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Sure we can be friends! By the way...I saw you didn't have signature. Press here to make a signature. Mostly a signature is a image, username and another image, Sorta like this GalladeBack.pngGalladeBladesGallade2.png

Yes, we can be friends. :) --FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!
I don't like dry bones, I LOVE THEM! And sure! We can be friends!PM Dry Bones Holding Bone Sprite.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Of course we can be friends (: Here's my friend userbox!



Dark Fawful sprite.PNG

The code of it is:

{{userbox|=#00FF00|mainbkgd=#2B60DE|codecolor=#8D38C9|code=[[Image:Dark_Fawful_sprite.PNG|50px]]|msg=This user is friends with Fawfulfury65!}}



Hey. I'm Shadoom (Christain Blake Colman in real life). I saw your message on Mr. Bones's talk page and I thought since since I don't have any freinds here on SMW (Super Mario Wiki) yet I was wondering if you wanted to be one. Judging from the welcome thing you have on your at the top of your talk page I'm guessing your new so just click here to go to my talk page: User talk: Shadoom. Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG

Well do you want to be freinds? Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG

Yes!Dry dry king (Talk)


I just added some new stuff to my Userpage. Click here: User:Shadoom Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG

Nice ---Dry dry king (Talk)

Pipe Prodgect!

Hey, I'm Koopayoshi! I noticed you are doing a pipe prodgect. Can I be part ot it? SMS Shine Sprite Artwork.pngMaster KoopakidKoopayoshi.png


Sure! I'm in! That is a smart idea. I'm finding a ton of them! GalladeBack.pngGalladeBladesGallade2.png

No thanks.

I'm just putting the finishing touches on my userpage. After that, I'm going to start reading a bunch of articles to fix spelling mistakes and try to fix a few stubs. By the ways, POST YOUR MESSAGES ON MY talk page. Its really starting to drive my nuts. Take your "Nice ---Dry dry king (Talk)" message for example. Just please post messages on my talk page so I get the "You have new messages" message on top of the page and know that you wrote to me. Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG Was I being a little too mean?


Yes, I think you were. :(

P.S. Just kidding. I understand now.

Status LOL

Look at my status on my userpage. If you didn't already know this about sigs they are actually links. Click on "Shadoom" to go to my userpage, "It's Shaaa" talkes to my talk page and "doom!!!" takes you to My contributions page. Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG


SMBC 1.1 AKA The Best Flash Game Ever just came out!!!!!! The link is on my userpage in the game section. I've already played a little bit of it and It's and infinity times better than the first. There's a new character, Mega-man now has a special attack, you can turn sound and music off, the glitches have been fixed, and there are now modes of difficulty. There are tons of more updated to it but if I listed them all this would be the longest message ever!!! Don't bother sending me a message on my talk page. I'm going to be logged of for the rest of the day playing SMBC 1.1. The controls have been changed but you can fix that by going to the menu, selecting options, and changing the controls. I'm so exited that I've changed my status for the day!! Don't forget. The links on my userpage. Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG

Red Link Fixers

I have created a PipeProject, Red Link Fixers. The goal is pretty self-explanatory (that means it explains itself)and anyone who wants to join can click this link and can use this userbox:

Red Link Fixers
Yeah, you an go ahead and remove it if you want to. --FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!

You need to know this.

Just so you know why I'm logged off sometimes it's because of this. My parents are divorsed and I live at my dad's house so when he haa to go to work I have to go to my moms house. And she doesn't have internet so when I'm there I can't get on Super Mario Wiki. I also get grounded every now and then just like any other kid. So if you ever wonder why I'm logged off now you know. Also, thanks for posting that message on my talk page. Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG


I edited my sig. Like it?

Dry dry king (Talk)

Friend Userbox



Hey, want to be friends? SMS Shine Sprite Artwork.pngMaster KoopakidKoopayoshi.png


Hey can you give me a picture of a mario rpg that involves status? I am currently editting the status page (red link) and I need your help. SMS Shine Sprite Artwork.pngMaster KoopakidKoopayoshi.png


You don't seem too shy to me... ;P No need to say anything, I already know your name. I'm FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png. Wanna be pals? I could use someone to talk to. I have lots of cool stuff to offer in the long run, like sprites and comics (see my page for more info). Catch you later! User:FunkyK38


It's easy man, create a page named User: Dry dry king/talkarchive and put in this code:

{| class="infobox" style="float:right;border:gold double 1px;background-color:silver;padding: 0.5em; margin: 0.5em 0.5em 1em;width:300px" |- ! align="center" style="font-family:Arial; font-size: 10pt" | [[User talk:Dry dry king|Dry dry king's talk archives]]''' ---- |- | style="font-family:Trebuchet MS; font-size: 10pt" | *'''[[User talk:Dry dry king/Archive 1|]]''' |} then create a page named [[User talk:Dry dry king/archive 1]] and copy and paste your talk page in it! PM Dry Bones Holding Bone Sprite.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png


This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (sockpuppeting) on the Super Mario Wiki. Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked from editing this site.
If this warning was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.

Sorry for blocking you at first. --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 17:46, 29 June 2010 (UTC)

I can't delete accounts. And sockpuppeting DOES mean more than one account. Just keep using this account and everything will be fine. --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 17:56, 29 June 2010 (UTC)

Dry Dry Edits

I have made some edits to my userpage! Click this link:User:Dry dry king to see it! Enjoy The Dryness!

Dry dry king (Talk) 15:48, 30 June 2010 (UTC)


Friends it is. I like the new sig. p.s. First heading after yours HA! FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Here, this is for you. |-


Funky Kong DKKoS art.png

Plus, you may not want to make too many extra pages with your name on them... the sysops don't like that too much.


Um, no hard feelings about getting you caught of sockpuppetting; I really didn't know it was you. I just saw two very similar usernames, investigated them and their pages, noted that they were pretty much identical, and reported my observations to the only SysOp I know (that's Tucayo, of course). Let's be friends then!




If it's any consolation, I've had a major warning about sockpuppetting, from my friends. :| To find out more, take a look at my first Archive, and Mr Bones' third Archive. Also, if you haven't received a Welcome template, here's one from me.

Welcome, Dry dry king/talkarchive 1!

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30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG

30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 16:56, 30 June 2010 (UTC)

Doomship 2?

Yeah, I heard that you have two sides: light & dark.(aka Frosty & Fiery)

Frosty would be like your good side, right?

And Fiery would be like your evil?

Here are some images: Frosty Yoshi + Fiery Yoshi.

Get it? Frosty Yoshi + Fiery Yoshi = Frosty Fiery Yoshi, or FrostyFireYoshi!

Wow! Those are rather cool images! You've got it wrong: FrostyFireYoshi as a whole represents my good side while the ultimate airship of evil Doomship 2 is my dark side! -- 30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 20:31, 30 June 2010 (UTC)
Nice idea, but I've/I'm already made/making a section of my page for DS2, and I can still use the sig. And that is quite a nifty way of setting up a userpage.30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 14:59, 1 July 2010 (UTC)
A certain Petalburg Koopa...

You might have heard that I am as shy as Koops. It's true.

Sometimes I might pretend to be bold, but...




...Never mind.

Okay! I don't know about myself. First I was nervous, now I'm just crazy! :P -- 30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 20:31, 30 June 2010 (UTC)


How would this be for a signature?:

6.png Frosty Fiery 71.PNG Yoshi!

Sorry, I know it's not my business to meddle with other people's stuff, but... could you forgive me and take my advice?

It's alright; your version of my sig is very cool. The only I think should be changed is the images. Could you merge them into a patched cyan & orange Yoshi, make the crest green and the eyes silver? Sorry if you can't, but that's how I first designed my character FrostyFireYoshi back when I joined the Wiki in Nov 07. If you can do that, I may have another image for you to redo... And, I forgive you, but I thought you should forgive me for catching you and getting you into trouble even though it was the right thing to do. If that makes sense.-- 30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 14:59, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

Userspace Warning

Dear Dry dry king,

It has come to our attention that you are currently in violation of the userspace policy. Please review the policy and abide by it, or else a warning will be issued. Thank you for your cooperation.


Just put <table style="color:black;background:orange;border:1px solid #FF0;-moz-border-radius:6px;padding:8px;" width=100%> <tr><td> --


Sure we can be friends! Pikmins.jpg' BluePikminKong497 15:15, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

Sure. Send me a message on the forums if you wanna chat. As far as I know, I don't have a "friends" userbox; sorry 'bout that. BLOC PARTIER. 20:19, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

I can be your friend too. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Hi. I don't mind being friends with you. =3 - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 13:28, 3 July 2010 (UTC) I'm making the aquaintances of many Dry Bones lately...

Shadoom Archive

I have a new archive click here to see it. Also, please leave a comment on it.Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG


If you're on, you haven't answered some of my answers, and you haven't added my friendbox or given me yours if you have one. 30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 18:37, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

Yeah. I'm with Frostyfireyoshi. You haven't anwsered any of my messages either. Are you taking a break or something. Can you send me some kind of a message. Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG


Do you wanna be friends? Im desperate for them.



Dry Bones SPP.png

Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesDryBones NSMBW.png

User bestiary

If you want to be in it you gonna have to have the following. Any stat can have any number.








Do you like Wario?

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 22:42, 12 July 2010 (UTC)



On Mario Kart Wii, I like the colors of his Shooting Star.

Dry dry king (Talk)

RE: Friends

Sure, here: |-


General bob-omb.JPG

New Flash: Wario Strikes Again!

He was last seen heading towards the bank of Mushroom Kingdom, paired up with Waluigi to steal some money! Waluigi's thinness enabled him to slip through the door and into the safe, so he can grab money! But before Waluigi emerged out, he kept some money for himself. Why? Wario is a greedy piece of fat. Exposing Wario to money would surely make Waluigi lose his share of the job. So Waluigi handed the money to Wario and Wario headed off to a city park. While there, he scared all the little kids away and he broke 7 swings.

Waluigi, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was going to do with the money. He went straight to a store. Not just any store. A store where girls love to roam about. A store filled with pink, Barbie, and some beauty supplies. Waluigi entered the store and he spent all of his money on lipstick, Barbie dolls, dresses, and other girl-related stuff. Waluigi, simply content with his new merchandise, set off home to his pink house. He planned to use lipstick, drink pink lemonade, and wear his brand new dress.

We do not know what happened to Wario after the park incident. Perhaps, he fell prey to a hungry Chain Chomp, though no Chain Chomp would eat him. Maybe, some of the staff at the Slew Crew (the crew writing this report to you) happened to catch him, asked questions and invited him to tea! Who knows? But we'll update you the next time we get some important announcements.

-The Slew Crew (Mario, Toad, Toadette, Baby Luigi, Baby Mario, Fawful, Dry Bones, Raphael Raven)


Why not? Wynaut? We can be friends.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

Do you want to be friends? |-


Dry Bones SPP.png

Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesDryBones NSMBW.png

Could you please send me your friend userbox? Dry Bones SPP.pngDry dry bonesDryBones NSMBW.png


Thanks. Your on my userbox now. I'm sorry it's taken me a while send a message back but if you wanna know why look at my userpage's status and the first newscast on my Archive page. Also, while you're there can you leave a comment on my archive page. I don't have one yet. Dark Mario.PNGShadoom. It's Shaaa Doom!!Dark Luigi.PNG