto sadly warioware has broken down after warios good friends are shouting hello hello wario where are you wario but mario doesnt find that tragic but just imagine your best friend lost into heaven i cant bear it unfortunately wario deserves this mario and samus walked into a phone booth so mario can call luigi samus tried to talk but it went hoooooo instead mario laughed and said dont be silly im going to call luigi but no answer came out although mario was fat and stupid he realized he left his bro into the ocean and he cant imagine someone so fragile and young could stand the pressure of the ocean mario thought luigi was crushed by the immense pressure since when did you get so smart samus was supposed to say but out came a hoooooooo mario laughed and giggled at this samus got embarassed but robots dont get embarassed so whats the point mario and samus walked to marios home well i can use you as a replacement for luigi said mario samus nodded but the problem is robots cant be brothers especially replacement ones and people thought it was a girl so how can i be considered male whats the point robots cant have feelings or anything thats the sad truth about robots they cant do anything right here we continue we see mario and samus the robot in marios house sitting down on chairs i wish i hadnt been so cruel to luigi mario said but hes too fat and stupid to try to at least get luigis body back samus got a good idea but thats viturally impossible because robots cant come up with good ideas let alone bad ones too but anyways it said mario if you cant die then maybe luigi cant die either because you guys are twins but mario is too fat and stupid to understand what the robot is talking about there are no such thing as twins said mario if clones dont exist then twins dont exist luigi is just a mere brother samus facepalmed at this but robots cant facepalm samus was about to talk but out came out a hoooooo and it was embarassed by this but robots cant be embarassed samus took mario by the arm and led him into the place mario threw the box into the ocean but robots must have gps before they can do this sort of stuff mario peered down well i guess ill have to resuce luigi since im too fat and stupid to not to do it samus said that mario is really fat and useless mario got angry and said well ill show you ill rescue my bro that i threw into the ocean without any further speaking mario dived into the ocean with a shrug robots dont shrug samus activated its gravity suit and dived in after mario samus swam after mario hoooo it cried but mario was too fat and stupid to not ignore it then suddenly a shark attacked the robot the shark could not harm it since samus was a robot and robots dont feel pain but the shark ripped the suit and what was inside this suit a woman actually a robot in a woman disguise but you know what i mean mario was attracted by the robot you look beautiful and hot mario said but he was too fat and stupid to realize the woman was just a mere robot friend the same one mario had kidnapped and took to the disco and told stories and made fun of it and invited it to his house samus thanked mario but robots cant be grateful the two dived deeper until they saw a cage look mario shouted i see luigi arrrrgggggh screamed luigi youll pay for this for fat and stupid moron and luigi tried to electrocute mario but mario cant die and nothing happened mario got infuriated but the robot took over and said let me handle this you fat and stupid but silly human samus unlocked the cage door and robots can unlock anything if they please to and luigi swam out he swam and swam he swam like he never swam before samus and mario swam after luigi to the surface they saw luigi luigi gasped for air oh my gosh you pretty lady thank you im so grateful you deserve something special luigi swerved angrily at the fat and stupid red plumber dont do that next time warned luigi or ill rip your butt out and display it in the rulers office mario looked worried if that happened people would think he is useless forever mario didnt want that to happen so never did he torture luigi again since luigi held his promise hooooo said samus luigi got confused why does this pretty lady sound like a robot mario said that this lady is actually a robot in disguise but still kind and helpful mario is too stupid and fat to realize that the robot can get its suit back luigi was shocked but he didnt say anything the three swam back to the shore no what asked mario ah i know mario led luigi and samus to movie theater what shall we watch asked mario lets watch this movie said luigi mario saw the movie he thought it was the girliest and dorkiest movies he has ever saw pullleasse luigi pleaded fine then said samus but robots can make decisions quickly like that so they watched the movie mario fell asleep for half the movie luigi couldnt hear anything because of marios snoring so it remained like that for the rest of the movie samus wondered when its going to get its suit back samus rushed quietly outside and bashed on a smash ball it used it and got its varia suit back samus smiled but robots dont smile and walked back inside to find out the movie had finished luigi said that was the best movie that he ever saw while mario just awokened from his sleeping spell although no one casted a spell on him mario was too fat and stupid to do anything but to say lets go back to my house and rest although it is not night yet mario wondered what happened to the lady but he recognized the robot he wondered how did the lady get the suit back but he was too fat and stupid to ponder such questions mario saw luigi walking behind him then he realized that this is the person that threatened him to chop his butt off mario remembered that his old butt was hung up on the fire place that was owned to boswer mario had a lightbulb go off lets go to bowsers house mario said all of a sudden why samus asked but robots dont ask questions luigi remembered your butt got chopped off he said we need to retrieve your old butt again the three went to bowsers house they saw food stacked outside whats happening asked mario but he was too fat and stupid to realize that marios intestines exploded and mario spat out the bits that were digested from his intestines so bowser lost his appetite forever how can he get his food samus explained its simple you just have to connect a tube to his stomach and what passes in the tube are the vital nutrients you need to survive you dont need to eat then why dont everyone have one mario asked samus was about to reply but out came a hooooooo thats funny luigi said and the robot got embarrassed but robots dont get embarrassed mario crept inside the house and saw his butt on top of the fireplace mario swiped his butt trophy off the fireplace now what asked mario luigi smirked he chopped off marios current butt and added his old butt back yay shouted mario i have my old butt back im so glad but you are still useless and fat and stupid everyone said to him grrrrrrr growled mario ill show you im going to be a famous hero one day youll see samus and luigi shrugged and stole glances at each other fat and stupid plumbers cant be famous heroes its put in stone today mario just woke up and had a great day it was samuss birthday although robots dont have birthdays but here it goes mario is thinking of a present to give to samus luigi he asked what present would suit samus any present thats not bad will suit samus replied luigi oohhh but be more specific but luigi cant be more specific since mario is too fat and stupid to understand oh well ill get a rock mario said thats not a sensible gift said luigi yes it is said mario samus can only wonder what to do with this thing composed of minerals wait since when you got smart asked luigi but mario is too fat and stupid to understand oh well ill just have to go to samuss house but robots dont have houses mario strode to samuss house samus tried to say hi there mario but out came a hooooo mario laughed heres a present said mario samus got suprised it went hoooo angrily she was actually going to say out of all things in my birthday you have to give me a mere and uesless rock mario collapsed and looked up at samus all frightend samus bellowed hooooo and mario ran away but mario is too fat to run fast in a flash samus grabbed mario with its beam and shook him angrily im going to let out a beam thatll freeze you for years it snapped you better give me a good present or ill shoot you with that beam mario shivered and samus loosened its grip mario fell on the ground yes ill give you something useful mario said nervously and mario walked away so luigi asked did samus rejected it yes but it doesnt know the true values of rock it took millions and millions of years to form that material doesnt matter luigi groaned they are still common mario unleashed his fury and got a knife luigi yelped what are you going to do with it luigi screamed mario brought the knife slashing into the rock luigi let out a sigh with relief who in this planet would cut this rock luigi scolded mario was too fat and stupid not to slash the rock so he couldnt understand but luigi saw something glimmering on the rock that was cut on half look inside whispered luigi happily duh its just a bunch of crystals purple mixed in with orange red green yellow and blue crystals are rare luigi said excitedly and this is no rock its a geode a very beautiful geode use this as a gift to samus luigi said mario said why she rejected it just do it luigi shouted mario rushed with the geode in his hand he gave it to samus that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen where did you get that said samus i dont know muttered mario its that same rock i gave to you before oh mario samus said i forgive you of that threat i really do but robots cant forgive so really this is just a fantasy anyways do you have any more gifts mario looked shocked i dont have anymore dont freeze me of course i wont samus was about to say but out came a hoooooo mario laughed and walked backwards out of samuss house mario ran to peachs castle there he saw kirby with a cake mario saw kirby walk away this is my chance he thought mario rushed in and took kirbys cake easy said mario but he was too fat and stupid to realize that if kirby has his cake stolen hell unleash real chaos in this world until he gets his cake back mario rushed to samus heres the cake mario said samus thanked mario but robots cant thank mario come inside my house samus said gleefully luigi picked up an uncomfortable sensation luigi walked nervously to samuss house to celebrate samuss birthday meanwhile when kirby was about to pick up his fork he saw that his cake disappeared one day a samus took a leisurely stroll in the icy phendrana drifts its not the best place for a stroll if you ask me the robot has little to no idea that it is basically a continuation of the story of a robot samus and a fat man mario and no punctucation at all people reading this would probably hate reading this and whine about it and complain that this would be the tallest wall of words but i hope you can stand it and keep your sanity levels to a minimun low as you see a the robot disabled all of my punctuation keys so bear with me please anyway the robot was taking a stroll until it bumped into an icicle the block of ice had something incased in it hoooooo shouted the robot and it switched to its flamethrower and melted the ice block the robot realized that mario was incased in the block geez said the fat man it was freezing in here and i just froze thank you for saving me uh robot woman the robot was offended because it wasnt a robot its a woman but robots dont get offended and this orange thing is definitely a robot the robot said whatever but robots dont have atitude mario said that phendrana drifts is the number one manufacterer of ice cream and samus said wut and no way but robots dont get shocked its true mario said and he showed samus the pirates base samus was shocked the dark and smelly base was transformed into a cheery and colorful ice cream shop i got ice cream there said mario and i bought one just for you mario gave samus the ice cream it was a delicious rust flavored ice cream with machine nuts and bolts scattered on it samus enjoyed it a lot but robots dont eat OR enjoy things oh well mario and samus jumped over some icicles floating on water ice has less density than water so thats why they float and the two reached a purple door the fatso tried all of his might to open the door but alas the purple thing didnt move a bit let me try said samus the orange robot flicked to its wave beam and shot at the door the door opened how did you do this mario asked samus said the players guide oh obviously mario changed the subject why were you on phen drifts well i had stuff to accomplish mario piped up is the frozen sheegoth over there your work oh yes replied the robot that blue thing with icicles on its back was a monster because it is one mario pointed out oh mario followed samus onto a peculiar looking elevator which is shaped like a disk when they were finally on board samus touched the orange thing and the elevator shout down into darkness yipes screamed mario he had never witnessed an elevator so fast the elevator ride took about a few seconds when it was over samus and mario stepped down and walked towards the door the area around the elevator wasnt so icy anymore it had more of a forest feel samus opened the door with a simple power beam and the two stumbled outside into a foggy and rainy, but grassy world mario was awed ive been through here he said what is this place called samus sighed but robots dont sigh and said this place is called tallon overworld tallon overworld he asked well tallon overworld what a fitting name mario was distracted by a mushroom oh boy a mushroom i need to power up dont samus screamed and it shot at the shroom while dragging mario away the shroom bursted into poisonous gas awww moaned mario why didn't let me eat that thats not your type of shroom mario samus said those things can drain your hp with their vicious poison oh tread carefully said samus you dont want to step on these spiky things where said mario samus pointed at the ground and shot a spiky thing to pieces this place is weird said mario samus replied with a hoooooooo mario picked up something look he shouted what is this purple glowing ball that is for restoring my health but it dont need but its so pretty hooooo screamed samus a space pirate swooped down almost picking up mario who is this fat stubby man asked the pirate the robot shot a missle at the pirate but the pirate dodged it dude said the pirate i just want to give ya free ice cream really asked mario this is one strange place said mario i just feel out of place here the space pirate said if you see any of us roaming here dont shoot us we just want to give you ice cream sheesh the pirate flew away leaving mario and samus behind hooooo said the robot you know space pirates usually attack me i told you said mario phendrana drifts is the best place for selling ice cream the pirates probably thought selling ice cream is more profitable than hunting you samus was confused but robots cant get confused but the pirates dont hunt me for business they just hunt me because im there or something like that ok im stumped groaned mario anyway where do you want to go mario hoooo asked samus but robots dont ask questions well what are the options chozo ruins phazon mines magmoor caverns and uh thats about it i want to go to chozo ruins because its listed first chozo ruins it is then why are we even here samus well this place is fun to exlpore yeah im so glad you rescued me anyway chozo ruins is that way as mario and samus were walking to the entrance to the elevator to chozo ruins two bug things sprouted out of the ground and began charging at samus yikes screamed mario and mario shot his fire at the two bugs the bugs were defeated in one hit as their remains are being burnt mario asked samus what are those things those things are called charge bugs youll find a lot of them in chozo ruins there is a big one though and it has undestructible armor the only way to kill it is to attack its blood red abdomen that sounds scary shivered mario hoooooo said the robot the two advanced to chozo ruins mario had to endure another elevator ride but this one was going up it doesnt matter what direction its going mario screamed at the narrator it is just as scary hooooo said the robot as it was trying to calm mario but genderless womanlooking orange robots do not calm down fat overweight 5 feet tall plumbers with a mustache the ride was at the end after mario calmed down the two stepped outside mario saw a desolate ruins covered in sand and getting sunburned by the sun four bugs dug out and charged but they were easily defeated by marios fires of uh fury no too generic lets say freakyness yeah that fits the two advanced into the ruins mario got confronted by an angry bee and almost got stung if it werent for the robot but robots dont save fat men from being stung no way samus then fired a missle at the hive the hive busted into pieces and fell down onto the sandy floor what was that asked mario just bees the robot said but it thought it was something more dangerous than that but robots dont think at all they are just progammed to do things maybe samus is a special robots anyway mario and samus advance into an entrance, with mario following samus so shouldnt the order be samus and mario im such a fat man said mario no one can be fat and clean at the same time like me im a robot in which everyone thinks im a some girl or chick but there is something wrong with them i look nothing like a girl or a baby bird but what you said mario is completely random i know because im so fat seriously mario but robots cant be serious why do you brag so much about your fatness i thought being fat is a bad thing well it isnt for me peach still finds me attractive no matter how fat i am yeah marionette look where you are going hey dont call me that but mario didnt finish his sentence as he fell into poison water samus used its grapple hook and pulled mario out of there you could have gotten yourself killed mario now heres a red ball thing wow its just like the purple ball except its red yeah eat it but im no robot like you just eat it darn you okay okay i will mario ate it he found it particulary delicious mario felt strong again lets just advance to this door after these shrooms are destroyed wow mushrooms grow here too wow im suprised samus sighed but like i said robots dont and shouldnt sigh robots have feeling but every rule has an exception samus is probably one the next room was dark this is creepy mario said then a ghost appeared watch out screamed samus as it pushed mario headfirst into the water mario there were so many ghosts in here samus will not get mario hurt but heavily armed hot sexy robots dont protect overweight fat stubby men this is the only rule with no exception samus shot all of the ghosts down the room lit up and the robot searched for the incredibly short plumber robots CAN search for things though and they can do this very well samus leashed its grapple hook and seized mario out of the water why did you push me into the water mario moaned i almost drowned you were about to get slashed by ghosts hooooooooo mario shook himself hoooo said samus will you shut up i cant help it i do it regulary what a lame excuse no seriously hey robots cant be serious well youre right about that one ha mario wins stop speaking in third person okay fine samus and mario continued their walk until mario started itching okay now what hooooooo i dont know but im itching like heck samus noticed the problem the plants underneath samus and mario was making mario itch it shot those plants and mario didnt itch anymore what the heck how come you didnt itch my suit simply darn it i wish i had a suit like you well too bad hoooooo samus just hooood itself up mario and samus continued walking for hours well this is tiring said mario oh come on hoooooo said samus we almost reached the boss really mario lit up finally for some action mario and samus came across a narrow and low opening samus morph balled through it mario had to squeeze though it with some difficulty since hes so fat be he managed to get through you know said mario there is this great thing called crawling well morph ball is better fir me i do not want to scratch my robot armor well you got a point here now lets go through this opening and confront the boss oh boy im so excited mario smiled with excitement as he rubbed his hands together samus shot open the door and the two walked through okay wheres the monster mario said the monster is some sort of bug flower it will come any moment the two waited for 30 minutes wait a minute something isnt right about here samus inspected the water it was a healthy blue wait a minute i think i defeated the boss oh groaned mario with disappointment hey im disappointed too i wish i had a boss like you mario so he could fight me over and over again hooooo samus bellowed out a giant hooooooooooooooooooo okay you just damaged my eardrums what was that for samus blushed but robots absolutely dont blush that was my ship call you dont want to walk all the way back do you oh boy no frowned mario my fat legs are broken why cant you let a fat man like me rest samus hoooooed and said it was its ship call yeah right said mario now a fat man like me has to walk all the way back suddenly and orange ship flew low near samus and mario here we are hop on yes shouted mario and he leaped in joy samus went in first as mario leaped in second they flew away the most unfortunate discovery mario made in the ship is that the interior of the ship is a shower stall for samus to restore its energy so mario got drenched all the way mario probably didnt want to know that shower stalls also existed across chozo ruins phendrana drifts and tallon overworl although players might read them as save stations mario and samus flew all the way back to mushroom planet for peace and relaxation but really there is no difference between there and the land they just visted at least just for samus because mario is a flesh and blood overweight man while samus is a genderless robot when the fat man and samus arrived to mushroom world they found it all destroyed what happened to my planet mario sobbed but he was too fat and stupid to realize that 2 stories before mario took kirbys cake and everyone knows if kirbys cake is gone destruction and chaos and death might result so much for a cute little puffball samus realized a sign it said kirby was here it pointed to the sign but mario was too fat and stupid to look at the sign wheres luigi mario asked samus well you fat and overweight guy youll have to look for him okay said mario but dont call me overweight i prefer obese you really are proud of your weight arent you said samus yeah isnt this a bummer that i placed second on the overall fatness contest that darn wario placed first mario curled his hand into a fist that wario will pay samus said hooooooooooo and pointed its gun at a miserable green ugly blob that just happened to crawl to marios feet dont shoot shouted fatty why asked samus but robots dont inquire they just program and take orders you see mario winced this miserable green ugly blob is not just any blob its a very ugly miserable green slob of blob the blob cried its ugly tears out cant you see its ugly words whispered im baby luigi baby luigi samus asked all shocked yep wait a minute are you the baby version of luigi yep mario i cant handle all of this paradox of course robots cant sorry samus apologized mario but mushroom kingdom has many paradoxes here example this sentence is false oh shut up said samus fortunately mario was too fat and stupid to know any more paradoxes and robots simply dont understand anything muahaha were going off topic the miserable green blotch said in its ever ugly voice hey boob said mario what happened to this place kirby got his cake stolen ugly boy moaned and im in grief that the narrator cant use my real name fine then i knew it said samus but robots dont know anything do you know where luigi went asked mario since mario was too fat and stupid to look for him oh luigi i dont know where he went said ugly baby luigi since baby luigi was way too ugly to exactly know where luigi had went in fact asked samus what happened to everyone on this planet who knows said baby luigi maybe you guys and i are the only survivors on this planet maybe the luigi and others are somewhere else but right now this is a desolate and lonely world the wind blowed on the rubble and the cracked trees rustled for a moment everything was deathly quiet the leaves blew by and the atmosphere of desolateness is that even a word grew intenser i dont like it here shivered the ugly baby luigi maybe i should go with you mario laughed very hard you ugly boy coming with us this is the best joke ever hahaha it is obvious that mario is too fat and stupid to realize baby luigi needs real help no matter how ugly he is you see an abandoned kitten it looks destroyed where the face is but the cat is still very kindhearted what would you do with it you would take it home and make it live a better life same goes for the incredibly ugly baby luigi but mario is too fat and stupid to realize this samus used a laser whip and hit mario on the head mario was shocked for a while what was that for the almost obese man whined we got to help this baby no matter how ugly he is but robots cant be this kind baby luigi looked please mario and baby luigi followed samus to the samuship sadly baby luigi doesnt know anything about the built in shower for the ship samus must save anyway so the showers operate mario and baby luigi get rinsed with shower water until the ship actually stops baby luigi cries like heck samus was thrown off guard and steered into a wandering asteroid the ship got hit and went tumbling off into a planet little did they know it was kirbys planet the next thing mario knew he was staring right into the face of a kirby mario was startled but he was too fat and stupid to realize this kirby is a yellow kirby hi there said the yellow kirby mario is fat aaaahhh screamed mario dont hurt me i didnt steal your cake whats wrong with you asked the yellow kirby i didnt dooooo iiiiiit waaaaah the yellow kirby rolled her eyes stop complaining will you im not that maniacal pink kirby who just sits there and hyperventilates all day sheesh what does hyper whatever means anyway asked mario obviously marios fatness and stupidity was showing everyone knows that hyperventilates means breathing quickly like in panic hyperventilating is not good for your health since your pink and warm lungs need that air mario ran around hysterically and then tripped oh samus there you are mario cried mario shook samus what happened to you cried mario mario shook samus but mario is too fat and stupid to realize that samus is a robot and robots always have an on button the yellow kirby strolled over to samus and pushed the power button samus turned on again hooooooooooooooooooo asked samus uhh where am i it drawled hey samus said mario we crash landed on this weird place full of kirbys this place isnt weird protested the yellow kirby who are hoooooo you asked samus why im keeby said the yellow kirby oh nice to meet you keeby said samus but robots dont greet yellow puffballs wheres that miserable ugly sack of green shouted mario mario looked around frantically but he saw no sign of the miserable green sack baby luigi mario cried fortunately mario was too fat and stupid to realize that baby luigi is behind that bush over there and i hate describing things just think of things yourself sheesh keeby rushed over and shook baby luigi until the ugly bones of his rattled nothing baby luigi screamed mario nothing hoooooooooooo boomed samus nothing mario thought of something he took a piece of cheese out hahaha laughed samus but robots dont laugh what does that cheese do youll see muttered mario he rubbed the cheese on baby luigis nose baby luigi then lay awake like an ugly doll and then let out an ugly sneeze oh boy cheese baby luigi chimed like an ugly baby baby luigi devoured the cheese in 1 gulp are you okay asked mario yeah i am but mario was too fat and stupid to realize that something pink is running over the horizon oh no gasped keeby its kirby the pink one samus asked yes the robot is afraid but robots dont get scared they are just cold hunks of metal hey screamed kirby what are you doin here i thought i wiped out your world keeby said well dont well me keeby kirby shouted someone stole my cake and that person is going to pay for stealing that fluffy mouthwatering goodness what a punk muttered baby luigi unfortunately kirby heard this whom are you calling a punk kirby shouted at the top of his lungs ouch samus said you are hurting my ears but robots dont have ears you can see it clearly doesnt have any ears its just a helmet looking part attached to a metal body well kirby said im going to blow up this universe with this huge bomb until someone that is not a kirby can get me my cake back nooo said keeby you have to do it kirby thinks that the cake is in a nonkirby zone hes been looking for someone to find his cake but everyone chickened out this will be a dangerous mission those who did agree never found the cake if kirby doesnt get the cake within 1 week bam we all die please do baby luigi was freaked out but mario and samus accepted it we have to do it said samus but robots dont have determination but mario was too fat and stupid to realize that this mission will award him samus and baby luigi handsomely they will start it sometime soon one day mario and baby luigi and samus were walking to the space ship mario saw luigi there hey luigi mario said mario you fat and stupid imbecile where were you im right here dont you see me noo luigi said i meant before uh oh yeah i was messing around in samus aran land the robot groaned but robots cant groan its called metriod land said the robot that space ship wont work said luigi why mario snorted because it wont work i think wario used this ship once and now its capoot stop talking german you know capoot is german whatever german is a nice language why would wario ruin our ship samus asked because wario is ugly and he makes mario envious that mario didnt win first place on the fatness contest great mario sighed how are we going to get a space ship now beep beep mario and his friends looked around a bus said mario how the heck did that bus get here there is no driver in that bus the bus has eyes samus observed then its alive mario said ahhhh help save me that bus is haunted look mario samus said robots do not equal zombies they are just nonliving robots just like me but that bus acts so lifelike baby luigi cried so do i the orange robot said in fact i act so lifelike that people think im a girl everyone knows you are not a girl luigi scowled anyone who thinks you are a girl has his her brain drowned in pizza cheese sauce on a frying pan boiled to one thousand six hundred seventy eight degrees celsius its not that hot mario said but mario was too fat and stupid to realize that mario is part fire which means that he cannot burn and he cannot die remember how bowser chopped off marios butt yeah mario cant die the bus saw what i typed and ran over mario mario didnt die he jumped up and got mad and he took out a mallet a huge mallet that black in color and big in size with a possible chance for the first time ever that may possibly completely destroy in the month of February that stalls for time in the end result yay double talk lets continue on oops more double talk dont kill the bus baby luigi cried the bus cant get killed mario said i will only get completely destroyed did you pay attention luigi screamed you double talked again but mario was too fat and stupid to know what the heck double talk is double talk dont repeat the bus saw the mallet and cowered in fear samus hit a lightbulb it took out its scanning device and scanned the bus magic school bus samus gasped but robots dont get surprised wow just what i guessed luigi moaned what the heck is a magic school bus mario asked but he was too fat and stupid to know that the magic school bus is a book slash tv show which involves a crazy old science teacher and her eight kid class plus a loony lizard that goes on wacky field trips aha luigi exclaimed we can use the magic school bus instead of a rocket i dont get it dumb mario said you see luigi said this is a magic emphasis on magic school bus this bus can transform into anything emphasis on anything including a dinosaur pollen ladybug you name it and it had transformed into a spaceship once oo oo can it transform into me mario shouted yeah i guess so luigi stepped into the bus i remember you have the press this button to transform luigi pressed a button the bus whirled like a bus tornado down b special and finally turned into a magic school spaceship huzzah samus shouted with glee but robots dont have emotions hooooooooo it hooed happily baby luigi smiled a little bit lets go into space mario yelled keeby didnt notice what the heck was happening she noticed the ship hey wait up for me keeby screamed as she flew on board of the magic school ship take chances make mistakes and get messy mario shouted oh shut up luigi said only crazy orange haired ladies say this what do we do what do we do what do we do samus moaned is it just me or are we quoting some lines those crazy kids said luigi asked according to my research yes we are keeby chimed i should have stayed home today complained baby luigi in my old school well im not sure if i really attended school samus beeped like a robot okay stop with those weird references luigi snapped but you made a reference mario whined look mario this story is going slower than runny cheese sauce let me steer this ship luigi reached for the steering wheel but before luigi could even touched the crazy infected steering wheel the bus shot off into space yikes screamed samus but robots dont get scared maybe they get programmed to get scared but samus is not programmed at all wheeeee mario screamed wahoooo and so the bus shot off into space mario and his stupid morons are going on a mission but forget collecting those coins that has those creepy heads of that science teacher mario and his morons are in a real mission ride on the magic school bus so they were riding on the magic school bus of death with viewers like you im bored the red fat man screamed ow you are hurting my ears samus moaned but robots do not have ears then find something to do luigi snarled luigis being mean to me mario whined mario then stop whining mario samus said fine i will stop whining the fat man stared he saw he looked he lived he existed he wont die because his incredibly fat popular body of demise is made of immortal tissue immortal tissue what the heck is immortal tissue whatever i guess its just something you blow your nose in anyway mario was bored we knew that already but lets say it again hes bored to death so bored that if being bored could kill you mario would die a horrible death but first mario cant die second we all know boring cant kill mario decided to stare into space which is kind of odd because our idiotic heroes are in space oh look mario shouted look the sky is smiling but when samus looked there was only darkness illuminated by a bunch of stars what are you talking about you fat man samus said i see no smile but robots can never see smiles because they cant smile period samus didnt realize that mario is too fat and stupid for basically anything i dont think anyone except the poor reader who is reading this long story knows how fat and stupid mario is right now its so boring so i feel like making up a new story or perhaps skipping a few scenes but nooo we cant because we will mess up the whole story im sad the bus flew on suddenly zap the bus was struck by invisible lightning no it is not invisible lightning stupid narrator actually it is seemingly invisible lightning coming from a humoungulous spaceship and humoungulous is not even a word muahahahaha hoooo shrieked samus what is that baby luigi screamed too and leaped out of the bus for no apparent reason whatsoever what are you doing you ugly beast mario roared as baby luigi was floating into space i thought the spaceship was a giant cheeseburger baby luigi squealed you are really a moron baby luigi luigi sighed the space ship sighted the ugly beast and guess what happened next it exploded why because of baby luigi baby luigi is so ugly he destroys anything he sees luckily the bus and our other people have ugly proof shields so thats why they didnt explode get back here you creep mario said as he launched a suction beam to baby luigi baby luigi screamed as he got sucked into the bus the bus didnt like ugly cargo though and it blasted baby luigi with a beam that dissolved baby luigi into ashes oh my gosh baby luigi is dead no im not the ugly mound of ashes said lets just leave baby luigi in the cargo said keeby thats a great idea luigi smiled so the ship flew on mario was fat nobody liked him everyone who does are just faking it its hard to spot fakers really no one really likes mario besides mario had a nomination for the fatness pageant he was angry why because he only ranked third overall only yoshi and wario beat him thats just sad samus is a robot hoooooooo who doesnt like killing samus in giant melee anyway it is so easy to kill especially in two point zero damage ratio keeby was angry what is the narrator doing she screamed ah the narrator is going severely offtopic you see luigi said i think he or she or whatever is so bored with the story lets just continue on mario grumbled man i wish i got the first place trophy at the fatness pageant wow mario seems to be the only one on this planet who wants to be fatter than anyone else but too bad he can never top yoshi or wario never ever ever ever and ever hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo samus hooed like a natural robot but it is silly to use idioms for samus because samus is a robot the school bus finally landed on a planet what kind of planet is this keeby wondered yeah if you dont know who keeby is shame on you for not reading the whole story of the fat man and the robot the robot took out its scanning visor and scanned the planet its fat planet samus said according to the map keeby said fat planet is the location for kirbys cake it also has a huge kirby proof shield around it hey keeby if you are a kirby why arent you blocked asked luigi because its for kirby the kirby not kirbys in general oh mario was tired of listening to this garbage he wanted fame and glory and everything im running off mario yelled happily and made a great leap into the atmosphere but he landed in a splat because he was too fat and stupid to realize that jumping is definitely not running away what an idiot mario died because he fell from a great height wait he didnt because he cant die ow said mario what happened you jumped too high you fat moron luigi scowled well im running away again mario leaped into cholesterol hills which was indicated by a sign i dont think this journey will turn out good samus moaned but robots cant feel uneasy or easy they have simply no feelings no matter how much you kick a robot and call it names the contraption will still do as it is told samus is not much different mario kicked it in the butt one time and it felt no different thats more proof samus is a robot and not a girl but please dont call me an idiot samus is a robot if you say how stupid i am then too bad samus is a robot and no one can contradict that fact zero suit samus is just a robot disguised as a lady and if you say how unrobotlike it is then i can say nintendos technology is pretty advanced no one has ever dissected samus before because we all know its a robot now please do not let me discuss about samuss being a robot ever again mario yawned but wait hes gone how do you know the world may never know final luigi stared at the sky he didnt like the feeling of this planet its not scary or anything mario is fat its just that it is probably filled with fat people what will happen to mario will he convert his way into the beings of the fat people also samuss scanning visor told the group that a lot of yoshis live in this planet which is not necessarily a good thing even the bus stirred uncomfortably it decided to follow luigi and the rest just in case things go wrong and if things go wrong well that would mean luigi baby luigi and keeby would get fat why not samus because its a robot everyone know robots dont get fat heck they dont even eat or consume calories mario is already fat but will he die of cardiac arrest that would be his dream but too bad he cant die that sucks to be him anyway mario let out a scream not ice scream but a scream could bowser get his wrath back because of a long time ago when he chopped off marios butt well we dont know next time maybe when i feel like typing stories which wont be a very long time but whatever the next story could be even more extreme offtopic but who knows oh well mario is fat period he is not skinny his bmi is over 0 thats for sure he is overweight but what will happen come in next time yeah i hate commercials too sad face
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AHHHHHH! the Northern Mockingbird curse (Romeo and Juliet) [edit]


Like this? -KS3

I don't think so that LGM would consider this Romeo and Juliet fm mkwhkr mkwnb mkwguy. King Boo™

Why would you curse yourself is such an enigma. :/ -Baby Luigi

Okay, guys? No. If you want to do something like this, link to it externally. Mario Wiki is not your free text dump, especially not for something like this that you could get in numerous other places. - 2257(Talk) BbQbf6g.png 20:03, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

That's a reason I put a rule on my talk page that people DON'T do it to me or I'll delete it. :/ BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)
I just want to see how long my talk page can get. Darn those people that are mind-controlled by Toadsworth, The Grandmaster of All Boringness. A scrub jay


Your talk page needs archiving...

Anyways, sorry I couldn't get back to you for so long, I went to an amusenment park (six flags) with my friends and my brothers friends and I did't have time. Though you can see I still edited a bunch here. Lol, I have time for my friends AND internet!

It doesn't seem like your sister is popular than you if they also call her by YOUR name. So you sulk alot... ARE YOU EMO??!! Lol just kidding. But you don'tseem too sulky here. Yes, talking to people is very good, its how you get friends, and friends are important for life. But sometimes I don;t talk to people, but thats because I'm shy and the girls find that cute. Though I chat with guys very frequently. How come your sister doesn't trust anyone but the teachers? They're just kids, the same as you two. I don't know what Adhd is, I used to bt I forgot since I don't think thats important to know. You feel comfortable talking to me? I'm flattered:) You're very fun to talk to too. Lol, to and too sounds exactly alike.

Well, I think 65 is still the youngest staff member here, and not the age 65, the person. I have a facebook, but I don't go on it alot. I understand why you two probably don't go on facebook alot. Facebook is really only a place to chat with people and friends you know in reall life. You wouln't like to chat with strangers since they can see where you live and such. But the website I go to the most is youtube. Its fun and awesome, and the chances of getting banned is the least in every website I know. Again, your teacher is on crack when she gave you a C. You have one of the best English I know. And what was that sentence I just wrote. A run-on? I don't even know. I have alot of Marioaholics in my school, but they're so much of a dork, not even I like them. Besides, all they talk about is fanon in Mario, and they don't know any of the REAL Maro knowldege. I do have 2 marioaholic that are cool in my school though. That reminds me, someone needs to make a resident evil wiki. Resident Evil ROCKS, an the wikia doesn't get enough attention.

I actually DON'T think Mario should talk, ever. Its just not in Mario's nature. I like silent protaganists, which is what I think of myself as if I ever was a video game character. They're cool, and I just love how Mario speaks italien or just waves his arms around to communicate. The only exception is my liking of silent protaganists is resident evil 4, but the protaganist there doesn't talk alot anyways. Spongebob talks alot, but I ignore that since the gameplay is better.

That boo thing you sent me never happened to me in my life, even though Mario Power Tennis was my first Mario game and I've played it since it came out 6 years ago. I'm very good at it anyways, since my brother and I can beat aces instantly and easily. In fact, we can beat just about every thing in that game except for that damn coin collecting game. The immunity thing also never happened to me for some reason. But yes, they SHOULD get pushed back. Now your talk page REALLY needs archiving!

22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

No, the ones in the Planet Cup AREn"T aces. They're EXPERTS, which mean they're 2 times easier than aces. Have you tried it in Exhibtion yet? I don't even play Tournament anymore. Thats WAY too easy, I play aces in exhibtion. I ALWAYS play against Peach and Daisy there cuz I HATE them! Especially Peach, you know why? Shes the ONLY cpu, i repeat ONLY cpu that doesn't go by my glitch thing! I've faced EVERYBODY, and she is the only one that gets it! Which is why I beat the snot out of her in Brawl, cuz she is the reason of 80% of my losses in tennis. I like beating Daisy cuz I don't like that spoiled brat. Boo was one my favorite characters in Tennis. When I played the demo in 2004, both my brother and me LOVED boo and played as him for a long time.

I like Wario. Smooth Moves was an awesome game. Plus, Wario is pretty good in mario power tennis. His dive saved me more than a couple times. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png Ps, maybe the boo thing and mario thing only happens to your disc? Idk.

Ohhhh..., thats not a Star ace though. I meant Star ace. I've beaten every single character on Star ace. THough I damn hate Peach. Anyways, my Cpu partner seems to be better than the other cpus for some reason, which is why I like wario; saved my ass a couple of times. Btw, how did your sister take that picture? Its excellent! 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Through the computer screen? That must be incredibly annoying. I mean, its such a small screen right? Also, if you know, is there a way you know about to record Ds OFF of a ds screen instead of those cheap emulators? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

The star makes you look cool XD, but it makes the computer player like 1.5 strongerDX. But it gives you a cool shiny star thing on the records if you beat it. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png