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Retro Feature

by Tucayo (talk)
First article: Riddles, Issue III
Last article: Director’s Notes, Issue XI
Sections Written: Main/Staff: 9
Fun Stuff: 4
Positions held: Director, Editor-in-Chief

HI, readers! I'm your intellectual Statistics Manager, Tucayo, and welcome to another installment of Retro Feature! After reviewing Ralphfan's job last month, this time I'm going all the way back to Issue III to bring you the work of former director, Plumber (talk)!

Plumber joined the MarioWiki on January 2007 (he's old, right?) and signed up for The 'Shroom shortly after. At first, he signed himself up to write Fake Characters, which had been last written by WarioLoaf on Issue I, but then-Director Wayoshi rejected his sign-up, since no additional sections to the ones WarioLoaf already wrote were allowed. He later signed up for a Fake Article, but was rejected once again by Wayoshi. After that he signed up for the Riddles section, which was created by him. After seeing Superchao (talk) and Xzelion (talk)'s sections (Quiz and Jokes, respectively) could fall under the same category as Plumber's, Wayoshi decided to group them under a new "section", then called the Fun Section. This Fun Section would be later renamed to Fun Stuff, but back then it was just a small compilation of a handful of sections. It wasn’t really directed by anyone, it was just compiled by the Director.

One of the pioneers of what is now a well-established Sub-Team, Plumber wrote four Riddles sections before making the jump into the directing staff. Wayoshi retired from his administrative and Shroom duties after Issue V, and left then-Editor-in-Chief HK-47 as Director. Since the Editor-in-Chief job was vacant, HK appointed Plumber as his EiC; however, that distribution would only last one month, since HK retired after directing Issue VI, which left Plumber as Director. During that time (mid-2007), there was a drought of contributors in the Super Mario Wiki, which was of course reflected in The 'Shroom. That is why, The 'Shroom's first year was a rough one, but Plumber managed to keep The 'Shroom active and alive, and even made some important changes in the process. Plumber revamped the Sign-Up page to make more organized; removed the EiC position he had previously held, claiming anyone could check grammar (the position would later be reinstated under Stooben's and my directorship, only to be removed again); but, most importantly, he created the Election process. As I had mentioned before, the old method to choose the new Director was simply to appoint the EiC as Director, which Plumber didn't quite like, so, before he retired, he held the first 'Shroom Director Election, which Glowsquid (talk) won.

As an additional piece of trivia, writers like Beanbean (talk), Crocodile Dippy (talk), Glitchman (talk), Stooben Rooben (talk) and Xpike (talk) wrote their first 'Shroom section under Plumber's directorship.

Without more, I leave you with one of the first Fun Stuff sections ever, Plumber’s Riddles from Issue III, enjoy!


Can you figure out who or what is being described in these clever lines? From Plumber, Riddles of the Pipe.

Riddle #1

I used to just sit around all day without moving
Getting fed and tanned was pretty all I was doing
But, then one day, I was changed
You may say I died,
But I prefer "changed"
But at least I could move
I only wish I could walk freely
What/Who am I?

Riddle #2

If you want something destroyed,
I’m your man(?)
I can manhandle anything until it is destroyed
I’m even more destructive than all the Trollers
and their sockpuppets combined (even Peachycakes!)
Tell me where it is, and that will be its last destination before destruction
I’ll even go as far as to having a seizure,
get bombs dropped on me and missiles fired at me
As long as it’s destroyed
So, if you ever need a hand in destroying things,
Just give me a(n) call email
Cause, I prefer to type
Since my speaking isn’t all that great
I can only tell you a few laughs and screams
I’m your man(?)
Who/What am I?

Riddle #3

I kidnapped someone in a video game once, you know
But some people don’t want you to know
Those people say I did not
But another group and I say I did!
Of course, now I don’t do that anymore
But I bet you can’t guess who I am!
You could try to beat video game to prove you know who I am
But I bet you can’t do it!
Forget the game!
You’d lose anyway!
And even if you did win…
You would never get the best score!
And I only tell who gets 1st place in the high scores!
So ha!
Who/What am I? (You won’t guess)

Oh, and I almost forgot to say Plumber is the reason I changed my username to Henry Tucayo Clay. That’s all for this month’s Retro Feature, I hope you enjoyed this trip into the newspaper’s past, and remember, history is cool!

What? No, that’s a dumb phrase, please forget I said that. BYE!