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Director's Notes

by Ralphfan (talk)

Welcome to the first Fake News of 2011! First, an announcement: SMB and I were unable to complete our sections this month.

As you probably know, Tucayo is retiring today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all he has done for the Wiki community. For three years, he has been here writing for The 'Shroom and improving articles. The wiki would be nowhere near as successful as it now is had he not been here. He also was very patient with me while I was a troll and chose not to fire me. Thanks, Tucky!

And now...for something completely different. This is the final Fake News issue that I will direct. I have been offered a promotion by SMB to Statistics Manager. I will be in charge of feedback surveys, archives and many other projects that you will see in the near future. My successor certainly deserves to take over the Fake News. His Fake Games sections were arguably the best The 'Shroom has ever seen. Without further ado, I give you: Edofenrir! Beginning in February, you will be sending all of your sections, applications, etc. to him.

Fake TV

The Daisy Show

by MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

The Mushroom Kingdom is a very stressful place on a Sunday night. Toads everywhere have to prepare for a hard week of work, and hardly have any time to wind down and relax, and studies have shown that nachos are better that tortillas. How this is related I do not know, but Princess Daisy is sick of this (and we’re sick of her T_T) and has decided to overthrow whatever was on at 9 o’clock on the channel “SHROOOMZ O_O” (I think it was the Antique Mushroom Show, so that’s OK) and make a show called “The Daisy Show”.

The Daisy Show stars Princess Daisy (well no, it stars a singing fish) and Birdo (let’s bring back that singing fish idea for a sec…), and the two interview celebrities. Plus, short, “funny” skits are shown, usually with Birdo making twenty popular culture jokes. The show has proven to relax Toads by scientists with nothing better to do with their time. Yoshis hate it, though. I’m pretty sure that’s because Birdo is in chains on the wall throughout the show.

The Daisy Show has received good ratings from critics. Luigi says “I can’t take my eyes off…uh…the potted plant in the background. It’s…nostalgic!” We were then pushed out of Luigi’s house, catching sight of a chamber dedicated to the chair Daisy sits in. I don’t blame him; that’s one amazing chair. As you can see, the logo was made by the very best…well, we don’t have the logo, so we’ve drawn something that vaguely resembles what it may be. It may be a singing fish, but probably not again.

The show is on every Sunday at 9PM, on “SHROOOMZ O_O”, not to be confused with the similarly named “SHROOOMZ O_o”. In the first episode, Daisy interviews Baby Luigi about what it feels like to be in the same time era as your future self, and Birdo offends previous Brittish Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

It’s on every Sunday. Yes, that means this Sunday. No, not last Sunday. Or Saturday.


Cooking Guide

by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

Welcome everyone to another issue of the Cooking Guide!!! This is BMB here to provide you will the best tasting dishes I know by heart which is more than one! Well, until my ratings get higher I can schedule a time, we have no special guests with us. Well, unless you like my nagging, let's move on...

To pile on with some ironic situations, our next meal shouldn't take that long to make. We will be making something that is icy and.......oh, the hell with it, Frozen Fries, a very icy snack!!!!

Oh, Fries, I thought you meant fires.
  1. For the Iced Potato, head down to Shiver City and spend the night over at the Inn. Bring the jacket so that you can stay warm, and avoid eye-contact as Castle Toad the Toad owner stares at you all night...
  2. Go to the nearest store, and buy a Fire Flower. You know what? Just buy all, I'm sure you're going to need it again in another one of my recipes for something. Don't worry, they don't go bad for a LONG time.
  3. Put both in the mixing bowl AFTER you put on the safety googles. When both collide, expect an explosion (Fire and Ice equal big boom).
  4. Wait for the dust to settle, and you'll find a heated up potato ready at your disposal.
  5. Push the potato through the fries-size cutter to make the fries, and it's that simple.
  6. Now you can enjoy it on the go, as long as you don't mind the bland taste and the ice still seeping out of it.

Well, happy 2011, everyone, and I'll see you guys later on the next issue!

Fake Ads

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

Hot Sauce.

The fire is an added effect.

Hola, amigos. Gamefreak75 is here with a HOT new deal!

Why do I have a poncho and a sombrero instead of my usual attire?

Well you clothes are at the dry cleaners...

But I am also dressed in this attire to promote the newest item: Hot Sauce

This extract comes in a tightly packed bottle. Add it to your favorite foods, be it eggs, pasta, or your favorite juice. What's even more insane is the price: 20 coins.

This had got to be the hottest deals for one of the hottest items in the Mushroom Kingdom.

So hurry on down, amigos, and get your hot sauce today!

P.s.:We are not responsible for any indigestion or constipation caused by the Hot Sauce. Buy it at you own risk.


by Baby Mario Bloops (talk)

........................................................................... ........................................................................... ........................................................................... I'M HERE! Sorry for the late response their, I was held up by the b.....nevermind about the section above me....let's get goin...

Now time to begin 2011 with another exciting issue of the interview! As far as I can remember, I'm BMB, but I might be Ralph, so heads up if it's not me. Well......I think my last issue had caused more problems than it should have...and a user that still is bothering me to pay him for the copywrited words....but I think we can still make it dumb fun. Why don't we interview someone random from the crowd. Alright....let's see....I have my hand over my eye, and...YOU right there in the pink dress, come on down!

BMB: Yeah...abbrivated letters for me now...but that's beyond the point. What's your name?

Why, I'm Princess Peach, can't you tell?

BMB: I knew the moment I pointed at you, but you know there are some people that don't. So how are you here without Mario?

Peach: Well......right now I'm "kidnapped" by Bowser. He's probably at World 6 or something on to Bowser's Castle, which is actually only a short walk away.

BMB: You mean to tell me that you lie to him about this stuff!?!?!

Peach: Plumbers aren't that smart. It'll probably be another 10 years before he even gets the hint that I just stroll into Bowser's clutches at the last second before he arrives. Quite fun actually.

BMB: But...but......but....

Peach: Silly, I'm not the only one, talk to Zelda, we go shoe shopping when she is stuck in a sleep for many years. That was the best time to do that.

BMB: Oh wow, you are such a big tease! Don't you ever fill guilty?

Peach: Oh heavens no. Haven't you ever talked to Mario in person? His breath smells like the bottom of my shoes and his doesn't shave at all. Not only that, but who wants to be with an obese plumber that has no job besides save you?

BMB: But everyone knows him! I'm sure those are lies.

Peach: Oh believe me, that is his camera-ready face after hours of the medical people doing his looks. It's nasty...

BMB: But don't you feel bad for making him travel through all those castles?

Peach: That first time with the eight castles and those toads flicking him off were priceless. It was fun to watch.

BMB: But don't you----wait, what did you say?

Peach: The part of the eight castles or me watching every one of them?

BMB: You watched him talking to all the toads as they tell him "the princess is in another castle?"

Peach: It was awesome. I was in the first at the time when I saw that. He didn't even recongize me behind that statue. It was awesome watching him get mad at that.

BMB: But you made him go through that 7 times!

Peach: Was it really only that much? Geez, I should have done it mor--wait! Trust me, he came early every time, so I made something up and sent him on another quest.

BMB: Whoa...but....but how could you do that? That's awful! And let me guess, you like Bowser?

Peach: Super Mario Sunshine did have facts in it. Bowser Jr., why I allow myself to be kidnapped...

BMB: That's terrible!

Peach: Bowser at least allows me to be in his cool castle, and he comes over all the time. It's really started to affect me in a bad way with all this lying I'm doing to Mario.

BMB: You know they call that an ego, right?

Peach: And...? I'm a princess, what else am I suppose to do, nothing?

BMB: That's not the point, you straight out lied to Mario every time, and then you go snoggle Bowser and end up with Bowser Jr---wait, what about...about his other 7?

Peach: That was painful, but you know, after Ludwig, they all just stopped aching so much...

BMB: did you keep this from Mario?

Peach: Simple, you tell him "ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT!?!"

Ralphfan: BMB, you need to wrap this up soon.

BMB: This is epic, don't interrupt while we are getting fired up still! And hey, I am BMB, okay, that answered one of my questions...

Peach: ......

BMB: Well, Ralph is Ralph, just toss a hockey stick across the room, and he'll fetch it.

Ralph: . . . I'm still right here, you know?

BMB: Oh, don't worry, I do. So, Peach anything else before Ralph calls security on me for insulting him?

Peach: Well, the time when I got the best massage during Super Mario Galaxy, a tea party during Super Mario 64, some mall shopping in Paper Mario - yeah, Bowser knows when to give me girl time.....

Ralph: You've got 5 more comments before I cut you off.

BMB: Alright, this, and two more, so Peach, really, ANYTHING you want to say?

Peach: Oh, Mario, just in case your watching this, "Kmae Rimoa Ogfrte!"

BMB: What the...?

Peach: Trust me, he won't remember a thing that I've said with those words.

BMB: Good idea. And now time to really wrap this thing up. I'm BMB, and this is Ralph, along with Princess, and we'll see you next month. Well, at least me.......goodnight!

Fake Weather

by New Super Mario (talk)

I thought about many things today. I started out thinking about making a good start for the new year, however, this became false.

I woke up from my bed yawning. I put on my fuzzy slippers and went over to pour a delicious cup of hazelnut coffee. I then heard a knock on the door. I slowly walked over to the front door to find my beagle puppy sitting there. I heard the knock again. I climbed down the stairs to find to big holes on my glass door.

"Not the French Door!" I screamed, but not as loud as I thought, considering I was tired.
I smelled smoke. I looked to my left to find to meteors on fire, sitting on my couch. I saw Baby Luigi on it too.

"Hey it's Baby Luigi!" I exclaimed.

"No! My name's BabyLuigiOnFIre!" the baby replied.

After realizing again that there was still a sofa on fire in the room, I went to the bathroom sink and got my emergency fire extinguisher. I took the fire out, hoping know more meteors would fall in my downstairs.

I heard an annoying voice coming my way, and turned around to find Toad. I saw a couple tiny black objects coming towards my door. I realized that they were meteors. They all hit Toad dead on. I picked on up with two fingers, finding that they were the size of a pebble.

Fake Characters

by DyegoHalliwell IceMario12 (talk)

Hola everyone, it's DyegoHalliwell with the first Fake Characters of 2011. For this issue I decided to include both someone from Mario's side and someone from Bowser's side. I hope y'all enjoy this issue, and I wish you had a good New years celebration.

Radial Yoshi / Radial Milton Pooper

Radial Milton Pooper.

A brand new Yoshi, feared by everyone because of his radioactivity and his strong-smelling poop, Radial Yoshi, also known as Radial Milton Pooper, is a new species created by the mixture of poop and Mr. Burns' blood. His powers include, Radial Beam, a beam that can destroy a Goomba within 9 hours, Poopkinesis, the ability to throw Poop balls from his butt I mean his mind. It was rumored that he has a wife, Ms. Lady Poopemaria, and a daughter named Pooposhi. Also, a final warning, don't get too close to him or he will burn you with liquid radioactivity, and if you see him in the space, run for your life or he will create the greatest Poop/Radial hurricane!

Flawfull Milano

Flawfull Milano

He is the inverted, perverted, psychic, son of a B... blinded, cousin of Fawful. He pretended to turn his cousin good, and because of that, he was cursed to have to body of Alyssa Milano, which is currently being turned to stone. Many people acussed him of being a criminal, and rageful, Flawfull turned them into stone, and then smashed their stone bodies. After that, the Toad policy transferred him to a far far away town, in which he is currently used as a stone toilet. Every blue moon in that town, which is every single hour of all the week, he kills imaginary people, who turn out to be Shroom Thieves, but they ironically just exist in the mind of his poop brain.

Fuzzy Guy

by MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

One day, a Shy Guy found a bottle of hair tonic. Since he was a Shy Guy, he had no idea what hair was, so he decided to use it as a shampoo substitute. The next day, he woke up completely covered in bright, colorful hair/given some cheap Photoshop effects, look, I’m on a small budget here, folks. He now has changed his name to Fuzzy Guy. Fuzzy Guy looks just like a regular Shy Guy, except he looks a little bit fuzzy, as in he is covered in some sort of fur. Due to this, he sometimes convinces himself that he is a dog. However, he has hair growing on the palms of his hands, so he’s mad and can be excused for this. He is made completely from hair and bones.

Fuzzy Guy originally worked for Bowser, but, after he got all his “fur”, he became a weakling, so Bowser kicked him out of the Koopa Troop and put 2 points on his super‐villain license. He then was blown to Princess Peach’s Castle by a sudden gust of wind, and attached himself to a bald man’s head. He knocked on the door and began to ask her for her credit card numbers. Mario witnessed this, and became very jealous that there was no attention directed towards him, so he barged in and challenged Fuzzy Guy to a battle.

Mario punched him, and his fist went straight through. Mario won. Fuzzy Guy died.

Okay, go away.


Five years later, he was found in the Castle’s sewers, desperately looking for the bathroom. After pointing out that they were in the sewer, and the whole area counts as a bathroom, a Toad punched him too for no apparent reason. He then floated up like a balloon and appeared in New York. And so, Fuzzy Guy died again, not succeeding in his only lifetime goal of going to the toilet.


He got up again and found himself stranded on an island with walking palm trees. He finally decided his life was so messed up that he should eat at Mushroom Burger. He has not returned, probably due to being unable to find the door. Thanks for reading, and tell me if you see him. He owes me a penny.

Ask Tucayo

by Tucayo (talk)

Hello amazing readers, this is your favorite Koopa, Tucayo, with the last issue ever of Ask Tucayo. I want to thank you all for all the questions I got, for the big support, and for reading the section. I wish I had created this section earlier, but I didn’t. I won’t receive questions anymore, since this is the last issue. So now, let’s get to the questions, which is a record number!! Oh and to make clear, there is a question by myself because, well, I asked that seriously to me while I was playing SMG2.

How is Wario born and why is he alive?

Hello Koopayoshi. Wario is born from a snake egg hatched by a hen. Wait, I am thinking of basilisks… Wario’s birth is the center of all the universe, Wario’s life is the reason the sun shines. But some people think different of Wario’s birth… Let’s see this quote by an anonymous user.:

Wario is an old man that likes farting. He likes pooping on the bed. He has his own series called the Wario series. He is over 1000 years old. He likes eating a lot of junk food and he likes being fat. He thinks being fat is good. His favorite character is himself. He was created by Dr. Wario. When he was born, he was fat. He likes swearing, flaming, spamming, and other stuff that makes him get reminders/warnings on wikis.

That’s sad, but some people think that way of Wario… Oh, and he is alive because otherwise we would have Baby Waluigi filling his place in sports game. And “Baby Waluigi Land”? That doesn’t even sound correct.

When you retire, will you miss us (me specifically) Smiley?

GF!! Of course I’ll miss you all, including you Smiley I consider you one of my best friends on the site, so naturally I am gonna miss you. But we’ll still see each other… (this doesn’t mean I’ll spare you the money you owe me Angry)

Hi Tucky, as you are retiring, I have decided to ask you: Do you ever plan on returning to the Wiki, or the forums, or anything like that?

Hi MCD! Well, not in a near future, no. I may check in chat occasionally, or check the forums for the awards, or the wiki each month for The ‘Shroom (as a guest), but I don’t plan on unretiring. My retirement is definitive.

What is your opinion at Bowser Jr?

Hello Flubber. Well, I also have a quote to answer to this, but I will answer it myself instead. I like Bowser Jr. People may differ, but I like him more than some Koopalings. Actually, he is like my 3rd favorite Bowser son, behind Larry and Lemmy. Perhaps tied with Roy… And he appears in more games, so I am more used to seeing him than I am to seeing the rest of the guys.

Why did your third patroller term only 2 minutes?

Hi Quizmo! Hehe, good question, good question indeed. Some of you who browse Userpedia, or stalk me at the MW may have noticed I had a third patroller term which lasted around 2 minutes. Now, why is this? There had been some issues with patrollers not being able to mark edits as patrolled (ironic, isn’t it? Patrollers not being able to patrol…), so I was demoted to Patroller by Stooby during a wiki downtime, in which basically just Stooby and I had access to the wiki (I think Edo had access too), so I could check if the problem had been solved. It had, so I was repromoted to Sysop again.

Hi Tucky. What sort of video games do you like best? Console games or handheld games.

Each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages… I normally prefer Console games, but you can’t take your Wii everywhere you go. I also like handhelds, but I play more console games. Whenever I am in my house with my Wii and my DSi, I play the Wii.

I have here a running chainsaw with your name on the saw blade, I am currently waiting in front of the exit of this building, and nine of ten people would describe my mental condition as dangerously unstable. Are you sure that, in the light of these new circumstances, you really want to go through with your retiring plans?

Ummm... if it has my name on it, is it a gift? Ooooh I love gifts!!! But sadly gifts won't prevent me from retiring. Unstable? Well, not many people gift chainsaws, but well.

In which SMG/SMG2 galaxy would you like to live?

Hello extremely handsome and sexy person I don’t know. I like green places, with clouds, water, mountains and all that. So after playing all the galaxies in SMG, and the first two worlds of SMG2, I decided I would like to live in Fluffy Bluff Galaxy. Just look at it! It has all the things I love. Well, I would need a place to sleep at… Perhaps the Cloud Tower, I can build a palace inside it. I can swim anytime I want, go to the mountains, or to that playroom-like place. It just is the perfect galaxy.

And with that, we end Ask Tucayo. Thanks for all your questions. Goodbye, have a great 2011.