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My name is RickyMario and I am a huge fan of Mario!

Here are my stats:

  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite Character(s): Mario
  • Favorite Game(s): Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  • Favorite Color(s): Green and Red(If I didn't like green and red, then why does I wear green and red?)

Favorite Characters

Mario Mario, my Favorite Plumber!

Luigi Paper Luigi?

Goomba A Paper Goomba

Yoshi Yoshi wants to be just like Mario!

Toad Toad, the small guy

Wario Wario is ready to play Wario Ware!

Bowser Bowser looks fierce!

Shy Guy The 3 colors of a Shy Guy

And thats about it of Favorite Characters!

My Contributions

Here are my contributions to the Super Mario Wiki.

Cardinal Rule This was an easy one to do, and it was my first!!!!

Trampoline I have done a little editing to this page, what it used to be didn't talk about trampolines in the other Mario games.

MArio and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Kinda've help change it by saying the game has no continuous play.

My Mario Games

Here are my Favorite Mario Games and the ones that I own!

Games I Own

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

RickyMario Catch Card


Here is my Catch Card!!!

My Sprites

My Sprites made by Master Crash!

These sprites were made by Master Crash for me! Thank you very much Master Crash!!