Hello! I was tired of my username being a red link, so I figured I should put something here. I edit most frequently on Wikia's wikis, primarily the Harry Potter Wiki, but I do edit here on occasion. While Mario isn't my favorite game series ever, it's certainly up there, and I'm more than happy to contribute here when I see something that needs fixing up.

Come see what I'm working on! (if anything)

Mario games I've played

NOTE: "Played" here means "played enough to have a decent idea of what the game is like". There are some games that I have played a little bit of that I haven't listed here, but no more that a couple levels or so.

Main series



In addition to the above, I own a (rather battered and scribbled up) copy of the Nintendo Player's Guide for Super Mario 64 and have seen the Super Mario Bros. film, the episode "Mama Luigi" of Super Mario World (and, yes, I watched it just for that reason, but still), and a subbed version of Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!.