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About Me

*  Name Jackson
*  Gender Male
*  Birthday August 14th
*  Age 11
*  Location Pensylvainia
*  Ethnicity White
*  Religion Judaism
*  Hair Black
*  Eyes Gray
*  Typical Dress Orange Shirt, Jeans, Shoes
*  IQ 145

Petey Piranha

File:Petey Piranha.png

Here's a neat image of him. As all the Petey Piranha fans know he can fly. Here's a video about a battle in Bianco Hills <youtube>LYK2IpoKCeo&hl</youtube>

Here are some more Images of Petey Piranha.

File:Petey Strikers.PNG ML2 Petey.PNG

As shown above it's clearly stated that Petey plays soccer. He also plays tennis.

MPT PeteyPiranha.jpg

And rides a kart called the Piranha Pipes


Fire Elbum and Melee

Roy is awsome.


Fire Elbumb has a hero named Marth. He is a Melee Veteran. My friend and I think Marth and Roy are bros.


Pichu and Pichu are a great Super Smash Bros. Melee

Pichuart.jpg Pichuart.jpg

Trophy Gallery

File:Trophy57.PNG File:Trophy1.PNG File:Trophy8.PNG Trophy13.png File:Trophy16.PNG File:Trophy23.PNG File:Trophy26.PNG File:Trophy35.PNG File:Trophy38.PNG File:Trophy41.PNG File:Trophy46.PNG File:Trophy49.PNG File:Trophy52.PNG File:Trophy58.PNG File:Trophy59.PNG File:Trophy62.PNG File:Trophy64.PNG File:TrPetey piranha.jpg


Out of all my gaming expierience the two most astonishing things I've ever done goes as follows.

2 Perfect Run on Sir Weston (meaning without getting hit, one try, and gold frame).

I was very surprised when I did this prior to this the best thing I did in Luigi's Mansion was beat the game but I had never come close to any Perfect Run on any non area 2 boss (I managed to get gold on Neville and Chauncey) and when I did that I was as surprised as when I got the Wacky Watch in Mario Party 3.

1 Staring Donkey Kong in Mario Superstar Baseball

I am really sorry for all you people who had to go through the vigourous task of starring DK, but I did it and I am very proud sadly I still haven't pitched a perfect game with Mario but I'm close to starring him too.

Lanky Kong In Melee?

I hacked Lanky into Melee because I was tired of the roster and I did it here are his moves

A: He slaps his opponents

A combo: He slaps his opponents twice

Side A: He streches his arms out

Dash A: He jumps onto his hands and stops

Up A: He sings his arms up

Down A: DK's Down A move with more range and less damage

Air A: His Double Jump from Donkey Kong 64

Air Side A: Have not actually made yet so if I use it Lanky will turn into Roy and use his move and turn back.

Air Up A: An upward arm thrust

Air Back A: Slap that goes behind Lanky

Air Down A: His Simian Slam from DK64

Side Smash: Pounds the ground in front of him with his arms

Up Smash: He will get on his hands and jump up

Down Smash: DK's Down Smash except does less damage and Lanky will spin after using it.

Grape Shooter: He uses a chargable version of Falco's Blaster

OrangStand Sprint: Similar to Jigglypuff's Rollout attack

Baboon Balloon: He will inflate himself and drift for 5 seconds

Shock Wave: He uses a less ranged version of the shock wave from DK64


I have come back a third time in seek of power



Firebro.gif PeteyPiranhafliying.gif File:Ani 1turtle2.gif SMB Hammer Bro Throwing Hammer Sprite.gif SMB Hammer Bro Throwing Hammer Sprite.gif SMB Hammer Bro Throwing Hammer Sprite.gif Piranha History.PNG File:Podoboo.PNG File:Lakitulol.gif File:Lakitulol.gif IggySMB3Ani.gif SMB Hammer Bro Throwing Hammer Sprite.gif


BobOmbSMB3.gif Ani smb3 chainchomp.gif NSMB Bill Blaster.png

Games I Own (or pwn depends what game)


Super Mario Bros 3 ***** It was a great game can't wait to play it again

Goonies II **** It had to be the most underted game on the NES, but it's so hard.


Super Mario World **** Not as good as the original

Eathbound ***** My favorite videogame


Super Mario Land *** It gets repetitive

Pokemon Pinball ** If you thought THAT was repetitive you 'aint seen nothing


Mario Kart 64 **** It's better than the Wii one

Mario Party 2 ***** My favorite Mario Party

Mario Party 3 **** Hard (a one word description)

Pokemon Snap I don't play it any more so I don't know how to rate it

Pokemon Stadium ***** Best Pokemon game

Gameboy Advance

Mario Kart Super Circut *** Not THAT bad

Pokemon Fire Red **** I enjoyed it

Advance Wars ***** Second to Earthbound

Advance Wars 2 **** Not as fun as the original

Sonic Advance * One of the worst games I've played