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Staff Notes

Written by: Shoey (talk) and Meta Knight (talk)

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Hello, and welcome to Issue 205! It's a beautiful time of the year. The snow is melting, the cold is finally leaving, and in its place the flowers are blooming and the sun is shinin. We can finally leave our houses without being bundled up in restriticve sweatshirts! And do you know what it means when sweatshirt season ends? That's right! Walk season begins! I love a nice night walk, the moon shining as I walk the neighborhood at like 2 AM. Sadly, I can no longer walk by the river since I listened to my mother's "economically intelligent" advice and bought a condo (take my advice, never listen to your mother). But along with walk season comes the dreaded Santa Ana winds, blowing in Awards season. Can you feel them? Soon Pipe Plaza will be full of Anniversary Announcements keeping you informed of all the updates to Awards season. Already, the committee plots to create a fun event filled with events and presentations, each one of higher-quality and more creative then the last, and, in doing so, taking away attention FROM MY NEWSPAPER!!!

Anyways, I'm pleased to announce that, this month, we have a Mega Jumbo issue with a new section in every team!

In Fake News, storytelling newcomer Boo1268 recounts the epic tale of the Bob-omb War in new section The Spectral Lens, veteran game reviewer Chris Hoffshoe looks at some groundbreaking techonolgy in the return of Game Corner, and, finally, Awards Committee member Waluigi Time spent big to buy a full page ad in Peddler's Place to promote the Awards Committe's brand new merchandise!

In Fun Stuff, another newcomer, ViableBunnyBudd, brings a new concept to The 'Shroom, one that will take you all throughout Super Mario 64, with the debut of Hint Art. At the same time, former Director and current Strategy Wing Director Hooded Pitohui tests your knowledge of issue 204 in the brand new 'Shroom Quiz.

In Palette Swap, Flygon promises to bring you to the precipice of despair in part one of her new story, Monokuma, Public Instigator.

In Pipe Plaza, Waluigi Time gives the lowdown on the history of the controversial cheating device, the Game Genie, in his one-off section Genie's Lamp.

In Critic Corner, both Waluigi Time and I look at titans of 2D platformer history as I review the Felix the Cat collection for the Nintendo Switch in an all new Shoey's Shoetacular Reviews and as Waluigi Time reviews the mega-hit Super Mario Bros. Wonder in a new edition of Video Game Reviews.

Finally, Sparks makes his Strategy Wing debut as he gives you all the tricks to stop that no good Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters in An Overly Detailed and Funny Walkthrough of Mega Man, a three-part walkthrough on the original Mega Man.

In addition to all these new sections, we've got plenty of your old favorites, such as TV Tomorrow, Anton's Half-Baked Reviews, and The ? Panel. Since this is running so long, I'll turn it over to my partner in crime, Meta Knight, to announce the theme of the June (Issue 207) Summer Special!

Rally the Vally

Shoey, Director

Shroom2024 MetaKnight.png

Are you excited for this issue? Well you should be, because there's a lot of great sections involved here. There's so many new segments, and one-off features throughout Issue 205 that you'll have plenty to dive into. It's almost as big as the average 'Shroom special. Speaking of which, I'm here to announce the theme for Issue 207's summer special to be released in June 2024! To celebrate the release of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door's gorgeous remake, and 20 years since the original release, we will be heavily focusing on well... Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door! The features that we have planned from us here at The 'Shroom Staff are all very exciting, but we encourage you to craft your sections with this theme in mind if possible. Have you played the game and want to share your thoughts? Send them away for us to feature it! If you have not played this specific entry in the Paper Mario series, you are welcome to write about another Paper Mario game, but just be aware most of the efforts on our end will be highlighting The Thousand-Year Door specifically. So buckle up, read this issue, then send me anything and everything for Issue 207! For now though, please enjoy this April edition of The 'Shroom.

Meta Knight, Sub-Director; Statistics Manager

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