Bad Nabbit

Bad Nabbit
Location Bowser's Castle
Mission # 5
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Bad Nabbit is the fifth mission of Bowser's Castle in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


This mission takes place in and around Neo Bowser Castle. The objective for Mario and co. is to catch Nabbit several times, occasionally teaming up with him in some set battles (which will not award any EXP, coins or items) (during these team ups, he will sometimes use a Bros. Attack of his own with Mario, similar to the 3D Red Shell, but as a Buzzy Beetle shell).

The mission is split into phases:

  • In the first phase, Nabbit will send out four Paper Paragoombas to battle Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario.
  • In the second phase, Nabbit will assist Mario and company in battle against two Broozers.
  • In the third phase, Nabbit will send out three Paper Boo stacks to battle the trio.
  • In the fourth phase, Nabbit will assist them in battle against a Shy Guy, a Chain Chomp, a Paper Chain Chomp, and a Paper Sombrero Guy stack.
  • In the fifth phase, Nabbit will send out six Mechakoopas to battle the trio.
  • In the sixth phase, Nabbit will assist the trio in battle against a Shy Guy, a Chain Chomp, a Paper Chain Chomp, a Broozer, and a Paper Broozer.
  • In the seventh and final phase, Nabbit will pit the group against four Mechakoopas.

Once all seven phases are cleared, Nabbit will reward Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario with the amount of coins earned throughout the mission (up to a maximum of 950), as well as Peach's Peppy Gloves and the Mega Thwonk Bros. Attack. He then runs off, completing the mission.


In-game textEdit


  • "Face off against Nabbit - and team up with him - in a wild chase through Neo Bowser Castle!"


  • "Defeat all enemies and catch Nabbit."

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパ城でトツゼントッテン!
Kuppa Shiro de Totsuzen Totten!
Sudden Nabbit in Bowser's Castle!

Italian L'inafferrabile Ruboniglio
The uncatchable Nabbit