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Hi! I'm Mario Master1 M.M.1 for short. My brother is Marioguy1. I am lazy and will not edit often, sometimes my brother will edit as me! If anyone knows where to get a nice simple lesson on wikicoding, put it on my talk page.

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About Me

I'm a normal user on the super mario wiki and it is the only wiki/wikia I'm on however I don't edit often and am most of the time on the forum and even more in chat in #marioguychat, #paperchat, #userpedia, #mwchat and finally the one and only #mwshroom I really enjoy computer and video games and am a hockey and soccer fan (but not a superfan) I enjoy most sports and love to eat. I'm often silly angry or just plain old serious and always, always sarcastic in some way or the other.

Weird Coincidences

  • I was the first user to be welcomed with the new Welcome template (the one with the talk link), that change was instigated by my brother (only fitting).

People I enjoy talking with

I enjoy talking online in #marioguychat with Edofenrir, TwentyTwoFiftySeven, my brother MG1 and sometimes Gamefreak75 and Mr.ConcreteDonkey. I spend the majority of my time on the forum mostly in the games that are there. I especially like the mafia games and I'm in practically every single one. I highly suggest joining them or even making one of your own.

Having fun on chat

Here are some of the fun times I've had with some of the people I enjoy:

MrConcreteDonkey|toilet quit (Ping timeout)
Edofenrir: "I think he fell in."
MM1: " XD "
_2257: "Ono I will save him!"
_2257 flushes the toilet.
_2257: "I think he got stuck."
_2257: "Do either of you have a plunger?"
MrConcreteDonkey joined #marioguychat
_2257: "Oh, you escaped"

MrConcreteDonkey: "Dang it, you killed your brother's chat."
MM1: "I did???"
MrConcreteDonkey: "Yes"
MM1: "How?"
MrConcreteDonkey: "You tied up Edo and 2257 and locked them in a room somewhere."
Edofenrir: "2257, did you hear that? <3"
_2257: "Eeeee <3"
MM1: "Yes because I'm just that evil (says sarcastically)"
_2257: "for some values of evil… <3"