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Hello, I am QBert64 and I am here to help out with the wiki. I am sorry if my english isn't prefect, but I am still trying to help. Besides that, I have been a Mario fan for a long time. The first Mario game I have played (from as far as my memory can go) was Super Mario Bros. I also make computer games in Game Maker: Studio.

Nintendo consoles that I own

Name Image Summary
Silver Nintendo DS Lite DSLite.jpg The first Nintendo console that I have bought along with Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It was replaced by my red and black Nintendo DS Lite when it broke because I wasn't taking a lot of good care of it (I was new to having a hand held console at that time). Right now, it belongs to my little sister.
Red and black Nintendo DS Lite DSLite RedBlack.jpg A replacement for my silver one, I was taking a lot more good care of it than I used to do with my old one. After I got my flame red Nintendo 3DS, I've spent less time with my Nintendo DS Lite and it was only used for multiplayer.
Flame red Nintendo 3DS An open red Nintendo 3DS. My favorite Nintendo console of all time. I was taking super good care of it. I used it for playing Nintendo DS games instead of using my red and black Nintendo DS Lite. I have owned a lot of Nintendo 3DS games though.


NOTE: This section is currently under construction, please excuse it's informal appearance while I try to get it done.

Mario games that I own

Name Image Summary
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story The North American cover of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. The first game I have owned for the Nintendo DS. I also have some memorable memories from when I was little, one was that I thought I have to hold the X button instead of repeatley press it. Another one was where I sometimes delete my save file and start over again, and one time I pretended it was in a Christmas theme (like there was snow, Bowser has snow gear, etc).
New Super Mario Bros. Box art of New Super Mario Bros. This was a game I've got from WalMart. I love this game and remember that I got all the Star Coins and sold them all (twice, I think). I also usually play multiplayer with my siblings, mostly the Minigames one.
Yoshi's Island DS YI2boxart.jpg I remember that I wanted to get this game at one time, when I was in the dentist. It's a nice sequel to Yoshi's Island, though I wish the levels weren't so hard as THWOMP! I've beaten the final boss, but needed to get 100 points in all levels (which I kinda doubt that).
Super Mario 64 DS Sm64ds.jpg I've gotten this game from a Christmas along with Mario Kart DS, I've gotten all 150 stars (some were I have to look them up in order to get them). I also catched all of the Rabbits, which means I have all of the minigames. Sometimes, I play VS multiplayer with my siblings, but not really often.
Mario Kart DS The North American Boxart for Mario Kart DS. Along with Super Mario 64 DS, I've gotten this game from a Christmas. I would usually play race tracks I am new to in Time Trails before playing them in the Grand Prix. I unlocked all of the characters, but need to beat all staff records. I also play multiplayer with my siblings (whenever it's a team race, or a Free for All).
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! Boxart. Thanks to the included level editor, I've gotten this game from GameStop as I was interested in level editors at that time. I got all of the trophies, tokens, cards, and everything that you can use in the level editor. There was this memorable memory I had where I would keep making levels until I reached the max (they were deleted so I could make more levels).
Mario Party DS MPDSNA.jpg I watched a friend of mine playing this game, which interested me in buying this game. I loved this game and beaten Story Mode with every character (with Yoshi as my first one). The minigames were nice too, although I dislike the luck-based ones. Sometimes, I play this game with my siblings.
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time MarioLuigiPartnersTimeBox.jpg Since I loved the Mario & Luigi games, I wanted to get this game. It was pretty fun, although the time travelling seems to be a bit confusing (really, how come there is no Shroobs in the present?). The final boss seems to be a bit too challenging though.
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis Mvsdk2motmcoverart.jpg As much as I loved level editors, I got this game by ordering it (I think, it's been so long). At first, I thought this was the sequel to Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem. I wish you can create more than eight levels though. It's also worth mentioning that this is the last Nintendo DS game I got, before I got a Nintendo 3DS.
Super Mario 3D Land The North American cover for Super Mario 3D Land This game came with my flame red Nintendo 3DS in Christmas 2012 (I also got New Super Mario Bros. 2 in that Christmas). It was one of my first Nintendo 3DS games and I find it good! I got five stars in my file (they don't sparkle, though) and I think it's one of the greatest 3D Mario games of all time. Sure, it may be the generic "save the princess" story, but I still like it.
New Super Mario Bros. 2 The front North American cover art for New Super Mario Bros. 2 Ever since I played this in a store, I wanted to get this game, and I did in Christmas 2012 (along with Super Mario 3D Land and my flame red Nintendo 3DS). This may be one of the worst main-stream Mario games, but I don't care, because I had fun with it. I reached 1,000,000 Coins and got everything in my file. I also have some DLC packs, but I don't have all of them.
Mario Kart 7 Box art for the game, Mario Kart 7. When a cousin of mine wanted this game for Christmas, I also wanted to get this game too. I didn't get it get for Christmas, but got it from mail. To me, it's one of the best Mario Kart games I have ever played, especially that you can customize your vehicle. I got three stars in all classes (including the Mirror class). Sometimes, I play online. But I never play with friends, though.
Paper Mario: Sticker Star Paper Mario: Sticker Star North America Box Cover Since I saw a advertizement of this game in YouTube, I was interested in this game (since I never played a Paper Mario game), and I got it in my 2013 birthday. Despite a lot of fans hating this, I actually like this game. Though, the puzzles can sometimes get confusing and annoying, especially the moment that you fought a boss without the right stickers. Anyway, I got everything that I needed to get 100% (though, I sometimes look up how to get some stickers).
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again MvsDK3 Logo.png I got this game from the Nintendo eShop for some reason that I don't remember anymore. I enjoyed this game and got everything for my file. I find Pauline's voice to be kind of funny. I made some levels, too! Anything else I have to say? I guess I can say that is my first Nintendo DSi game.
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team North America box art of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team As a fan of the Mario & Luigi series, I got this game by paying for it at WalMart. I saved all of the Pi'illo's and beaten all of the normal bosses in the Battle Ring. I would have beaten all of the giant bosses in the Battle Ring, but that gyro control glitch in the Zeekeeper battle prevented me from doing that. But I still liked this game, but I think a little more freedom in the beginning would make it more better.
Mario Party: Island Tour Final box art of Mario Party: Island Tour. When I saw this in a Nintendo Direct, I was instantly interested in getting this game. It was good, but I still don't like the luck-based minigames, and I wish you could play the multiplayer-only stuff in single player. Bowser's Tower was good, but I wish that you can do the boards too, instead of just minigames. One thing I find funny, is that when I played as Bowser Jr. in Bowser's board and Yoshi is in there, I would win first place and Yoshi finishes last place.
Yoshi's New Island North American box cover of Yoshi's New Island. As a fan of Yoshi, I got this game from BestBuy. It was okay, but I think the levels could be more original and they should've bring back the different babies gimmick. I almost got everything in this game, just need to finish World 6-8 with 30 stars. I think the music is good too.
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS North American boxart for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. This version is the final commercial print as released for consumers. When this game came out in North America, I ran to WalMart and got it. It's one of the best Nintendo 3DS games, I also think the ideas for the stages are great (even though, they may be un-tournament friendly). I unlocked every character and got all of their custom moves. I currently have 682 trophies. I'm also almost done with completing all challenges, just need to get four more hits, collect all Smash Run powers, and collect all headgear. The only downsides I would say about this game, is that Clubberskull seems to be a bit overpowered (I don't mind the Ornes, though), and it lacks a story mode. Sometimes, I would play online, and do With Anyone (mostly For Fun) and may do Conquest mode (I never won in a Conquest mode match, though). I never played With Friends, as I don't have anyone in my friend list that has the game.

Mario Virtual Console games that I own

Name Image Summary
Super Mario Bros. Boxart for Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2 The official box art to Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3 The official boxart for Super Mario Bros. 3

Friend Codes

So far, I only have one friend code which is the 3DS one. My 3DS friend code is: 2337-3215-5826. If you want to be my friend, then show me your friend code in my talk page BUT, I will only accept it if I know you very well. Just remember, I should not trust strangers. Want to play with me on online? Well, I have Mario Kart 7 and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.