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Awards 2018 Art Contest Results

Written by: Hypnotoad (talk)

Here are the winners of the Awards 2018 Art Contest!



Hypnotoad (talk)
E Anton 2018.png


BBQ Turtle (talk)
A BBQTurtle 2018.png


Luigi 64DD (talk)
B Luigi64DD 2018.jpg

Congratulations to Hypnotoad (talk), BBQ Turtle (talk), and Luigi 64DD (talk) for placing 1st in each respective skill category!! Everyone worked hard this year on their entries and I'm proud to see interest in this keeping up. Seeing new participants is always great, as well as seeing returning participants showing their skills as they've developed!

Additionally, as I've stated on the forum in the art contest thread, next year I'm planning on rethinking the balancing and setup for the art contest. There's already some ideas and discussion, but here's my initial comment:

Please provide feedback if you have any on how to properly balance these contests each year. Are the skill categories fair? Should they be eliminated entirely and everyone compete together? Should there just be multiple polls for different criteria like "Best Concept", "Most Ambitious", "Best Traditional Drawing", who knows what else? Should we have a more strict theme and media? Please let me know, I want this to fun, interesting, and most of all fair to everyone participating, and encouraging for people new to art!

I hope to see you all next year!!!

Token amounts are based on the percentage of votes received with the remainder given to the winner as a bonus and distributed relatively exponentially down the ranks. Token pools for each skill tier are based on skill level and number of participants.

Full Results and Tokens

Name Votes (94) Percentage Tokens (90)
Luigi 64DD 48 51.06% 48
Hooded Pitohui 30 31.91% 28
Yoshi the SSM 16 17.02% 14
Name Votes (101) Percentage Tokens (200)
BBQ Turtle 31 30.69% 72
Turboo 21 20.79% 40
Neptune 14 13.86% 27
Alex95 10 9.90% 18
Meta Knight 10 9.90% 18
winstein 8 7.92% 17
Koops 7 6.93% 13
Name Votes (100) Percentage Tokens (180)
Anton 39 39.00% 80
The Pyro Guy 28 28.00% 48
Baby Luigi 17 17.00% 27
Fawfulthegreat64 16 16.00% 25
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