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Poochy's Picks

Written by: Poochy

Poochy's Picks
Poochy: ARF! ARF! (Another batch of my favorite sections from my favorite newspaper!)

Poochy's Picks from Issue 204
Section Writer Comments
Weather Forecast Waluigi Time (talk) The art he drew up for it is delightfully charming! He even works in a laugh through the Tweester and Angry Sun being together. It's a great reminder that a short and simple section can stand out, too.
Free To Be Ourselves Natalie J. This story is wonderful in every way. I love the way Lake and Iris make their own decisions in life after being freed from the power of Bowser, ultimately being in a romantic relationship together. I'm sure Natalie enjoyed writing this very much and it really goes to show that we should love everyone for who they are, no matter what their appearance or gender is.
Sport Report ClawgripFan9001 Clawgripfan put together a very ambitious edition of Sport Report here! It's challenging enough to write a full nine-hole golf tournament with four participants to cover in detail, but Clawgrip successfully juggles staying in-character with his pirate reporter persona and spicing up each hole with some Keelhaul Key-derived obstacles. It's really neat how he incorporated the area's enemy and unique characteristics (like the floating barrels) into the course, with which he really managed to give this a Mario Golf feel! He put the extra effort in to make this feel like a cohesive course, and it almost makes you want Keelhaul Key to be in a golf title!
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