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Super Smash Bros. Brawl features a Challenges Mode which consists of 128 different challenges that players need to complete. Prizes won for each challenge can vary from Trophies, Stickers, CDs, stages, Masterpieces, and new parts to make custom stages. There are also a few challenges that award players with Golden Hammers, for a maximum of five. Players can use them to open a box of their choice, but there are a few objectives that are immune to Golden Hammers, although in the PAL version, any window can be opened.

Below is a list of all of the challenges representing or involving the Super Mario franchise in some form. The boxes containing the Super Mario elements have red backgrounds.

Objective Prize Type Image
Row 1
Clear the "Wario Bros." Event. Mario Bros. Stage Mario Bros.
Clear the "Flower Blooms in the Echoes" Event. Hanenbow Stage Hanenbow
Clear Target Smash level 5. Title (3D Hot Rally) CD CD
Get 10 max combos in Training. Banana Peel Trophy BrawlTrophy523.png
Hit 45,000 ft./15,000 m. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Golden Hammer Trophy BrawlTrophy507.png
Row 2
Unlock 75 hidden songs. Ballyhoo and Big Top Trophy BrawlTrophy184.png
Clear Classic with all characters. Paper Mario Trophy BrawlTrophy148.png
Use Luigi 3 times in brawls. Luigi's Mansion Stage Luigi's Mansion
Hit 900 ft./300 m. in Home-Run Contest. Boo (Mario Tennis) Sticker Boo Sticker
Unlock all Melee stages. Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) CD CD
Clear Classic on Normal difficulty. Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Have Ike join you in The Subspace Emissary. Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Clear "The Pirate Airship" Event. Song of Storms CD CD
Play Melee stages 10 times. Jungle Japes (Melee) Stage Jungle Japes
Get 5 standard brawl victories with Peach. Super Mario Bros. 2 Masterpiece
Hit 24,000 ft./8,000 m. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Xananab Trophy BrawlTrophy336.png
Clear the "Dragoon Strike" Event. The Legendary Air Ride Machine CD CD
Get 500 different trophies. Baby Peach Trophy BrawlTrophy155.png
Row 3
Clear Target Smash level 2. Peanut Popgun Trophy BrawlTrophy337.png
Clear Classic on Very Hard difficulty. Striker Mario Trophy BrawlTrophy146.png
Clear The Subspace Emissary. Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Brawl on the Mushroomy Kingdom stage 10 times. Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.) CD CD
Clear Target Smash level 4. Rocketbarrel Pack Trophy BrawlTrophy338.png
Score 500 total combined KOs in brawls. Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Row 4
Use Donkey Kong 20 times in brawls. 75 m Stage 75 m
Brawl on the Yoshi's Island Melee stage 3 times. Super Mario World Masterpiece
Clear Target Smash level 3. Wario Bike Trophy BrawlTrophy431.png
Clear the "Cleaning House in Skyworld" Event. Palutena Trophy BrawlTrophy432.png
Clear Target Smash level 4 with all characters. King K. Rool Trophy BrawlTrophy329.png
Play 30 hours of brawls. Golden Hammer Challenges Item
Exceed 10 hours of powered-on time. Donkey Kong Masterpiece
Hit 30,000 ft./10,000 m. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Shy Guy Trophy BrawlTrophy168.png
Clear All-Star on Hard difficulty. Birdo Trophy BrawlTrophy182.png
Play 50 hours of brawls. Main Theme (Super Mario 64) CD CD