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  • Mario Circuit 4 (pictured) is the only Mario Circuit course in Super Mario Kart that has yet to appear as a Retro Course in a later Mario Kart game other than Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
  • Mario Party 9 is the only Mario game on the Wii to use the modern Mario font for the in-game text, including Mini Star counts.
  • In the Japanese version of the E3 2019: Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo had to add a written explanation for the "right/wrong Bowser" joke, as it could have went over some of their audience's heads, as Bowser is known as 大魔王クッパ (King Koopa) in Japan, and therefore they would have not gotten the irony with Doug Bowser's name. Text above Bowser reads "バウザー (クッパの英語名)" (Bowser (Koopa's English name)), and text above Doug Bowser reads "ダグ・バウザー (米国任天堂社長)" (Doug Bowser (President of Nintendo of America)). The Korean and Chinese versions of the presentation also added a written explanation for similar reasons.
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