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I don't know man but this article looks irrelevant... It seems that info is really eloquent but not really important because the event is so short and also is a plan not an sculpture. :/ It's better merge this info to Mario's Article or Garro's ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png Also, this needs a category, but, which?

Category...I'm not sure. But I would keep this as a seperate page as it is an offically named "sculpture" of sorts. My main goal was to highlight the analysis of the piece of art, which doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. We should be adding as much information as possible about all possible subjects - and this is one such subject (which is not complete yet). We have an article on Mr. L, which is actually just Luigi. So why not one on A Plumber's Lament, which actually is just Mario. -- Son of Suns (talk)
I'd say this is worthy of an article. If it's Mario in disguise/in another form, it should stay separate. — Stooben Rooben 15:45, 23 November 2008 (EST)
Per Stooben. Sheese it not poorly writen or anything. GrapesGrapes Grapes
It now has a category, Forms. Ambidextria 15:55, 23 November 2008 (EST)

Why does this exist?[edit]

The first time Garro gets asked about the disguised Mario, he describes him as a statue depicting "Valentina's newphew, Mari..Mariotta". The second time, he describes him as a work of art called "A Plumber's Lament". "A Plumber's Lament" is just a spur-of-the-moment name given to the disguise. How does this deserve an article? Blinker (talk) 06:57, September 28, 2021 (EDT)

If the fact it's actually Mario himself was kept from the player at first (which the way the article is written seems to imply), then I think it would have made sense to keep split, but it's not since it outright shows Mario bring coated in gold and taken into the palace, so I think it could be merged with Mario's article. Tosai "Fret" Furesawa Swallow Rindo Kanade 07:09, September 28, 2021 (EDT)
Now the name has changed in the remake, and this page is still as pointless as before. The most important parts are already in Garro's article. I say the NioL section gets moved there and this page gets wiped off the internet (it's not like there's an article for Mari..Mariotta). Would this need a proposal, or is there a sufficient lack of objection here? Blinker (talk) 17:43, November 18, 2023 (EST)

Merge to Garro[edit]

Proposal.svg This talk page section contains an unresolved talk page proposal. Please try to help and resolve the issue by voting or leaving a comment.

Current time: Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 22:59 GMT

First of, context. In order to help Mario enter the Nimbus castle, Garro covers him in gold paint to look like a statue. He is asked twice about it, once by some Birdies, and once by Valentina. The first time, he says it depicts "Valentina's nephew, Mari..Mariotta". The second time, he says it's a work of art called "In Search of Lost Brother". This article... the first half of it is written as if "In Search of Lost Brother" is an actual statue. The second half is just describing GARRO's role in the story.

So here's what I suggest. The title, NioL info, possibly the quote at the top, anything worth salvaging is moved to Garro's article. Everything else goes in the bin.

Proposer: Blinker (talk)
Deadline: December 4, 2023, 23:59 GMT


  1. Blinker (talk) What, may I ask is THIS ugly thing?
  2. Hewer (talk) A very strangely written article about literally just Mario but with gold paint on him as a disguise - per proposal.
  3. SolemnStormcloud (talk) The only "museum" this article belongs in is the BJAODN archive. Per proposal.
  4. Biggestman (talk) This is not something that deserves a page, it's literally Mario but covered in gold. Per Proposal.
  5. Camwoodstock (talk) This article was made in 2008 and was dubious even then... It's even more bizarre now. Definitely second the notion of putting it in the BJAODN, though, because this is truly one of the articles ever.
  6. DrippingYellow (talk) I just saw this article a few days ago, how did it not dawn upon me how pointless it is?!


  1. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) - I mean... it's a plot-relevant disguise, if only for a brief period. Not quite the level of an alter-ego like Mr. L or Rookie, but still its own subject.
  2. MegaBowser64 (talk) Per Doc von Schmeltwick. And on a side note, if we merge this, I don't really think it belongs in BJAODN, it's just not objectively humorous, and even though it is a bit oddly written, the content of it just isn't terribly bad. Perhaps a proposal could be set up to decide whether it belongs in BJAODN?


@SolemnStormcloud: if you think the current article is BJAODN-worthy, you should see the earlier version that included the gold statue from BS Super Mario USA. Now that's a work of art. LinkTheLefty (talk) 17:05, November 24, 2023 (EST)

PFFFFT... I put together a preliminary BJAODN entry with both that and the current revision in my sandbox. It's long enough that it'd have to be its own page once this proposal is finished. SolemnStormcloud (talk) 00:19, November 25, 2023 (EST)

So uh, if anyone could get the Dutch names and such for "In Search of Lost Brother" and "Mariotta" before the deadline of this proposal (as well as other missing languages), that would be great (I don't have the game and there's a surprising lack of Dutch playthroughs on YouTube, with none of them this far in the game either). If this is going to be preserved as part of BJAODN, I'd love for it to be as complete as possible by the time it gets there, since I don't think we're allowed to edit any BJAODN entries. ArendLogoTransparent.pngrend (talk) (edits) 19:40, November 25, 2023 (EST)

@Doc_von_Schmeltwick Is it, though? I mean, this article isn't even about an actual thing, it's about a character lying. You could make a better case for splitting Nash T. than "In Search of Lost Brother". Blinker (talk) 10:41, November 28, 2023 (EST)

I wouldn't have a problem with splitting Nash T. since it's been determined through obscure roaming NPC dialogue who it is. Regardless, it's a named plot element and a separate subject from Garro. Mr. Pipe is another example of a disguised Mario that gets its own page. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 12:57, November 28, 2023 (EST)
I'm still in support of this proposal, but you raised a good point with Mr. Pipe. Maybe we could try a general proposal on how to treat disguise aliases later? SolemnStormcloud (talk) 13:22, November 28, 2023 (EST)
That's fair enough idea, but I still wouldn't consider "In Search of Lost Brother" to be in the same category as Mr. Pipe... Like I said regarding Wizakoopa, one individual, two characters, and I think that applies to Mr. Pipe, but "In Search of Lost Brother" isn't a character, it's, again, just a spur-of-the-moment lie. If, hypothetically, Garro had dressed Mario in a sculptor outfit and called him "my assistant, Sculptimmy" or whatever, would Sculptimmy get a page? It wouldn't, right? Blinker (talk) 13:42, November 28, 2023 (EST)
...I retract my previous remark about Mr. Pipe. SolemnStormcloud (talk) 15:12, November 28, 2023 (EST)
There may be an argument for merging Mr. Pipe, but it's not an identical situation - Mr. Pipe being Mario is a surprise reveal at the end of a game in which (adult) Mario doesn't otherwise appear, whereas this "statue" is presented from the start as just Mario painted gold in a game where there is never any ambiguity as to Mario's identity. Not saying we should be hiding spoilers or anything, but whether the alias is presented as if it's its own character at any point seems to be a factor with splits like Rookie and Mr. L. Hewer (talk · contributions · edit count) 17:59, November 28, 2023 (EST)

@MegaBowser64: Nothing is "objectively humorous", humour is always subjective. And a proposal about the inclusion of a single BJAODN entry is definitely unnecessary - if multiple people find it funny, that's probably enough reason to include it. Hewer (talk · contributions · edit count) 17:59, November 28, 2023 (EST)


Why are Mariotta's other languages names being documented on this page? Shouldn't she have a section on List of implied characters instead? Annalisa10 (talk) 20:35, November 25, 2023 (EST)

He, first of all, and second, Garro says it best: "There is no such person named Mariotta." I don't know if the list of implied characters is allowed to include characters that certainly never existed in the first place (the closest would probably be SPM's Breadward, whose existence is also dubious but never denied), but since this article is about an in-game sham that will probably be BJAODN material in a couple weeks anyway, I think it makes sense for the Mariotta name to be included. ArendLogoTransparent.pngrend (talk) (edits) 21:18, November 25, 2023 (EST)