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Merge with Waluigi Pinball (Court) with Waluigi Pinball[edit]

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I really can't see why they are split. All uses of Bowser's Castle place are merged together, so why not Waluigi Pinball?

Proposer:Tails777 (talk)
Deadline: April 17, 2011, 23:59 GMT


  1. Tails777 (talk) Per my proposal.
  2. Reddragon19k (talk) Per proposal! Bowser's Castle has the same thing, so there!
  3. Kaptain K. Rool (talk) - The same areas with a different style.


  1. Gamefreak75 (talk) - Two entirely different aspects. Waluigi Pinball in MKDS is a course. Waluigi Pinball in MSM is a court. The same applies to Peach's Castle and Peach's Castle (court). One is a castle, the other is a court in the aforementioned game.
  2. Count Bonsula (talk) - Per GF75. Also, look at this and you'll see that Bowser's Castle (court/course/actual castle) are split.Bowser's Castle (disambiguation)
  3. Iggykoopa (talk) there not the same thing don't merge
  4. Bop1996 (talk) Per GF75 and Count Bonsula.
  5. Mario jc (talk) - Per all.
  6. Nicke8 (talk) Per Gamefreak75.
  7. Magikrazy51 (talk) Per the 75th gaming freak and the vampire skeleton.
  8. Mario4Ever (talk) They are similar in name only. Per all.
  9. Doopliss101 (talk) Per all. Plus I told you that this would fail.
  10. Zero777 (talk) Per all.
  11. UltraMario3000 (talk) Per the Waluigi lookalike who wheres a wizard hat.
  12. Ultrahammer5365 (talk) Per all.
  13. Yoshiwaker (talk) Per another person who is making lame puns/per all.
  14. Bowser's luma (talk) Per all.
  15. Walkazo (talk) - GF75 and Count Bonsula.
  16. MrConcreteDonkey (talk) - Per Walkazo.
  17. Reversinator (talk) Per all.
  18. SWFlash (talk) Per the first opposer.
  19. Bowser's luma (talk) Per lame puns.
  20. Superfiremario (talk) They don't do that with Bowser's Castle. They shouln't be merged.


The deadline was wrong: proposals (and TPPs) end at 23:59 (or "24:00"). - Walkazo 23:04, 4 April 2011 (EDT)

Again, there's NO 24:00 in 24-hour standards. We have 0:00! SWFlashSWFlash.svg