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This PipeProject Aims to add game soundtrack to every game on the Mario Wiki. This includes adding at least a few ogg files to each game with some descriptions next to them.


You can sign up here if your willing to contribute to this pipeproject.

  1. ThunderZAFUM_LOGO.jpgThunder (creator)


These are all the games that need to have music. Once a game on this list has at least 3 soundtracks with descriptions then put [[Image:Check small.png|13px]](13px) next to it. An extra thing to do after that would be to put music in the area where it came from (like put the level 1 music in the level 1 page). If lots of areas for a game are like that, then put [[Image:Attack fx F badge.PNG|13px]](13px) next to it.

NES Games

SNES Games