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Director's Notes (Marioguy1 (talk))

Ah, January, the new year, nice cold weather (at least here in Canada) and tons of leftovers from Christmas. Not to mention the intense pleasure of final exams!!...wait what?

Hello everyone and welcome to the first 'Shroom issue of 2012! As usual, we have a few spots open for writers - however I would like to welcome Bop1996 to the team as the writer for Community Report!

Now on with the issue!

More info

Community Report (Bop1996 (talk))

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month’s edition of the Community Report! I’m Bop1996, and I’ve recently signed up for this section after remarking on how easy it seemed compared to the rest of the available sections.

Policy changes and updates:

  • A new policy known as MarioWiki:Upcoming content concerned with properly referencing sources and adding upcoming information on upcoming ‘’Mario’’ installments was passed by community vote as a Writing Guideline. This will help regulate what information is appropriate to add to articles on upcoming subjects and how to add it properly.
  • A minor clarification was made to the Warning policy. This revision states outright that joke warnings and other improper usages of warning templates are considered abuses of warning privileges and are not allowed at all.
  • The administration has agreed that all scrollboxes are to be removed from all Talk Page Proposal archives and the Proposal archives for three main reasons:
  1. The scrollboxes do not work on any mobile devices.
  2. They are not needed on Proposal archives due to a new archiving system
  3. They increase loading time slightly.

Proposals that ran last month:

  • Knife (talk)’s Writing Guideline proposal to create MarioWiki:Upcoming content passed unanimously, 17-0.
  • Tails777 (talk)’s Proposal to move .ogg media files to their own subpage on articles passed easily, 8-2.
  • Ultra Koopa (talk)’s Proposal to reorganize the navigation templates’ colors narrowly passed, 9-6. However, the changes have not been enforced until a draft of a policy outlining the necessary changes is made and approved.
  • Baby Mario Bloops (talk)’s Proposal to change images on location infoboxes for Super Mario 64’s and Super Mario Sunshine’s locations to icons from their own games rather than those from the Super Mario Galaxy installments passed without any opposition, 18-0.
  • Byllant (talk)’s Proposal to create a template to italicize titles failed at a final tally of 1-11.

Promotions/Demotions this month:

That’s all for this month’s Community Report section. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month!

Forum Update (MrConcreteDonkey (talk))

Hello, and welcome again to Forum Update! Happy New Year! December certainly had some interesting stories for us on the Super Mario Boards, so let's get started right away.

Top Stories: Noah (Noahp89 (talk)) has been banned again, infinitely, from the MarioWiki Forum, after returning for only about a week. He was banned based on the content of some of his posts, and recent chat events. Baby Time (Mario Super Sluggers (talk)) and Marwikedor (Marwikedor (talk)) were also banned, both for a month.

The forum has changed its type of Spoiler tags ( (click to show/hide) ). Up until recently, to open them, they only had to be hovered over. Now, a button must be clicked to open them.

Statistics: In December, there were 863 new topics made, which is an all-time high. 36053 posts were made, 47 new users joined, and 134 was the largest amount of users online at once.

In 2011, overall, 6212 new topics were made. 359371 posts were made, and 1334 members registered. 591 was the most online.

Sharks Territory (Ralphfan (talk) – 22207
Smasher (Smasher (talk)) – 20574
Pinkie Pie (UltraMario3000 (talk))– 19754
Nega-Man (Mileycyrussoulja (talk)) – 18327
Solar Blaze (SolarBlaze (talk)) – 15658
Kick Buttowski (Superjeff64 (talk)) – 13247
Herr Shyguy (Shyguy27 (talk)) – 11821
Christian Brutal Sniper (Marcelagus (talk)) – 11603
Lario (Lario (talk)) – 11161
Baby Luigi (BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)) – 11145

Green signifies the user is at a higher position than last month.
Blue signifies the user is at the same position as last month.
Red signifies the user is at a lower position than last month

Mafia: Currently ongoing are Smasher (Smasher (talk)) and Fi's (Baby Mario Bloops (talk)) Awesome Mafia, Skyward Yoshi's (Skyward Yoshi (talk)) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mafia, and Toad2012's (Toad85 (talk)) Harry Potter Mafia.

  • Rainbow Dash's (ectoBiologist (talk)) Kirby Super Star Mafia was won by the Mafia.
  • Pyro's (PyroGuy6 (talk)) Pokémon Platinum Mafia was cancelled.

Thanks for reading, and see you next month! Happy New Year!

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

Tip of the Month: Using a signature when you leave comments makes it easier for the person you're trying to talk to to reply back. A good signature should contain a link to your talk page and your user page, and it shouldn't have huge pictures in it. Any other pages you link to shouldn't be pages intended to cause harm to the follower, whether by leading to an inappropriate page or site or a page that can send a virus to the other person's computer.

NIWA News (Marioguy1 (talk))

Hey guys! NIWA News has a new format! Whenever NIWA has news, the section will be present. But if there is no news, then the section will not be included.

So that means that this month, there have been a few newsworthy things and I am here to point them out to you!

  • NIWA has indeed got a new home page layout! Go check it out!
  • Unfortunately, the NIWA forums are currently out of commission and have been replaced for the time being. This should not discourage your posting, which you should be doing!
  • The N-Wiki needs help! NIWA is organizing an improvement drive for the N-wiki - the main wiki for all of NIWA. Make sure you go and help out, to give NIWA's main wiki a good image! Go help them! You know you want to!

While NIWA may not have a lot done this month, there are a ton of plans for the future so stay tuned!