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Zero-Shiki Version

This page is meant to be a kind of one stop shop place. I've dropped it on my page and talk page I hope to find all the logs that will work on this page, and have it become quintessential. You are currently viewing version 11. The current version is codenamed: Zero Shiki Version

Welcome to Version 11 of Quick Changes!
Quick Changes is proudly sponsored by the Cheese Lovers.
Need to see some things wikiwiki? This is the place!
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Version History

Version 1: I set some things up, got started.

Version 2: Added some new logs, isn't that cool?

Version 3: Scaled down logs to make it more manageable and viewable. Currently more viable for mass use.

Version 4: Gavin added a couple things for me.

Version 5: I scaled these things up a bit.

Version 6: I don't know. This is PLUMs personal version.

Version 7: I added Prince of Tennis, heh heh.

Version 8: Plumber's.

Version 9: Plumber's

Version 10: Plumber's.

Version 11: Updated the highest ever online. Holy Crap, 54? --Reduex--64.