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The 'Shroom: Issue 205

  • Anton (talk) - Critic Corner Director, Anton's Half-Baked Reviews
  • BBQ Turtle (talk) - Anagrams
  • Boo1268 - The Spectral Lens
  • ClawgripFan9001 - Cooking Guide, Sport Report: The Movie
  • Goombuigi (talk) - The Mariospective
  • GPM1000 (talk) - Mario Calendar
  • Flygon64 (talk) - Monokuma, Public Instigator
  • FunkyK38 (talk) - Where in the Marioverse is Carmen Sandiego?, Palette Swap Director
  • Hooded Pitohui (talk) - Mushroom Tribune, 'Shroom Quiz, The People of Isle Delfino, Strategy Wing Director, An Octet Gazette, Four Steps for a 3D World, Pitohui's Pokémon Academy
  • Legend 8 - The Sorcery Show
  • MarioMorty (talk) - Crossword
  • Meta Knight (talk) - Staff Notes, Galactic Expedition
  • Quizmelon (talk) - TV Tomorrow
  • RHG1951 (talk) - The 'Shroom Spotlight
  • Roserade (talk) - Fun Stuff Director
  • Shoey (talk) - Staff Notes, Mushroom Tribune, Game Corner, Word Search, Trivia, Random Image of the Month, Archie Sonic Comic Shoebox, What's in a Campaign?, Shoey's Shoetacular Reviews, File City Files, The Anatomy of a Pikmin
  • Sparks (talk) - An Overly Detailed and Funny Walkthrough of Mega Man
  • TheBlueCatMenace - The Sunshine Travel Guide
  • ViableBunnyBudd - Hint Art
  • Waluigi Time (talk) - Fake News Director, Dear Waluigi Time, Peddler's Place, Diggin' Up Dirt, Hiding Koopa, Waluigi Time Comic, Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, Poll Committee Discussion, The 'Shroom Report, Genie's Lamp, Video Game Review, Shine Get
  • winstein (talk) - The ? Panel
  • Zange (talk) - Pipe Plaza Director

We also want to thank the rest of The 'Shroom Staff for helping produce this issue. Most importantly though, we want to send a very special thanks to all of you from the Super Mario Wiki community and beyond for reading! If you would like to be featured within The 'Shroom credits, reach out to our Statistics Manager, who'll help you get started as a 'Shroom writer!

The 'Shroom: Issue 205
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