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When you clear story mode in Mario Party 3, there head is carved into the hills behind peach's castle. Is this Mt. Mushmore? MisterJaffffeyPeteyPiranhaBanana.gif G0 Mount Mushmore


Does this page even need to exist? It isn't a minor character and is even less important than moving tree. - Ninelevendo.png BlueLightning.png 01:48, 6 August 2014 (EDT)

Merge with Peach's Castle Grounds[edit]

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merge 9-0
First of all, does anyone have a source for either of the names this article is attributing to this monument? Second, and more importantly, why does this article exist? It's a totally insignificant piece of scenery that appears on a single hole on a golf course. There isn't much information here anyway, so there's no reason why we can't just describe it on the Peach's Castle Grounds article.

Proposer: 7feetunder (talk)
Deadline: August 23, 2017, 23:59 GMT


  1. 7feetunder (talk) Per proposal.
  2. Time Turner (talk) If it's officially named, I may be more inclined to keep it, but as it stands, I'm fine with merging it.
  3. Alex95 (talk) - While I'm not that far into the game to check myself, this doesn't seem like it deserves its own article anyway.
  4. Yoshi the SSM (talk) Peach's Castle Grounds is a stub. This merge will make it not a stub by either (a) filling in missing info or (b) someone realizing that it needs more information.
  5. Niiue (talk) Per all.
  6. TheFlameChomp (talk) Per all.
  7. Mario jc (talk) Per all.
  8. Ultimate Mr. L (talk) Per all (Except Yoshi the SSM. Sorry.)
  9. Baby Luigi (talk) Per all.