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Name Sprite Description
Ant Ant SML2.png Marches back and forth in a small area, damaging Mario if touched.
Aqua Kuribō SML2AquaGoomba.png Moves like a Goomba and propels Mario high into the air when stomped.
Battle Beetle Battlebeetle.png Jumps into the air, and flies downwards at an angle.
Fly-SML2.png Flies away when Mario gets close.
Bear File:Ballbear.gif Rolls on top of a Beach Ball, which can be used to traverse spiky and dangerous floors.
Bēro Bero.png Stays still, damaging Mario with its tongue. Can be used as a platform.
Bībī File:Be'zerk.PNG Emerges from honeycombs, trying to home in on Mario to sting him.
Bill Blaster SML2BillBlaster.png Periodically fires Bullet Bills at Mario.
Blurp SML2 Blurp.png Swims aimlessly in one direction, while occasionally pausing.
Bomubomu CannonPig-SML2.png Patrols an area, occasionally shooting cannonballs horizontally or diagonally.
Boo SML2 Boo.png Chases Mario whenever he's not facing it, but hides when he is.
Bopping Toady Bopping Toady.png Hops a small distance before lashing out its tongue for a short-ranged attack.
Boulder SML2Boulder.png Dug up by Goronto, and rolled towards Mario.
Būichi Buichi.png Drops down to crush Mario, then flies back to its position.
Bullet Bill BulletBill-SML2.png A bullet that is periodically fired out of Bill Blasters.
Cannonball SML2Cannonball.png Fired from Bomubomu either horizontally or diagonally.
Cheep Cheep SML2CheepCheep.png Swims back and forth in the water.
Chikunto SpikedAnt SML2.png Has retractable spikes that can damage Mario if he tries to jump on it.
Dokanto BazookaAnt-SML2.png Ants with cannons on their heads that periodically fire pellets.
Dondon SML2 Dondon.png Flies forwards in a straight line.
F Boy SML2Fboi.png Hovers around in a figure-eight area.
Falling Spike File:Falling Spike (SML2).gif Falls from the ceiling to hit Mario.
Fire Pakkun Zō Piranha Plant Statues.png Fire large, horizontal fireballs at Mario.
Fire Piranha Plant VenusFireTrap-SML2.png Periodically emerges from pipes, and shoots a fireball.
Floating Face Don Gabamen SML2.png Bounces around diagonally in small rooms.
Furikō SML2Furiko.png Moves back and forth in a pendulum-like spike to damage Mario. Smaller than Furizō.
Furizō SML2-SpikedBallsprite.png Moves back and forth in a pendulum-like spike to damage Mario. Larger than Furikō.
Genkottsu SML2Genkottsu.png A replica of Wario's fist that crashes down at great speed.
Goomba Goomba-SML2.gif Walks forwards aimlessly, can be defeated with one stomp.
Goronto MinerAnt-SML2.png Digs up rocks and rolls them towards Mario.
Grubby File:Beelarvaspiked.gif A spiky Unera that can't be jumped on.
Honebōn SML2-Fishbone.png Swims underwater in an upside-down V-shape.
Jack-in-the-Box SML2 Jack-in-the-Box.png Emerges from ? Blocks, then hops around wildly.
Karakara SML2 Karakara.png Hops into the air, before opening up and floating down, while moving side-to-side.
Karamenbō Karamenbo.png Four spinning pillars that come crashing down from the sky before rising back up.
Keipu Keipu SML2.png Runs away carrying a 1 UP Heart.
Kiddokatto SML2 Kiddokatto.png Charges at Mario at high speeds, usually in groups.
Koopa Troopa SML2 Koopa Troopa.png Can be knocked into its shell, which can be kicked to hurt other enemies.
Kurokyura SML2Kurokyura.png Stays in place, sending small bats called Minikyura after Mario.
Kyororo SML2 Kyororo.png Waits for Mario to appear before charging at him.
Kyotonbo Kyotonbo.png Flies in quick, darting motions to home in on Mario.
Masked Ghoul Maskie.png Walks forwards aimlessly, propels Mario upwards when stomped.
Minikyura SML2Minikyura.png Small bats fired at Mario by Kurokyura.
Mōgyo SML2 Mogyo.png Swims in sap, and charges at Mario horizontally if he gets close.
Neijī Screwer-SML2.png Emerges from the ground, and bounces towards Mario.
No.48 Alien SML2.png Jumps around, and fires arcing, exploding stars.
Noko Bombette NokoBombette-SML2.png Patrols an area, and explodes after being stomped.
Paragoomba SML2Paragoomba.png Hops around in a small area, having their wings removed with one stomp.
Pikku Pick-SML2.png Hops back and forth in a small area.
Piranha Plant PiranhaPlant-SML2.png Periodically emerges from pipes to bite Mario.
Poro Miniship.png Orbits blocks or areas of empty space.
Ragumo Ragumo.png Burrows underground to pop up and damage Mario.
Rerere SML2 Rerere.png Bounces back and forth as it sweeps the ground.
Satellite SML2Satellite.png Spins around a point slowly to damage Mario if touched.
Shark SML2 Shark.png Swims slowly in the water, but charges when Mario gets close.
Skeleton Bee SML2SkeletonBee.png A variant of Bībī that can come back to life when stomped.
Spikey SML2 Spikey.png A hedgehog that curls up into a ball and dashes at Mario.
Spiny Cheep Cheep SpinyCheepCheep-puff.png Occasionally puffs up to float upwards underwater.
Stars SML2Stars.png Floats in space, and can not be defeated by any means.
Tamara Tamara.png Egg-like enemies that emerge from small, plant-like pods and move upwards.
Tatenoko Tatenoko SML2.png Sawblades that move horizontally on a set path.
Terekuribō SML2 Terekuribo.png Moves like a Goomba, but can not be defeated with a stomp.
Toriuo SML2 Toriuo.png Hops out of the water, and glides on the air for a brief period of time.
Tōsanbōru SML2Tosanboru.png Moves along a vertical, chained path to damage Mario, pausing briefly before changing directions.
Tōsenbo Tosenbo.png Inflates briefly to block Mario's path.
Unera Unera.png Crawls slowly while patrolling an area.
Unibō Unibo.png Indestructible enemies found in air and water.
Wakiri Wakiri.png Sawblades in the ground that move back and forth.
Yashichi SML2Yashichi.png Spinning blades that move along tracks.