Super Skywheel
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem
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Super Skywheel is the eighth attraction in Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! The new feature in this level are enemy blocks; if a Shy Guy or a Pokey steps on their outlines, they'll respectively become Shy Guy Blocks and Pokey Blocks, and the Minis can walk on them safely. In the background, a ferris wheel can be seen. Enemies here include Pokeys, Circus Kongs, Shy Guys, Capture Kongs, Piranha Plants and Fireballs. Like the previous level, a Mini Pauline must be rescued along with other Minis in 8-4. In the attraction music, many humming sounds are played.

In their eighth encounter with Donkey Kong, the Mini Marios have to use girders, avoid the Fireballs thrown by the angry ape, reach a spiked ball and throw it at him. The player has to repeat this three times to defeat Donkey Kong, who takes Pauline, and flees to the Final Ferris Wheel.


Level Preview Mini count Starting inventory Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Area 8-1   3 Red Girders This level introduces the Shy Guy Blocks. Spikes, Shy Guys
Area 8-2   4 Purple Conveyors This level features four Mini Marios and some Purple Conveyors. Shy Guys
Area 8-3   3 Red Girders, High Springs This level introduces the Pokeys and Pokey Blocks. Spikes, Pokeys
Area 8-4   5 Red Girders, Green Pipes This level features some Movable Pipes and Red Girders. None
Area 8-5   3 Red Girders This level features three Mini Marios, moving cannons, and some more Red Girders. Spikes, Pokeys
Area 8-6   3 Blockers This level features some Blockers and more Pokey Blocks. Spikes, Pokeys
Area 8-7   5 Purple Conyeyors This level features five Mini Marios and some Purple Conveyors. Spikes, Circus Kongs, Capture Kongs
Area 8-8   4 Red Girders This level features four Mini Marios with one holding a key. Spikes, Shy Guys, Piranha Plants
Area 8-DK   6 Red Girders The eighth boss battle against Donkey Kong. Spikes, Donkey Kong, Fireballs


  First music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelA.oga
  Second music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelB.oga
  Third music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelC.oga
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelPreview.oga
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelLose.oga
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelWin.oga
  Introductory cutscene music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelIntro.oga
  Stage select music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelMenu.oga
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelBossHereWeGo.oga
  Countdown before boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelBossIntro.oga
  Boss music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelBoss.oga
  Lost against boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelBossLose.oga
  Defeated boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM SuperSkywheelBossVictory.oga
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Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーホイール
Sūpā Hoīru
Super Wheel

French (NOE) Roue céleste
German Riesen-Riesenrad
Giant Ferris wheel
Italian Super panoramica
Super panoramic [wheel]; from "ruota panoramica" (ferris wheel; lit. "panoramic wheel")
Spanish (NOA) Rueda de los cielos
Wheel of the skies
Spanish (NOE) Noria Rascacielos
Skyscraper Wheel