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Section of the Month

Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
Interview 7 50 Superchao (talk)
Brawl Tactics 7 50 FunkyK38 (talk)

HI, readers! I'm your healthy Co-director, Tucayo, here to present you the results of last month's Section of the Month poll for the Main Team. Once again, the Main Team only had two issues, which is really sad; please take a look at the Sign Up page and apply, I'm sure you'll find something you like.

On to the results, we have a tie! With a strikingly low number of votes, Superchao (talk) and FunkyK38 (talk) received seven votes each. On his Interview, Superchao took upon the herculean task of delving into Marshal Dan Troop (talk)'s mind, providing us with a fun and informative section, as well as evidencing my barrel full of bootleg whiskey. On the other side we have Funky's Brawl Tactics, in which she reviewed the particularly-odd Hanenbow, explaining all the weird gimmicks this stage has. Both were pretty good sections and deserving of the SOTM, so congratulations to both!

Now, I normally don't address the sub-team's SOTM's in here, but this month there's an important note I have to make. Paper Yoshi (talk)'s Upcoming Games was mistakenly left out of the Pipe Plaza poll; we offer him an apology for this mistake, the section was exceptional and definitely worthy of a SOTM award. Sorry, P_Y.

For this month's poll please take a look at SMB's Closing Statement. We have relocated the poll to see if we can get more votes that way. Poll closes July 13th, so be sure to cast your vote.

For the full list of SOTM winners, visit this page

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