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“Soon will stop Zelda games from being made!”
User:Tigertot, talking to YOU! Beware! You are now entering the castle of Tigertot! Now bow before the new king of the Super Mario Wiki! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Use this chart to find your way around!
I summon the powers of super intelligence to find out who's online!

Who's online: ZelenPixel, Yoshi the SSM, Porplemontage, BBQ Turtle, BlueYoshi-57EML, Ggeihsoy, JackyBlooo, Iggy07, KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Duraner Hawkeye, SonicSpeed48, DarkNight, Mordomo Sa, Fabricio-faiffer-2003, YOSHIDINOSAUR, MICKEYSTAMATIOU


Map of my castle

To the castle's User:Tigertot/discussion!

Now, let's see information about me.

Tigertot's Userbox Tower
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Pokémon Platinum!
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Iggy Koopamsg= This user's favorite koopaling is Iggy Koopa.
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Not even a noobie
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Tigertot from Super Mario RPG:Legend Of The Seven Stars.
Full name Tigertot
Species Koopa
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop and the Spy Guy Squad.

Characters I like

Bowser: Best video game villain EVER. People think he's dumb, but he is not.

Yoshi: Second favorite because he's cool.

Petey Piranha: He's cool. I especially like him in Mario Super Sluggers.

Diddy Kong: Funny character. I choose him every time in Mario Kart Wii because Bowser is slow in that game.

Luigi: I like him, but not his bro.

Least Favorite Characters

Mario: Worst character ever.

Wario: I really hate him.

Waluigi: if I hated Wario, you thought I hated Waluigi also. And you're right!

King K. Rool: Really fat crocodile man. I hate villains that are crocodiles.

Fun facts

Dry Bowser was really the skeleton version of Bowser

Non Mario characters I like


Pac Man

Mr Game and Watch


Here is a mario game I made up.

Super mario adventure

It has two sides to play on: good and evil

Good characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, and Toad.

Good storyline: Trying to stop Bowser and destroy Bowser castle.

How to unlock evil side story: Complete chapter 1 of good story.

Evil characters: Bowser, Bowser Jr, Kamek, General goomba, and Dry Bowser.

Evil storyline: Trying to destroy Peach's castle.

Bonus good character: Sonic

Bonus evil character: Dr Eggman

Both bonus characters are unlocked after completing all good or evil levels.

Good bonus level: Yoshi Island Evil bonus level: Airship fortress Bonus levels are unlocked by achieving 100% percent on either side. Information about favorite character

Name: Bowser Species: Koopa Affiliation: Koopa troop Gender: Male Enemy: Mario ( Obviously) Best game: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story

Other websites I go on Club Penguin Webkinz Moshi Monsters (Used to go on it) Brickapidia (NOT a user!) Andkon Arcade

My enemy cards



Friend userbox


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Favorite Image


[URL=""][IMG]5p3zifyc.png[/IMG] Click here to level up my card![/URL]

[URL=""][IMG]npxaox27.png[/IMG] Click here to level up my license![/URL]

Top Locations

World 7-NSMBW Airship Sprite.pngAirship

World 8-Bowser's Castle Sprite.pngBowser's Castle


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