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Hello there, i'm The Green Maskass, another French guy on SMW.

My "job" here is to add European French (and sometimes Canadian French) level/stage names in various Mario games, and/or translating French names of said stages/levels (however, i'm not very active on this website, i'm a pretty busy person).

Speaking of the Mario series, i'm probably the biggest Mario fan in my family. I've played a lot of Mario games since i first discovered video games (also, my first Mario game is (probably) Super Mario All-Stars), i also like the spin-off Mario games such as the MK series, the SSB Series, and many others.

OK, that's all i can say now.

Also, sorry if my English is not perfect, i'm still learning.

NNID: akira_midori_25

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Consoles that i own

Games that i own

Note : This list is not exhaustive.

Wii U

(Don't pay attention to the US boxarts, i have a European Wii U.)




Virtual Console games that i own on my New 3DS