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Poll Chairperson Address

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Greetings, everyone! It's none other than your Statistics Manager, LudwigVon (talk), who is also by now you're newly elected Chairperson of the tenth Poll Committee. First, I would like to thank everyone who put their trust in me, and believes that I will be a good chairperson for the tenth Poll Committee. I must admit that I really did not expect it, so it's a pleasant surprise for me, and I hope I can meet your expectations for the coming year. I also take the time to thank The Pyro Guy (talk), Roserade (talk), and the rest of the ninth Poll Committee for their fabulous work during the year that just ended. You have all done a great job, and it is with great pleasure that I, and the new committee will take over for the next year.

Now, speaking of the new committee, this means that the application process to be part of the tenth Poll Committee is now open! As mentioned during my campaign, we are going to have two big projects this year (Awards Analysis and Feedback Survey) with the usual weekly polls, and Poll Committee Discussion. This means that I am looking for seven active members who will be dedicated to all these projects.

If you're interested, please PM me your application by Sunday, July 28th at 11:59 PM EDT, including a brief introduction to yourself and why you're interested in becoming a member of the Poll Committee, as well as a suggestion for a poll. Take note that your poll idea has to be original and NOT a copy from Mario Awards. You can also look at the forum topic for any details you are interested. New members of the committee will be announce in this specific topic the day after the deadline. So, make sure to look there on Monday, July 29th!

If you have questions about the application process or about the Poll Committee in general, be sure to send me a forum PM, and it will be my pleasure to answer you. I am very much looking forward for this year, and I hope that myself and the rest of the tenth Poll Committee will meet your expectations in every way.

Again, thank you for your support!


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