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Director’s Notes

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Written by: Zange (talk)

And now for someone completely different.

Well, hello to readers old and new! My name's Zange, and you'll be seeing me at the start of Pipe Plaza for the foreseeable future. It's really an honor to be here. I remember first stumbling across The 'Shroom back in 2013 or so, and it just totally blew my mind at the time. I could hardly wrap my tiny 11-year-old mind around the fact that all these people got together every month to release this whole newsletter. Fast forward six years later, and I can hardly believe that I'm now directing a team for it. Funny how things work out like that! (Deja Vu, perhaps??) Regardless, I'm really happy to be here.

I would like to give a HUGE shout-out and thank you to The Pyro Guy (talk) for two reasons: 1. For the amazing portrait to my right, and 2. For all the incredible work he's put into Pipe Plaza before me. I'll be certain to carry on all his hard work from here on. Shout-out to the rest of the staff as well for helping to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd love for anyone interested in writing a section to join me! Head to the Sign Up page if you're interested, and don't hesitate to ask me or another staff member any questions you may have! And without further ado, enjoy what Pipe Plaza has in store for this month!

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Poll Committee Discussion 4 80% ArchagentEverlasting
2nd Interview 1 20% Superchao

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Non-Wiki Sections

What do SMG2 and Daisy have in common? The subject of this month's interview!
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The best analysis of the polls around!
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Written by: Superchao (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! It's your boy Superchao here and wait I think I used that line already didn't I? Well, either way, I'm here with another interview! I've been able to rope longtime user Smg2daisy into this - she might not be the most active on the forum, but she's always felt like a solid regular in the community. So I decided you should all learn some more about her that you might have not known!

The Interview:
Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! Welcome to the latest edition of interview, which I hope you're actually maybe possibly reading!
Smg2daisy: Well, at least I will be reading, or at least glancing. I like to read the interviews.
Smg2daisy: It lets me know more about other users around.
Superchao: Awww, thanks!
Superchao: Anyhow, this month I've decided to grab Smg2Daisy for the interview, as you can tell!
Smg2daisy: But now that I think about it again, I can't remember too much about what I read before. I might pay the previous issues a visit again.
Superchao: Reading 'Shroom back issues is always a fun time.
Smg2daisy: It is, although the last time I did that was getting inspirations for myself to write for Issue 150.
Superchao: So! How'd you find your way to this little community of ours, anyway? However long ago it was?
Smg2daisy: Hmm. It was really silly but let's see. When I was 15, I got my first mobile phone and I was playing Wii a lot.
Smg2daisy: I had games such as Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Paper Mario, and Super Mario Strikers.
Superchao: What, no SMG1?
Smg2daisy: No. Back then we didn't really have the games in a CD form.
Smg2daisy: The Will was not even mine. It's my brother who had it as a reward for getting full As in his final primary school exam.
Superchao: Nice, I'm glad you were able to borrow it!
Smg2daisy: So he did the thing, and my parents had to fulfill their promise but buying CDs individually are really expensive.
Smg2daisy: We got this little black box (I still have no idea what it is), and we plugged in, and it let us choose different games.
Smg2daisy: Whatever games that are inside will be available for us siblings to play. That's it.
Smg2daisy: Now that I think about it, that's probably some hacking.
Superchao: Huh. We'll have to study it later, it sounds MarioWiki relevant!
Superchao: Yeah it's gotta be a bootleg, lol
Smg2daisy: Sigh, the poor times. Anyway, I enjoyed the games regardless!
Superchao: Well, that's good!
Superchao: So, how'd that tie into MarioWiki?
Smg2daisy: I remembered that I ventured into Super Mario Wiki eventually and note that it's the first time I enter the internet, my mind was: Is this official???
Superchao: Probably for the best it's not.
Superchao: I couldn't talk about F-Zero then!
Smg2daisy: And it did look like it's official for me, and I just press random buttons on the top of the main page and...
Smg2daisy: Ah, what a mood.
Smg2daisy: "Forum"
Smg2daisy: Hmm.
Smg2daisy: *thinks about all the cringey posts I made and reflects*
Superchao: That's why you should have done what I did and gotten all your cringe out on the wiki under an old name nobody remembers except by a nickname
Smg2daisy: Too late.
Superchao: Oh nooooooo
Superchao: Any particular reason you joined?
Smg2daisy: Nope!
Superchao: Simple, yet explanatory!
Smg2daisy: Everything else was grey if you don't login so I registered.
Superchao: and then you had the problem of never keeping up with posts
Superchao: Maybe that's just me though...
Smg2daisy: And then I think I was focusing on the forum because there are people who talk and it's a good opportunity to fix my English.
Superchao: Hey, it helped Tucayo!
Smg2daisy: Hmm, recent posted threads?
Superchao: Look at some of his 2009 posts sometime and be astounded.
Smg2daisy: Will do that after this!
Superchao: In my defense I used the forum for 13 years and never noticed that
Smg2daisy: Too late!
Smg2daisy: After a while I stick in the forum, I was obsessed with star rankings... because who doesn't like stars?
Smg2daisy: I'd say counting threads took over 90% of my posts!
Smg2daisy: Joining the community when I was 15, and I am glad that no one thinks that I am really childish. I think I was.
Superchao: Oh god, the obsession with stars. What a ride that was.
Smg2daisy: Well maybe I am, judging from how active I am from the counting threads. But I don't really care about the stars now because they are not visible anymore...
Smg2daisy: Sigh, entering a new era of Mario Boards pays the price.
Superchao: It does. Truly, the stars were the greatest loss... let us all mourn.
Smg2daisy: But to be fair, a lot of things had changed throughout the years and I am somehow glad that I come back to this community.
Smg2daisy: But the ability to keep things up around is another issue, tho.
Smg2daisy: Right now, the only game I play is Mario Kart Tour so
Superchao: Honestly, I think half our memberbase doesn't even play Mario games anymore
Smg2daisy: Ok but in the entire forum or the active ones?
Superchao: Active ones lol
Superchao: Look at me, I haven't written a single thing about the 'Shroom for Mario in a long time!
Smg2daisy: But you are at least, writing fro the Shroom consistently!
Superchao: I am! And it's all about F-Zero.
Superchao: (Reminder to my readers to go vote for who I cover in November!)
Smg2daisy: You will haunt everyone who doesn't.
Superchao: I will.
Superchao: So, what caused you to stick around long-term? Rather than one and done?
Smg2daisy: I think it's mainly about the people around. It started from people such as DF, Star, and then MK, Geeky...
Superchao: What, no me?
Smg2daisy: That's the list after I leave out everyone else who left.
Smg2daisy: WELL
Smg2daisy: Moderators tend to be busy (That's what I think back then) so...
Superchao: You're not the only person who said their initial impression of me was tinted by me being a mod, lol
Smg2daisy: My mind was still like a child so I'd worry if I offended people.
Superchao: Can't blame ya at 15.
Smg2daisy: Back then you, Smasher, Tucky were moderators. I guess.
Superchao: Tucky was never a mod lol
Smg2daisy: I think I backed out more when Smasher doesn't like how I call
Smg2daisy: OH
Smg2daisy: Smashie.
Smg2daisy: But now I just say it when I feel like it!
Superchao: I think she's fine with that at this point, because it's not being spammed to annoy her
Smg2daisy: And I had this mindset of "They are moderators so they are adults who does great things"
Smg2daisy: If I am a spammer I will no longer be here!
Superchao: Nonsense, all you gotta do is change your ways in tiiime
Smg2daisy: HMMMMM.
Smg2daisy: Things escalated for me back in the end of 2016 and 2017.
Smg2daisy: that's when my mindset starts to shift away from being a kid.
Superchao: And it worked out well, I'd say!
Superchao: See: your visit here
Smg2daisy: And I was in college back then so i didn't paid too much attention to the forum, except Mario Awards, mafia, and Killing Game.
Smg2daisy: That was a huge step for me!
Superchao: Killing Game is fun but man am I glad it doesn't happen as often as Mafia
Superchao: would burn out soooo faaaast
Smg2daisy: Yes, and I applaud for hosts who did the games.
Smg2daisy: 2017 was a ride. I think I gathered up reasons for the US trip for myself.
Superchao: It was a fun time! Next time you gotta stay longer tho
Smg2daisy: Visiting people I met online, joining the AnimeFest which was located in Dallas, Texas.
Smg2daisy: I will! I can't wait for the food you will cook!
Superchao: Exceeeeellent.
Superchao: How'd you feel about the general change in the community dynamic as Skype and Discord were introduced?
Smg2daisy: Was Skype even big for the community back then?
Smg2daisy: Skype and the forum somehow exist and not interfere with each other at all.
Superchao: Skype was... A mess. Let's put it kindly.
Smg2daisy: It's just a spot for people who become friends from the forum and it's just like Messenger.
Smg2daisy: I will never want to login to Skype anymore...
Superchao: I uninstalled Skype years ago when it made me delete all my old logs.
Smg2daisy: Hmm, I will check my laptop and see if I deleted Skype when I get home.
Smg2daisy: Discord however, is an interesting platform. I think the addition of Killing Game adds up the demand of people using Discord along with the forum. The content still doesn't interfere, but the server based space makes us feel like
Smg2daisy: It's just like a community. It's controlled by moderators and you get more interactions with users.
Superchao: Pretty much! It's a microsm of the forum
Smg2daisy: The only big perk of forum is that you can search your threads easily, while Discord is just
Smg2daisy: Like a river flows, slowly to the sea
Superchao: I like the general accessibility and relative permanent feel of the forum, but that's me and my attachment to it after running for so long
Smg2daisy: At least saying "Good morning!" in Discord won't be as weird as saying it in the forum.
Smg2daisy: Well, you have watched over it for so many years, that's understandable.
Superchao: Yep.
Superchao: Its wild to think of how big the timescale for MarioWiki is.
Superchao: Especially with the 'Shroom!
Smg2daisy: Yeah, it's been over 150 issues now!
Superchao: There was a joke in a 2007 issue of the 'Shroom that makes me 100% certain the 'Shroom staff such as it was at the time thought it was going to be dead by 2015
Smg2daisy: Maybe they are talking about Userpedia instead......
Superchao: Userpedia needed to have the plug pulled, honestly
Superchao: It was time to let go.
Smg2daisy: Sigh, I like that shade of blue in Userpedia.
Smg2daisy: But I can see why, even not from the dramas. I think I was typing too much of my personal information in there.
Smg2daisy: If that thing keeps up, I might even leak too much about myself.
Superchao: Less from the dramas and more just... It was time to accept it was dead, y'know?
Superchao: Not keep it on life support forever
Smg2daisy: I didn't thought that actually, but I was unaware about stuff around so
Smg2daisy: Who was giving the life support tho?
Superchao: Anton, less "actively giving it life support" and more "not disabling edits" until he did when it became clear keeping it open was more trouble than it was worth.
Smg2daisy: Rest in Cheetos.
Smg2daisy: or Chex Mix.
Superchao: You say that like Anton will ever die. I'd say he'll outlast the rest of us on the forum but that's me, I am the Fisher King of the forum
Smg2daisy: Fisher King?
Smg2daisy: I only know what Chex Mix is because of Anton. So what's Fisher King???
Superchao: Oh, it's an old term for a thing in stories where someone in charge of a place is directly connected to how alive the place is
Superchao: the joke is that if i ever leave the forum, it will up and die
Smg2daisy: Ooooh I get it!
Smg2daisy: Porple's always watching. I always have that feeling that porple is always watching the forum along with Poochy.
Superchao: Pretty much.
Smg2daisy: Also Anton if you are reading this, I don't mean that you'd ever die. Since you gave Userpedia "life support" I just said that out!
Superchao: it's too lateeeee
Smg2daisy: :D
Smg2daisy: Discord is also a great place for users to keep connecting, especially since everyone are becoming adults.
Superchao: i can't be 27 yet
Superchao: it's illegal
Smg2daisy: How do we legalize it?
Smg2daisy: And if you become an adult, you can ummm drink!
Smg2daisy: You could just skip time to become 27 tho, to be fair.
Superchao: It's more... I'm 27 already. I feel like I'm 21. Please send help.
Superchao: Maybe if I didn't hang around with all these KIDS
Smg2daisy: Being young is a blessing!
Smg2daisy: Wait, who are the kids you talk about???? :(
Smg2daisy: But you do fit as a fatherly figure for the community.
Superchao: Rose, who is 11 years younger than me
Superchao: what a baby
Superchao: He's also one of my good friends.
Smg2daisy: *takes out calculator*
Smg2daisy: Rose is surprisingly mature compared to any other 16 year olds out there...
Superchao: Oh, definitely. That's why it doesn't actually feel weird, I'd peg him at 20 if I didn't know
Smg2daisy: LOL
Smg2daisy: I am liking the community as a whole, especially the ones who are in Discord. I can't count the times of me rambling that all of us should have a meetup!
Superchao: I'd be down for meeting more than one MarioWiki person at once! All of you need to just come to New York.
Smg2daisy: And do Jojo poses in front of the Nintendo Centre-
Smg2daisy: But if that happens, your house will be a party dance floor...
Superchao: If you're all visiting some of you are staying in hotels.
Smg2daisy: I can see it happening in 5 years where everyone plans for this meetup.
Smg2daisy: Renting a big mansion to stay in together sounds good too!
Smg2daisy: Ah, the dream.
Superchao: The dreeeeam~
Superchao: So, would you say you're glad, overall, that you joined the communiy?
Smg2daisy: Mhm! there were ups and downs, Laughs and tears, but hey, I've come so far and it's continuing so yeah!
Superchao: Well, that's really all someone can ask for, huh?
Superchao: So, on the subject of Mario. Are there any Mario games you really exceptionally like? The ones that go down in memory?
Smg2daisy: Super Mario Galaxy 2!
Smg2daisy: My name tells.
Superchao: Ha, that's a good point. And it answers in advance the favorite Mario character, too.
Smg2daisy: I remember the times when I just open the game, stay on the menu of World 3, World S and just lie on the floor and immerse myself into the music.
Smg2daisy: : DDDDDDDDDD
Superchao: What do you like about SMG2, then?
Smg2daisy: I was so blown away by the soundtrack! Some of the levels are tough, but I play the game with my brother so we made it through with getting all the Green Stars.
Superchao: Something I have... actually never done myself!
Superchao: I'd have to pull it out but IIRC I have like 200 stars total?
Smg2daisy: Hence getting a helping hand, even the helper just... pick up Star Bits.
Smg2daisy: That's impressive! Some of the jumps have to so precise to get the green star!
Smg2daisy: Mario Kart Wii is where I know Daisy. I am not a cheerful person, so I actually aspire to be as cheerful as she is one day.
Superchao: HI I'M S2D!
Smg2daisy: THAT'S ME!
Smg2daisy: You imposter!
Superchao: And yeah, the Green Stars were wild. No offense to Luigi, though, but... I definitely preferred it over just Do It All Over Again like SMG1 did.
Smg2daisy: That's a lot of time to kill if you do that for real.
Superchao: I did it for real. Hoo boy.
Smg2daisy: ... I want to play SMG1 when I come over.
Superchao: You can!
Superchao: You can also play F-Zero GX. If you want to Suffer
Smg2daisy: I can give it a try!
Superchao: It's fun! But hard.
Smg2daisy: One thing that I found out when I play SMG2 tho, was interesting for me.
Superchao: But somehow I was really good at it.
Superchao: Oh?
Smg2daisy: There's this particular galaxy
Smg2daisy: Starshine Beach Galaxy.
Smg2daisy: When I have to move myself from small planets and it rotates all around, I get dizzy watching it.
Smg2daisy: The same thing happened when I tried TF2
Smg2daisy: Dota as well.
Smg2daisy: I wonder if it's the third person aspect visuals made me feel dizzy.
Smg2daisy: Since then I don't play games and be like the generic game addict playing in front of the computer, which is good, but I just don't get to enjoy those games.
Smg2daisy: I have no problem playing rhythm games, kart games, rpg and the others tho!
Superchao: Huh, weird. Motion sick, maybe?
Smg2daisy: Perhaps. But I still enjoy the game! Just gotta get over that particular level as fast as I can.
Superchao: I've been there, for different reasons.
Superchao: "Oh, I love this game! Except this one level, that's bad."
Superchao: A shame this means I can't foist Metroid Prime on you, that's a good game.
Smg2daisy: OOF
Superchao: Any games besides the obvious SMG2 that were really big favorites for you?
Smg2daisy: Super Paper Mario was the one that made me cried (The ending) and that's where I learnt the phrase: "Snap out of it!"
Superchao: Awww. It's always nice to meet a fellow SPM fan.
Smg2daisy: I am a sucker for the romance aspect.
Superchao: I understand why that game didn't click with everyone but man did I like it a lot!
Smg2daisy: But I literally smh on that gecko.
Smg2daisy: Never played TTYD, can't relate to those who don't enjoyed SPM.
Superchao: you should play TTYD!
Superchao: Just move in with me for a month for the sole purpose of marathoning my favorite Gamecube games.
Smg2daisy: HMMMMM
Smg2daisy: *notes down for possible trip plans*
Superchao: How about any games that just didn't click with you?
Superchao: Mario or otherwise.
Smg2daisy: ... Federation Force.
Smg2daisy: Well, he asked me to play with him. (You know who, let's not write the name out on the interview)
Smg2daisy: I tried.
Superchao: I played Federation Force and I honestly enjoyed it, but considering who it was... yeah, that'd be a damper.
Superchao: Gameplay just not do it?
Smg2daisy: It's just it's not gonna be those "Ok I mma keep doing it myself so I can be better"
Smg2daisy: You need more people around for you aka teamwork
Superchao: Pretty much!
Superchao: I had a lot of fun playing with randos, actually.
Superchao: I should pull that out and try it more buuuut I bet nobody plays it anymore.
Smg2daisy: Yeah so that's a shame.
Smg2daisy: I have no idea where that Wii went, and I don't even know how to use the new TV in the house, so! Those go to dust. I sold off my entire 3DS and the games too.
Superchao: Oof
Superchao: Do you have anything left game-wise at this point, lol
Smg2daisy: The only thing that remain is the Villager amiibo.
Smg2daisy: #villagermain4smash
Superchao: I'm busy maining Captain Falcon
Smg2daisy: oof
Superchao: Will he ever get a new game? ...No, but I can believe.
Smg2daisy: Well we can always hope!
Smg2daisy: But personally, I don't put a lot of myself into the forums. It's busy during the Awards only I guess.
Superchao: That's okay. I don't post that much, I think the important part is general community involvement.
Smg2daisy: Which I enjoyed for this year!
Superchao: Awards, discord, forum, wiki, all of it comes together to count.
Smg2daisy: Mhm!
Superchao: Hmmm...
Superchao: Any franchises you really want to talk about? Love Live, that kind of thing?
Smg2daisy: Are you giving me a chance to spread my religion?
Superchao: Yes.
Superchao: You wrote an entire section about it!
Smg2daisy: Their world tour is coming soon, 2020-2021 and MALAYSIA IS NOT ONE OF THE PLACES QWQ
Superchao: guess you'll have to do what Shy did
Superchao: and make sure you're there for it
Smg2daisy: ARGH
Smg2daisy: I was so upset that I wrote a long email to tell them why they should come here
Smg2daisy: Their team replied so I was so happy! That was the day when you were asking for the interview as well. That was my lucky day~!
Smg2daisy: I think Love Live was basically spreaded out to the community.
Smg2daisy: And I don't even play All Stars so...
Superchao: And then I got into Love Live literally years after everyone else did lol
Superchao: At least I will always have Honoka!
Smg2daisy: I have a Honk meme in my phone ready to send it to you!
Superchao: It's a good solid meme. Thank!
Smg2daisy: :)
Smg2daisy: Oh, speaking of spreading religions, for K-POP listeners, go check out suggi from YouTube!
Superchao: I have never gotten into K-POP, sadly. But I can think of a couple people you'll get with that hook!
Smg2daisy: Hmm, he also sings English songs so
Smg2daisy: In fact, his original album is in English!
Superchao: Huh, neat!
Superchao: Big music fan in general, huh?
Smg2daisy: Yes! Music really brings joy. This is also why I use earbuds/headphones a lot.
Smg2daisy: Although I still have trouble to get myself a really good one. Money problems.
Smg2daisy: If people ever have trouble to figure a birthday present for me, you go with good earphones. That won't go wrong.
Superchao: Will dooooo
Superchao: Especially headphones. I like them on both a practical and aesthetic level.
Smg2daisy: It's really stylish!
Smg2daisy: I think it's easy to figure my passion for music out if you notice Discord. I will appear to listen to Spotify during work!
Superchao: I've seen that all the time!
Smg2daisy: : DDDDDDDDDDD
Superchao: Alrighty, so...
Superchao: Would you say...
Superchao: This is the last question?
Smg2daisy: Sure?
Superchao: Well, there you go!
Superchao: Thanks for being interviewed.
Smg2daisy: Ah, it's a honor to be interviewed for The Shroom.
Smg2daisy: Despite of my broken English throughout the years, I still can't believe I reached the level to be able to use the language nicely and to be interviewed.
Superchao: Yep! You've really improved. Hope you enjoyed!

Longtime users don't have to be ones with a bunch of ranks or major things to be worth interviewing - plenty of people who've just been around for a while are good choices. Hopefully, my stint in the interviews this year and last has helped to make that clear! Anyhow, this is where I'm making an announcement: December will be my last Interview - I'm returning to the Odinsleep with regards to interviews afterwards. If you've ever thought about taking the section over for yourself, guess what? Now's your chance!

Poll Committee Discussion

Written by: YoshiFlutterJump (talk)

Hey y'all, YFJ here! In this month's edition of Poll Committee Discussion, I'll be discussing the latest polls from the Committee! Have a look!

Poll Committee News

There really isn't too much to say here, except that we're still a bit worn out from Awards Analysis but are trying hard to keep the polls on the Main Page coming. Our next big project isn't coming for quite some time, however, so we should be able to take it easy for a little while.


With more and more Nintendo games having the addition of Nintendo Labo VR, how do you feel about it? (ArchagentEverlasting (talk) and YoshiFlutterJump (talk), September 16, 2019)

With more and more Nintendo games having the addition of Nintendo Labo VR, how do you feel about it?

The addition of Nintendo Labo VR is fun and adds unique experiences to games. 18.75% (141 votes)
I think that Nintendo Labo VR is interesting, but could be used to greater potential. 31.25% (235 votes)
Nintendo Labo VR isn’t fun, but I don’t mind it unless it’s necessary. 6.78% (51 votes)
I don’t like Nintendo Labo VR at all, and I don’t want it in any more games. 7.71% (58 votes)
I have no opinion on Nintendo Labo VR. 35.51% (267 votes)
Total Votes: 706

Would you like Nintendo to make games (such as Super Princess Peach and Luigi’s Mansion) starring Mario characters that have yet to have their own game? (Doomhiker (talk) and LudwigVon (talk), September 22, 2019)

Would you like Nintendo to make games (such as Super Princess Peach and Luigi’s Mansion) starring Mario characters that have yet to have their own game?

I would love Mario characters that have yet to have their own game receive their own game, as long as it turns into a series or even a franchise. 27.98% (411 votes)
Even if it is only a one-off game, I would love Mario characters that have yet to have their own game receive their own game. 61.06% (897 votes)
I am fine with the current games and their main characters, but I don’t want any more games to focus on different characters that have yet to have their own game. 2.65% (39 votes)
I feel that Mario games should only focus on Mario, and I thus dislike any games that focus on other characters, new or old. 0.61% (9 votes)
I just want new Mario games to be made, regardless of who the game focuses around. 5.85% (86 votes)
I am indifferent on future games focusing on characters that have yet to have a game, as I don’t care whether or not new games are made at all. 1.84% (27 votes)
Total Votes: 1,169

Would you like tracks from the Mario Kart Arcade series to come back in future console Mario Kart installments as retro tracks? (Unshy Guy (talk), Doomhiker (talk), and YoshiFlutterJump (talk), September 29, 2019)

Would you like tracks from the Mario Kart Arcade series to come back in future console Mario Kart installments as retro tracks?

Yes, I would love for tracks from the Mario Kart Arcade GP series to return in console installments. 51.32% (545 votes)
I would like to see the tracks from the Mario Kart Arcade GP series return as long as significant adjustments are made to them. 16.1% (171 votes)
I think it would be a cool idea, but I’d like to see more tracks from previous console games to return first. 15.63% (166 votes)
I dislike the idea and think that arcade tracks should not be brought back. 6.4% (68 votes)
I dislike returning Mario Kart tracks in general. 0.75% (8 votes)
I have no opinion. 9.79% (104 votes)
Total Votes: 1,062

With Mario Kart Tour now released, what are your feelings on the game? (ArchagentEverlasting (talk) and Roserade (talk), October 6, 2019)

With Mario Kart Tour now released, what are your feelings on the game?

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Mario Kart Tour. 15.99% (253 votes)
I enjoy most of Mario Kart Tour, but certain elements keep me from enjoying all of it (controls, gacha mechanics, etc). 29.46% (466 votes)
I am neutral with my feelings towards Mario Kart Tour. 7.21% (114 votes)
I have mostly negative feelings towards Mario Kart Tour, but I do enjoy some specific elements of the game (easy portability, free-to-play system, etc). 9.61% (152 votes)
I am not enjoying my time with Mario Kart Tour. 7.4% (117 votes)
I have not played Mario Kart Tour, or otherwise have no opinion. 30.34% (480 votes)
Total Votes: 1,582


  • With more and more Nintendo games having the addition of Nintendo Labo VR, how do you feel about it?: About 20% of voters thought Labo VR is fun and adds unique experiences to games, while about 30% of voters thought it was fun but could be used to greater potential. Only 15% of voters disliked Labo VR, either simply tolerating it or wanting it abandoned entirely. The largest plurality of voters were indifferent to Labo VR, which was certainly an interesting surprise. In my opinion, Labo VR is a cool feature, as Nintendo's first dive into VR technology since the debacle that was the Virtual Boy; however, I feel that not enough games take full advantage of it. It's a great opportunity to have immersive first-person sandbox experiences in Nintendo universes, and I'm patiently waiting for Nintendo to unlock its true potential.
  • Would you like Nintendo to make games (such as Super Princess Peach and Luigi’s Mansion) starring Mario characters that have yet to have their own game?: An overwhelming majority of voters went with the second option, stating that they wanted more supporting Mario characters to take the spotlight in their own games, one-off or otherwise. The next largest option, chosen by about 30% of voters, would only accept more of these games if they eventually became their own series, so more Luigi's Mansion than Super Princess Peach. Less than 1% of voters thought that Mario should focus only on Mario, showing the large popularity of the franchise's supporting characters. Meanwhile, only about 8% had an opinion of indifference, either simply wanting more Mario games to be made or just not caring whether new Mario games are made at all. In any case, Luigi's Mansion was undeniably the biggest factor in Luigi's large popularity today, while WarioWare and Yoshi's Island brought Wario and Yoshi to the fame that they otherwise might not have had.
  • Would you like tracks from the Mario Kart Arcade series to come back in future console Mario Kart installments as retro tracks?: The arcade installments in the Mario Kart series have largely remained independent from their console counterparts, but it seems that a majority of voters want to change that by adding arcade-exclusive tracks to the retro lineup. It's understandable why; the arcade installments are quite unique and creative, and it would be interesting to see what could be done if their tracks wound up on a home console. The next largest group of voters are in favor of the idea as long as the tracks are significantly revised, closely followed by another group that thinks that the retro lineup should first be expanded with more console tracks, with both options holding a little over 15% of votes. Only 6% of voters are against the idea and want the arcade tracks to continue to be excluded from the retro lineup, while less than 1% of voters outright dislike the retro track system in general. A little less than 10% of voters had an opinion of indifference.
  • With Mario Kart Tour now released, what are your feelings on the game?: Speaking of Mario Kart, a new one was released fairly recently for mobile devices. However, the largest group of voters has no interest in downloading the free-to-start game, which I find quite surprising. A little over 15% of voters thoroughly enjoy Mario Kart Tour, while about 30% enjoy most of it but feel it is held back by its iffy controls and mishandling of microtransactions and gacha elements. About 7% of voters are neutral towards the game, feeling that every pro has an equal con. About 10% of voters have largely negative feelings toward the game, but enjoy certain elements of it such as the easy portability and its free-to-start nature; another 7% do not enjoy the game, short and simple as that.

That's all I have to say for today. Be sure to check out the next edition of Poll Committee Discussion in November, and have a great and spooky Halloween!

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