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Merge with Wonder Flower[edit]

Wonder Effects are too intrinsically linked to the Wonder Flower to warrant a separate article in my view. The Wonder Flower article can easily accomodate a list of Wonder Effects, which is what this page will ultimately become. Yook Bab-imba 22:33, September 1, 2023 (EDT)

They are also intrinsically linked to Wonder Seeds for the opposite reason, though. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 23:01, September 1, 2023 (EDT)
Wonder Seeds have their own purpose and exist separately from the Wonder Flower, though. Yook Bab-imba 10:45, September 2, 2023 (EDT)
The same way Fire Flower covers a power-up and Fire Mario covers a form, this page covers all of the effects, while Wonder Flower covers a power-up. Axis (talk) 01:26, September 2, 2023 (EDT)
That's fair, I thought of that too. I guess the Wonder Flower strikes me more as a ? Switch of sorts than a traditional power-up, even if Nintendo advertises it as a power-up. Many Wonder Effects don't even give the player actual abilities (tilting the level, summoning enemies (Hoppos, Bulrush, giant Konk, etc.)). Yook Bab-imba 10:45, September 2, 2023 (EDT)

Categorizing Wonder Effects[edit]

Some Effects share some common properties (I'm interested in all the "music" Effects and the "giant enemy" Effects for now), some Effects reappear in other levels. Should we categorize or formulate them in some way for these similarities?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by 181% Cocoa (talk).

I don't think so. The Wonder Effects are categorized by WORLDS, okay? We will never categorize them by something else. Kay, dude? Wonderman23 10:59, November 16, 2023 (EDT)

Merge this page[edit]

Proposal.svg This talk page section contains an unresolved talk page proposal. Please try to help and resolve the issue by voting or leaving a comment.

Current time: Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 17:48 GMT

Maybe Yook Bab-imba is right. The Wonder Flower is more of a ? Switch-like object than a traditional power-up item. Wonder Seeds are items that have their own purpose and exist separately from the Wonder Flower. Perhaps there's a possibility to merge this page with Wonder Flower.

Proposer: GuntherBB (talk)
Deadline: December 1, 2023, 23:59 GMT


  1. GuntherBB (talk) Per proposal
  2. Yook Bab-imba (talk) I do still think having separate pages is extremely unnecessary. Oh well


  1. Swallow (talk) Absolutely not. The Wonder Flower article is good for the item itself, whereas this page is good for listing all the tons of different Wonder Effects that happen in the levels. This has as much right to be its own article as Fire Mario from Fire Flower. Not sure if this is fully relevant, but that discussion started over a month before the game came out when we didn't fully know how the Wonder Effects would work, now it's coming up to a month after the game came out where we know that Wonder Seeds are actually linked to the Wonder Effects.
  2. Mario (talk) Per. Separate pages works fine.
  3. Sdman213 (talk) Per all.
  4. Mario jc (talk) Per all, not to mention "Wonder" is a concept in and of itself in the game.
  5. Camwoodstock (talk) Per all. Considering how highly variable wonder effects are, having a separate article definitely makes more sense than trying to merge it.
  6. MegaBowser64 (talk) perhaps there is NOT a possibility to merge it
  7. Hewer (talk) Per all.
  8. Biggestman (talk) Per all.
  9. TheFlameChomp (talk) Per all.
  10. EvieMaybe (talk) what if in a future game wonder flowers appear as decorations or imagery, but not wonder effects? merging it is just shortsighted
  11. Mushroom Head (talk) Per all. If we merged these, what about every other Power-Up that exists?
  12. Wonderman23 (talk) Per all. Wait. Why is everybody saying this?
  13. Arend (talk) While I understand where GuntherBB and Yook Bab-imba are coming from, I think Wonder Flowers and Wonder Effects are distinct enough to each have their own article, unlike with ? Switches and their effects. For one, the Wonder Effect is actually named, whereas a ? Switch's effects aren't. For two, Wonder Flowers appear in nearly every single (normal) level of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, so merging all those effects with Wonder Flower would clutter the latter page; this isn't the case with ? Switches, which only appear in a portion of levels of the games they're in. For three, Wonder Effects are always big, bombastic, and can drastically change the level environment, not to mention the appearance of small flower coins and purple ? Blocks, as well that it always ends by collecting a Wonder Seed (and has four other ways to end prematurely); ? Switch effects typically only affect a small portion of a level and can be as small as causing a platform or two to appear, not to mention that there's no other changes added and that these effects tend to be permanent changes to a level and don't disappear until the level has ended.


Wonderman23 (talk) We got 4 days left. WE NEED TO FINISH THIS DEBATE!!!! #FinishWondeBate

Proposals always last for two weeks. The debate is finished when the proposal ends, and this is hardly a debate anyway. Tosai "Fret" Furesawa Swallow Rindo Kanade 11:27, November 27, 2023 (EST)