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My Name Is Pdjr9000. The "d" stands for "diddy". I joined the wiki on 12th March 2011.

  • This user is not happy to be threatened with a warning (especially not for failing to use italics for game titles!).
  • This user is male.
  • This user lives in South-East England.
  • This user was born in London.
  • This user thinks that not releasing games in his country is lazy. Very lazy.
  • This user wants a PAL Only game released (i.e. a game not released in NTSC countries, especially not Japan)
  • This user wants to gain loyalty to Nintendo.
  • This user is making plans for an English translation of a film popularly called Super Mario Bros.: Peach Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen, which translates as Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach or simply The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach. (Please, JC, no warnings!!!)
  • This user is very greedy.
  • At this user's school, Super Princess Peach receives very bad reception.
  • This user likes to come up with games for Nintendo.
  • This user uses Square Enix Europe and Silverball Studios to develop his games.
  • This user's school nickname is P Diddy, which is how he chose his name.
  • This user fears that Next Level Games might get mad when he moves development of the Mario Football series (see Mario Football (series)) from them to Silverball Studios.
  • It is this user's policy to take evasive action against anything he doesn't want to happen to him.
  • This user thinks too much is only available in Japan and wants it all available worldwide if it is.
  • This user expands stubs whenever possible.
  • This user can be aggressive.
  • This user is used to living an undisciplined life.
  • This user has an uncontrollable habit of speaking angrily if he gets a warning, especially from an administrator.
  • This user is the greatest Mario fan ever and shouldn't be blocked.
  • This user will not tolerate anything bad going towards him.
  • This user owns a Game & Watch (Greenhouse), a Game Boy Advance, a Wii and a DSi and is getting a Nintendo 3DS.
  • This user is 12 years old, for the time being.
  • This user lives 16 miles south-west of London.
  • This user has a Wikipedia account, in which he is called Pdiddyjr, a Donkey Kong Wiki account, in which he is called Side Kong, and a SmashWiki account, in which he is called SmashPeter. However, he does not get on with the other users of SmashWiki.
  • This user can imagine if there was a Mario game that was only released in Japan but was entirely in French.
  • This user calls the species of Koopa Bowser belongs to Giant Koopas.
  • This user's favourite online game site is
  • This user's favourite band is Green Day.
  • Этот пользователь может только расширить свою русскую лексику с помощью одного из ванна времени своего младшего двоюродного брата книг.
  • このユーザはほとんど何の日本人を知っているが、それを習得したいと思います。
  • 이 사용자는 거의 모든 한국어를 몰라.
  • 此用戶有這麼幾句話在他的普通話詞彙,但他的父母似乎能講廣東話。
  • Cet utilisateur peut parler presque couramment le français.
  • Questo utente può parlare di un piccolo aiuto di italiano in una certa misura.
  • Dieser Benutzer ist Deutsch nicht genau so gut.
  • مفردات هذا المستخدم العربي على وشك صغيرة مثل ربع بيضة النحلة الطنان.
  • Αυτός ο χρήστης δεν μπορεί να μιλήσει ελληνικά.

Glossary of Terms

Tyrant: Admin who blocks the most users.
False Template: Template given for no reason.
Archbishop Laud: User who backs the tyrant up. The term comes from William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, who enforced Charles I's changes to the English Church.
Binman: User who deletes the most pages.
Lockout: Being blocked while logged out of the wiki.

Pdjr's excuses

Which would you go for?

  • "I was late for school because I squirted the tube of toothpaste too much and spent all morning trying to get it back into the tube."
  • "I was late for school because I wanted to make an entrance."
  • "I was late for school because I saw Mario testing fireballs."

Pdjr9000's Quotes

  • "I can imagine if there was a Mario game that was only released in Japan but was entirely in French. Yeah. En Français s'il vous plaît, mais pas de Japonais. Le Français, il est roi, mais le Japonais, il n'est pas roi."
  • "I never knew Walkazo was female. I thought she would be female if her user name had an A on the end."
  • "Next Level Games, if you demand that I use you to develop my games by threatening to sue me, Silverball Studios will shut you DOWN,DOWN, DOWn,DOwn, Down..."
  • "At school, I would like to start a rumour that Masahiro Sakurai lives next door to the Emperor of Japan."
  • "I'm also going to start a rumour that the 'HAL' in HAL Laboratory stands for Hitachi All-Star Laboratories, and that it was founded as a subsidiary of Hitachi, a Japanese Electronics company that have their Japan headquarters in the same part of Tokyo as HAL Laboratory's headquarters."

Ask Pdjr

Got a query? Ask it on Pdjr9000's talk page.

Misheard Lyrics

I can provide misheard lyrics for Holiday, a track by Green Day, and also for the theme tunes for Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you would like me to add some misheard lyrics for those tracks, please tell me and I will put them on this page.

Games I've got



Games I'm considering getting

Hotel Mario Intro: Nouns replaced

OK, so have you been paying attention to the Hotel Mario Intro? In this one, all the nouns are replaced with "WRONNNNNGG!". Remember, no cheating!

Mario: Nice of the WRONNNNNGG! to invite us over for a WRONNNNNGG!, eh, WRONNNNNGG!?

Luigi: I hope she made lotsa WRONNNNNGG!!

Mario: WRONNNNNGG!, look!

Mario: It's from WRONNNNNGG!!

Mario: Dear pesky WRONNNNNGG!, the WRONNNNNGG! and I have taken over the WRONNNNNGG!. The WRONNNNNNGG! is now a permanent WRONNNNNGG! in one of my 8 WRONNNNNGG!. I dare you to find her if you can!

Mario: We gotta find the WRONNNNNGG!!

Luigi: And YOU gotta help us!

Mario: If you need WRONNNNNGG! on how to get through the WRONNNNNGG!, check out the enclosed WRONNNNNGG!

Game Designing: Reworking cancelled games

I'm yet to be one of the greatest video game designers of all time. I'm thinking to see what cancelled games I can rework into new ones, but will start fresh. In other words, I will avoid games that already have had parts reworked into other games.


  • Pdjr9000 does not think that Next Level Games should develop the Mario Football Games and that Silverball Studios should do so instead.
  • In the game on Friv/, Mini Scientist, there is an area with blocks, a pipe and a flagpole like those from the Mario Series. Also, a Mushroom comes out of one of the blocks.

External Links

SmashPeter's page on SmashWiki
Pdiddyjr's page on Wikipedia

I have tried to put a link to Friv on my page, but the link was broken and had to be removed. Sorry for any inconvenience.