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Super Smash Bros. Brawl features a Challenges Mode which consists of 128 different challenges that players need to complete. Prizes won for each challenge can vary from Trophies, Stickers, CDs, stages, Masterpieces, and new parts to make custom stages.

There are also a few challenges that award players with Golden Hammers for a maximum of five. Players can use them to open a box of their choice, but there are a few objectives that are immune to Golden Hammers, although in the PAL version, any window can be opened.

Objective Prize Type Image
Row 1
Clear Boss Battles on Intense difficulty. Galleom (Tank Form) Trophy BrawlTrophy126.png
Clear Target Smash level 1 in under 15 seconds. Palutena's Bow Trophy BrawlTrophy433.png
Clear Target Smash level 4 in under 32 seconds. Cardboard Box Trophy BrawlTrophy470.png
Hit 1,200 ft. in Home-Run Contest. Clu Clu Land CD CD
Use Captain Falcon 10 times in brawls. Big Blue (Melee) Stage Big Blue
Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds. Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2) Sticker Ryuta Ippongi sticker in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Clear All-Star with 10 characters. Gekko Trophy BrawlTrophy468.png
Brawl on the Green Hill Zone stage 10 times. HIS WORLD (Instrumental) CD CD
Unlock Toon Link. Pirate Ship Stage Pirate Ship
Clear Boss Battles on Easy difficulty. Subspace Bomb Trophy BrawlTrophy137.png
Clear the "Wario Bros." Event. Mario Bros. Stage Mario Bros.
Clear All-Star with no continues. Pichu Trophy BrawlTrophy248.png
Get 200 different stickers. Pokémon Center CD CD
Use Toon Link 10 times in brawls. Zelda: Ocarina of Time Masterpiece
Clear Target Smash level 4 with 10 characters. Musketeer Daltania Trophy BrawlTrophy458.png
Clear All-Star on Very Hard difficulty. Dyna Blade Trophy BrawlTrophy406.png
Unlock all playable characters. Menu 2 CD CD
Defeat 5 enemies in Cruel Brawl. Red Alloy Trophy BrawlTrophy541.png
Play 10 or more Coin matches. Smash Coins Trophy BrawlTrophy535.png
Clear the "Flower Blooms in the Echoes" Event. Hanenbow Stage Hanenbow
Clear "The Hammer of the King" Event. King Dedede's Theme CD CD
Endure a 15-Minute Brawl. Green Alloy Trophy BrawlTrophy544.png
Clear Target Smash level 3 in under 20 seconds. Ray MK III Trophy BrawlTrophy310.png
Collect all Masterpieces. Excitebikes Trophy BrawlTrophy295.png
Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 4 minutes. Multi-Man Melee 1 CD CD
Collect trophies for all characters. Creeping Chrysanthemum Trophy BrawlTrophy443.png
Clear Target Smash level 5. Title (3D Hot Rally) CD CD
Get 10 max combos in Training. Banana Peel Trophy BrawlTrophy523.png
Brawl on the Port Town Aero Dive stage 10 times. Dream Chaser CD CD
Defeat 100 enemies in Endless Brawl. Yellow Alloy Trophy BrawlTrophy543.png
Clear Classic with 20 characters. Master Hand Trophy BrawlTrophy130.png
Hit 45,000 ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Golden Hammer Trophy BrawlTrophy507.png
Row 2
Unlock 75 hidden songs. Ballyhoo and Big Top Trophy BrawlTrophy184.png
Clear Classic with all characters. Paper Mario Trophy BrawlTrophy148.png
Use Luigi 3 times in brawls. Luigi's Mansion Stage Luigi's Mansion
Hit 900 ft. in Home-Run Contest. Boo (Mario Tennis) Sticker Boo Sticker
Brawl on the Frigate Orpheon stage 10 times. Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2) CD CD
Brawl on custom stages 10 times. Edit Parts A Custom Stage Parts
Unlock all Melee stages. Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) CD CD
Clear Target Smash level 5 with 10 characters. Outset Link Trophy BrawlTrophy358.png
Get 400 combined max combos with all characters in Training. Ouendan Trophy BrawlTrophy483.png
Clear Classic on Hard difficulty. Credits (Super Smash Bros.) CD CD
Clear Classic on Easy difficulty. Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo) Sticker Running Chibi-Robo Sticker in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Clear Classic on Normal difficulty. Icicle Mountain (Melee) CD CD
Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Brawl on the Pokémon Stadium 2 stage 10 times. Pokémon Stadium (Melee) Stage Pokémon Stadium
Have Ness join you in The Subspace Emissary. Franklin Badge Trophy BrawlTrophy529.png
Have Ike join you in The Subspace Emissary. Ike's Theme CD CD
Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Clear Boss Battles with 20 characters. Jyk Trophy BrawlTrophy103.png
Clear All-Star on Normal difficulty. Phyllis (Animal Crossing: WW) Sticker Phyllis sticker in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Clear "The Pirate Airship" Event. Song of Storms CD CD
Play Melee stages 10 times. Jungle Japes (Melee) Stage Jungle Japes
Clear Target Smash level 1. Apples Trophy BrawlTrophy540.png
Get 5 standard brawl victories with Peach. Super Mario Bros. 2 Masterpiece
Clear the "Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin" Event. Red Pikmin Trophy BrawlTrophy050.png
Unlock 50 hidden songs. Walky Trophy BrawlTrophy415.png
Hit 24,000 ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Xananab Trophy BrawlTrophy336.png
Clear Target Smash level 3 with all characters. Silver Trophy BrawlTrophy479.png
Clear Boss Battles with 10 characters. Subspace Gunship Trophy BrawlTrophy136.png
Hit 1,500 ft. in Home-Run Contest. Home-Run Bat Trophy BrawlTrophy502.png
Clear the "Dragoon Strike" Event. The Legendary Air Ride Machine CD CD
Brawl on the Shadow Moses Island stage 15 times. Snake Eater (Instrumental) CD CD
Have Captain Falcon join you in The Subspace Emissary. F-Zero Masterpiece
Defeat 50 enemies in Endless Brawl. Mach Rider (Melee) CD CD
Get 500 different trophies. Baby Peach Trophy BrawlTrophy155.png
Row 3
Get 2,000 or more KOs in brawls. Gulliver Trophy BrawlTrophy288.png
Clear 100-Man Brawl with all characters. Blue Alloy Trophy BrawlTrophy542.png
Make 15 stages in Stage Builder. Edit Parts C Custom Stage Parts
Clear the "Go! Triple Finish!" Event. Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town/Pewter City) CD CD
Clear Target Smash level 2. Peanut Popgun Trophy BrawlTrophy337.png
Clear Target Smash level 2 with 10 characters. Pellets Trophy BrawlTrophy536.png
Get 1,000 or more KOs in brawls. Cracker Launcher Trophy BrawlTrophy511.png
Exceed 300 ft. combined swim distance for all characters. Kapp'n Trophy BrawlTrophy287.png
Clear All-Star on Easy difficulty. Tal Tal Heights CD CD
Use every character in Home-Run Contest. Sandbag Trophy BrawlTrophy487.png
Clear Target Smash level 2 with all characters. Blast Box Trophy BrawlTrophy486.png
Use Kirby 20 times in brawls. Green Greens (Melee) Stage Green Greens
Brawl on the Norfair stage 10 times. Ending (Metroid) CD CD
Get 500 different stickers. Dr. Eggman Trophy BrawlTrophy472.png
Clear Target Smash level 3 with 10 characters. Ashnard Trophy BrawlTrophy435.png
Clear Classic on Very Hard difficulty. Striker Mario Trophy BrawlTrophy146.png
Clear The Subspace Emissary. Ancient Minister Trophy BrawlTrophy135.png
Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Clear Target Smash level 1 with 10 characters. Stafy Trophy BrawlTrophy299.png
Clear Target Smash level 1 with all characters. Super Scope Trophy BrawlTrophy508.png
Brawl on the Mushroomy Kingdom stage 10 times. Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.) CD CD
Clear 100-Man Brawl. Pitfall Trophy BrawlTrophy519.png
Clear the "Come On, Blue Falcon" Event. Fire Field CD CD
Clear Boss Battles on Normal difficulty. Shadow Bugs Trophy BrawlTrophy134.png
Clear "The Wolf Hunts the Fox" Event on Hard difficulty. Star Wolf (Star Fox Assault) CD CD
Clear All-Star on Intense difficulty. Mewtwo Trophy BrawlTrophy251.png
Unlock Sonic. Green Hill Zone Stage Green Hill Zone
Clear Target Smash level 4. Rocketbarrel Pack Trophy BrawlTrophy338.png
Brawl on the Halberd stage 10 times. Frozen Hillside CD CD
Clear the "Pink Ball Repulsion" Event. Halberd Trophy BrawlTrophy421.png
Clear "The Aura Is With Me" Event. Spear Pillar Stage Spear Pillar
Score 500 total combined KOs in brawls. Party Ball Trophy BrawlTrophy534.png
Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Collect all songs. K.K. Slider Trophy BrawlTrophy282.png
Row 4
Collect all stickers. Stickers Trophy BrawlTrophy142.png
Clear Classic on Intense difficulty. Crazy Hand Trophy BrawlTrophy131.png
Clear Target Smash level 2 in under 19 seconds. Excite Truck CD CD
Use Donkey Kong 20 times in brawls. 75 m Stage 75 m
Brawl on the Yoshi's Island Melee stage 3 times. Super Mario World Masterpiece
Clear Boss Battles on Hard difficulty. Dark Cannon Trophy BrawlTrophy132.png
Clear All-Star with all characters. Kyle Hyde Trophy BrawlTrophy481.png
Clear Target Smash level 5 in under 30 seconds. Combo Cannon Trophy BrawlTrophy420.png
Clear Target Smash level 3. Wario Bike Trophy BrawlTrophy431.png
Play over 100 hours of brawls. Ashley Robbins Trophy BrawlTrophy482.png
Clear the "Advent of the Evil King" Event on Hard difficulty. Great Temple / Temple CD CD
Clear the "Cleaning House in Skyworld" Event. Palutena Trophy BrawlTrophy432.png
Unlock Mr. Game & Watch. Flat Zone 2 Stage Flat Zone 2
Brawl on the Castle Siege stage 10 times. Power Hungry Fool CD CD
Collect Final Smash trophies for all characters. Plusle & Minun Trophy BrawlTrophy249.png
Defeat 10 enemies in Cruel Brawl. Liquid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes) Sticker Liquid Snake sticker in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Clear Target Smash level 4 with all characters. King K. Rool Trophy BrawlTrophy329.png
Clear the "Dark Link Duel" Event on Hard difficulty. Hidden Mountain & Forest CD CD
Hit 15,000 ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Bumper Trophy BrawlTrophy524.png
Play 30 hours of brawls. Timer Trophy BrawlTrophy499.png
Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Exceed 10 hours of powered-on time. Donkey Kong Masterpiece
Hit 30,000 ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Shy Guy Trophy BrawlTrophy168.png
Collect more than 5,000 coins in Coin matches. O2 Battle CD CD
Clear All-Star on Hard difficulty. Birdo Trophy BrawlTrophy182.png
Clear Target Smash level 5 with all characters. Gray Fox Trophy BrawlTrophy309.png
Clear Boss Battles on Very Hard difficulty. Porky Statue Trophy BrawlTrophy316.png
Exceed 30,000 ft. combined walking distance with all characters. Tails Trophy BrawlTrophy471.png
Create 5 stages in the Stage Builder. Edit Parts B Custom Stage Parts
Play 50 hours of brawls. Main Theme (Super Mario 64) CD CD
Collect 1,000 coins in Coin matches. Tom Nook Trophy BrawlTrophy270.png
Hit 37,500 ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Ai no Uta (French version) CD CD
Clear Boss Battles with all characters. Tabuu (Wings) Trophy BrawlTrophy129.png