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Hello! I am LuigiBro, your local Wario torturer MarioWiki contributor! I'll happily help out with any problems you may have, so feel free to ask. Now the rest of my userpage is probably more interesting, so I demand suggest you go read that instead.

Games I own

3D Platformer





Wanna be my friend?

If yes, just ask on my talkpage, but before saying yes, I'll have to get to know you first. Talking a bit is a good way to do that...


My stuff

Item 1

Name: Wario Exterminator

Type: Bazooka

Special: Only Wario is affected

Appearance: A very shiny bazooka

Details: This bazooka is very special to me, as it was given to me by the first friend I made here, LeftyGreenMario.

Item 2

Name: Mario Music Player

Type: Media Player

Special: Constantly updates

Appearance: Like a tablet, but wearing a welded on Mario cap

Details: Detects Mario games I have, and slowly updates to have all the music that is in them.


No news right now, check back later!


Challenges. There's nothing else to say. You can attempt them, and obtain a place in the Winners section. Completed the "Make it Harder" part? Then you get a star next to your name! Just tell me if you won!

Mario Kart DS

You better be ready to burn some rubber, 'cos these challenges will be setting those wheels on your kart on fire!

Ultimate Test

Difficulty: Very Hard


Character: Any

Kart: Any

Class: Mirror

CPU Kart: Hard

Course: In Order

Rules: 32 Races

Team: Off

Starting Track: Mushroom Cup, Figure-8 Circuit

Objective: Come 1st place altogether

Make it Harder: Come 1st in every single race

Winners: No winners yet. You could be the first!

A Mario fangame!

Plenty of free Mario fangames appear on the Internet, however, one of the most advanced is Super Mario 63, it's name a pun on Super Mario 64, and altogether an amazing game. It was developed by Runouw, and it has elements of Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine, along with a few of it's own elements. Here's a list:

SM64 Elements

  • The game takes place in a locked up Peach's Castle, of which you obtain Shine Sprites to unlock doors within.
  • Many of the courses are taken from SM64, but the layout has been changed due to reason 1 in Unique Elements.
  • Toads are spread throughout the castle, there for you to talk to.

Sunshine Elements

  • FLUDD appears in-game as a usable item.
  • Power Stars have been replaced with Shine Sprites.

Unique Elements

  • The game is a 2D platformer, although both games it is based on are 3D platformers.
  • Bowser's plan is to destroy the world, rather than conquer it.
  • Any courses not taken from SM64 are unique to SM63.
  • Toads are now humourous.

That's all there is for me to tell you now. I'm respecting what River Song from Doctor Who says: Spoilers. If you want, you can play it right now, right here. Oh, the site this links you to has renamed it to New Super Mario 63 for some reason, and has incredibly bad English and grammar. Might have been made by a 7-year-old.

My thoughts on wikis

Super Mario Wiki: One of the best wikis ever

Zelda Wiki: One of the best wikis ever.

Game stuff

No specific order

Mario Kart DS

Custom Emblem: 8-bit Luigi from SMB with modern colours

Loves to play as: Luigi in the Streamliner

Hates and will never play as: Wario in anything

Completion percentage: 100%

Game owned for: 8 years

Ghost data records

I have set many Ghost records on tracks, each with fitting characters and vehicles! You can challenge them, but I primarily set them so I can later race them, to see how I've improved! Sadly, I can't remember the times of any of them, but I'll double-check at some point.

Rainbow Road

Character: Mario in the Shooting Star

Mario Party 8

First played minigame: Thrash 'n' Crash

All played minigames: See here

Favourite minigame: 2-way tie (Breakneck Building and Moped Mayhem)


I just LOVE reviewing video games! And here's the reviews for you to see! Each review begins with 2.5/5 Quality Points (Abbrieviated as QP) and they then work their way up or stumble down...

Mario Kart DS

This tyre-burning game is very good, but, just like all games, it has it's downs...

Good things!

  • The voice acting isn't the best, but still nice. +0.5QP!
  • The title screen music is really high quality! +1.5QP!
  • The range of items is pretty sweet! +1.5QP!
  • The mechanic of obtaining a new title screen is pretty nice. +1QP!

Bad things...

  • Spiny Shells are very common to be used against you, but you barely ever get them yourself. -1QP...
  • Even with Spiny Shells, the game is just too easy. -0.5QP...
  • MKDS Rainbow Road kinda broke the tradition of being difficult, and I personally count that as a down. -0.5QP...

Final result!

Quality Points tower up to 4.5!!! It has a huge collection of items, and even after 3 completions, it remains satisfying to replay over and over!