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Staff Notes

Written by: Meta Knight (talk), Superchao (talk), and LudwigVon (talk)

Shroom2017 MetaKnight.png

Hey everyone! Welcome to the official unofficial Awards after-party. By that I mean it's just a new issue of The 'Shroom! Firstly I'd like to announce that we are delaying Issue 138 a week back, for it to release on September 22nd. This is so that we can be given more time to spruce things up, considering it is the usual Awards Reflection Issue. Additionally, the Awards Analysis will be posted then as well. Be sure to check it out when that arrives. Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for working so hard to turn in their sections in addition to working on presentations/awards. You guys are great, and I hope you enjoy this issue!

Meta Knight, Director

Shroom2017 Blocky.png

Hello, 'Shroom readers! Those sure were some good awards, huh? Hopefully, they didn't exhaust you so much that you're not ready to see this issues! We've got a bit of a staff overhaul going on here, so I'll get right to listing off what's new but not who's new in your world. First off, The Pyro Guy is now our Graphics Design Manager! Expect to see him when we need new art. Now, you might think "oh this won't be relevant for a while" but that's where you would be wrong.

We have two people choosing to leave the 'Shroom Staff (or half-leave in one case) this issue! Lord Bowser is stepping down from Fun Stuff Director, and Meta Knight is departing from Strategy Wing Director. Both of them will stay on until the September issue is out, whereupon they'll leave their jobs to the newcomers. Public applications will be opened for both jobs, and a forum thread will be posted alongside this issue telling you what to do for it. I'm looking forward to getting some new interested people on board, so if you think you have what it takes, just follow the instructions!

Superchao, Sub-Director

Staff Section of the Month for July 2018

Place Section Writer Reasoning
1st Galactic Expedition Meta Knight (talk) Well-thought, detailed, and organized. It's split up nicely so the large amount of content isn't too imposing, and instead easy to read.
2nd Retro Feature Yoshi876 (talk) Yoshi876 wrote this very well for years, and it's a wonderful way to cap it off by going back to his own first section.
3rd Shop Scout Hooded Pitohui (talk) We know since he started writing this section that Hooded Pitohui does excellent storytelling and this section is also the case. If you still not have taken the time to read it, now is the time.
4th Anniversary Announcements Lakituthequick (talk) As always, Lakituthequick is great at making sure that his section has a good informative nature regarding the tournaments. We can easily see that a lot of work and dedication was put into this section.
5th Selling Out Raregold (talk) This section has a well-done writing, which makes it all pleasant to read. Great work from Raregold.
6th Game Corner YKMR3000 (talk) Really fun section this month. We enjoyed the images, which look like some time was put into making sure they looked good.
Congratulations to all of our writers for their amazing work!
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