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Director’s Notes

By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

Hello my loyal subjects. Not a lot’s happened this week except for me going on a well-deserved vacation. Anyways, the winner of this month’s section of the month is my loyal General General Bob-omb with 27 votes. Second place was Freakworld’s Guess that game section with 15 votes and in third place was my Guess that character section with 12 votes. That’s about it for this memo from your glorious leader, so happy reading (or else).


By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

Did you know that:

  1. The Mario series is the most popular video game franchise in the world?
  2. That in the manual for DKC Cranky Kong is called both DK’s dad and grandfather?
  3. That Mario Party 4 was the first Mario Party game to actually revolve around a party?
  4. That despite the fact that Cranky Kong says Donkey Kong has no nephew in the DKC show his nephew Baby Kong still appears?
  5. That according to the Manual for Super Mario Land the enemy Honen are actually undead Torions eaten by Tatanga?


By: Megadardery (talk)

Since this is a year of my best character.. I decided to have some little questions about Luigi and his games!.. GO LUIGI GOOO!

  1. Which is the only Boo who has glowing yellow eyes?
  2. How many Boos are required to fight the final boss in Luigi's Manision in the PAL Hidden Mansion?
  3. Who calls Luigi by the name: "Green man of mustache"?
  4. How many games have there been until now to feature Luigi as the main character?
  5. How can one play as Luigi in New Super Mario Bros.?

Mind Bogglers

By: Megadardery (talk)

Hello every one and welcome into Mind Bogglers. The New Luigi's Mansion arrived, but we can't forget the last one, and the hard job of getting the money. But here we are: Find all the treasure around Luigi.

Shroom 73 001.png

Don't Cheat

Find the Difference

By: Pyro (talk)

Original Image: Boxart of Mario Party 8

Edited Image: FTD42013.jpg


Guess Who

By: Freakworld (talk)

Rules: You'll get 5 hints on a Character, which should be used to guess the answer. This character can be from any part of the Mario, Wario and Donkey Kong Universe. If you scroll down you'll see a little spoiler box, hiding the answer.

  1. This character is using a nickname for 90% of the game he/she appears in.
  2. This character is going to appear in an upcoming game of the same series as the game he/she originated in.
  3. This character is accompanying the Mario Bros. during the whole game.
  4. This character belongs to a race of creatures, but is the only instance seen in that game.
  5. This character is very small and flies.

Guess that Game

By: Freakworld (talk)

Rules: Same as in "Guess Who".

  1. This game is the third part of a series, but it also started a whole new one.
  2. This game was released on the Game Boy.
  3. This game is having multiple endings.
  4. In this game, Mario is having the smallest role possible, appearing only in the ending (despite being in the Title of the game.).
  5. The character featured in this game eats lots of garlic.

Word Search

By: Gamefreak75 (talk)


I hope you guys had a great Easter. This word search has no theme as its just fifteen random articles I managed to land on. They’re like easter eggs, you know. They’re an enigma. You never know what you’re going to get inside an easter egg, just like you never know what you’re going to get by clicking Random Article. Maybe you’ll get the tastiest chocolate you’ve ever had, or maybe you’ll find something that looks like it was chocolate at one point in time. Anyways, have fun searching.



By Paper Yoshi (talk)

Hello, readers, and welcome to the April Issue of Fun Stuff!! This is your resident arsonist, Paper Yoshi, with another crossword for you to solve!

Starting this month, each crossword will have a randomly chosen theme. This month's theme is Nintendo 3DS, so don't waste your time and go solve the crossword!


No. Across No. Down
2 The first handheld Paper Mario installment, released for the Nintendo 3DS 1 Nintendo 3DS's main feature
4 One of the new features found in the 3DS 3 Nintendo 3DS's predecessor
5 Nintendo 3DS's messaging application 8 One of the new supported languages
6 The virtual game store for the 3DS 9 Second best-selling 3DS title
7 The first Mario game for the system 10 First country to get the Nintendo 3DS
11 One of the system's original colors
12 ESRB rating for the 3DS

The answers

Hiding Koopa

By General bob-omb (talk)

Oh, no... he's back. I thought I got rid of him in January. *sigh* At least Wario's got microgames with him this time. Speaking of microgames... try finding that Koopa.

HideKoopa38 zps9b2d4b07.png


Mystery Images

by Tucayo (talk)

HI, I'm your eloquent Co-director, Tucayo, with another installment of Mystery Images! This time, the images are game covers.

MI Apr13.png


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