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Hello I am Elijah Guy A User here on the wiki! I'm a young editor on the wiki, I have been here for officially three months. I'm VERY HORRIBLE AT THIS so, feel free to add tips to help me! You can take a look on my user page if you want. You can find me on the Mario Forums randomly posting random threads. Please don't edit anything, unless your me.

Personal Information

Heads up! Warning zone!

Me: Ok so this is Very Personal Info so read with caution please, or don't read at all. Its your choice! If you kept reading this you have been warned......

  • Age: 11
  • Language(s) I speak: Plain English (and some Spanish).
  • Hobbies: Playing games (Especially Mario games). I also like to draw and Listen to Mario themed music and much more.
  • Actual name: Elijah.
  • I can lose things easily and cant remember stuff sometimes
  • I like to make comics (Not about Mario though).

All About Me

A picture of me.

Hi im Elijah Guy! I love Mario games! I currently own a Wii U but soon, I will get a Nintendo Switch Lite!

I currently own 6 Mario Games. 4 in DVD Disks and 3 downloaded. One is a Virtual Console Game. Most info will be found in my userbox! If you want to become friends just ask me (in my talk page) and then copy the "Friends with Elijah Guy" box or you can ask me in the Mario Forums!

Elijah Guy's Userbox Tower
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Games I own and played

I currently own these games for my Wii U all these games are Disks.

These games are downloaded

Virtual Console Games that I own

Mario Games that I played but don't own

Non Mario Games that I own

  • Sonic Lost World

My Game Accomplishments


  • The Trivia part of a article is the best part (according to me).
  • Elijah Guy is technically a combination of Elijah (My real name) and Shy Guy (The "Guy" part of Shy guy).
  • I do everything on this wiki on mobile edits, pictures, etc.
  • Not having trivia in a article is the worst part (according to me).
  • I consider 64 and 7 lucky numbers!