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MarioBoards: The Immersive Gaming Experience

Written by: InsaneBlathers

Okay, first of all: congrats. 200 issues. That's a lot.

Hell, I'm pretty sure the first 'Shroom issue was published before I was born.

That's- that's a bit scary. And neat. So, y'know, good job on keeping things alive, kicking, and interesting for that long. Even if I don't read The 'Shroom on the regular, I still definitely respect it.

And MarioBoards is- it's a pretty cool place. It's a community, and one I've been a part of for a shockingly long time (hey, three years is a pretty long time relative to the amount of years I've been around). I can look back on my old posts and see how I've improved, both as a person and my skills in varied areas. I can interact with people who obviously aren't substitutes for real life interactions, but still help me feel like a part of something when I need that support. I'm a pretty upbeat, self-commanding person in a generation with what sometimes feels like a generally pessimistic view- thanks to a lot of change, hardship, and things I might not be able to relate to, I know- but even so, I, like everyone, have times where I'm exhausted, or anxious, or a bit lonely, and this place helps with that.

So, to celebrate the community we've built up, both here and over on the boards, I thought I'd present to you a guided tour down memory lane. Relive some scenes from the past three years of MarioBoards events in visual novel format, with art and scripting all done by me. It even features some 'lore', and a connection to prior developments in Awards Randomizer Killing Game. Wow.

Now, without any further ado, I hope you enjoy. This took over a month and a lot of effort to make, so hopefully it's worth all I put into it. I know some things are sort of scuffed or look funny, but I also have some high quality drawings and ideas in here I'm quite proud of.

Finally, sorry if I couldn't include something you've contributed or a character you've played in this. I had a limited amount of time and decided to select the moments that were most memorable to me and the characters involved in them. I originally wanted to include scenes from Awards Killing Game Odyssey and Chaos Mafia 2, but had to cut them due to time/lack of inspiration.

Now, check it out right here. No delay, download today!

How to Play!
  1. Click the above link. Then click the "download" button corresponding to your OS (the "pc" file for Windows and Linux, and the "mac" file for Mac).
  2. Save the downloaded ZIP folder to a location of your choosing on your computer using your file manager.
  3. Find the ZIP folder in your files. Right-click it, and select "Extract All". Choose a location you wish for the resulting folder to be saved.
  4. Find the resulting folder in your files, and open it.
  5. Click one folder further in if necessary. You should see folders labeled "game", "lib", and "renpy", as well as three other files.
  6. Find the application (.exe) named "MarioBoards" and open it. The game should come up.
  1. In the second scenario, the character "Seam" is incorrectly referred to with "he/him" pronouns rather than "they/them" pronouns due to an error in the source forum game.
  2. In the third scenario, a speech given by the character "Nadie", whose sprite appears to the left in the scene, is incorrectly attributed to the character "Viola".