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Opening Statement

by Tucayo (talk)

HI, everyone! Welcome to another Special Issue of The 'Shroom, this time in celebration for our seventy-fifth issue. As every year, we have put together our efforts in a big, themed issue for you to enjoy over the summer; we decided to theme this issue after games Gamefreak75 (talk) likes, so you will find a very diverse selection. The themes this issue will be following, all with matching backgrounds are:

This was a very quiet month, news-wise, but there they are:

  • Marioman1213 (talk) resigned from Police Blotter.
  • Marshal Dan Troop (talk) resigned from his position and Fun Stuff Director; thanks for your help throughout the first months of the year, Shoey.
  • For his replacement we have brought someone we are confident will be a great addition to the team: Superchao (talk). His experience, enthusiasm, and responsibility will be of great help to us. Congratulations!
  • Back to our issue at hand, we have a Zelda Drawing Contest over at Music & Art. Please be sure to check that, the winner will be taking home a prize!

And with that, I leave you to enjoy the issue. We have special sections, special backgrounds, special contests, special events, and much more. I hope you like it, and be sure to read SMB's Closing Statement, where he will wrap up the issue and give you a run-through of our future plans. BYE!

Issue LXXV
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