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What's up everyone welcome to another fun edition of the Fake News, I'm MCD and I don't have much time here. In fifteen days you will be sent a package containing instructions on where to find the Fountain of Fake News. It's where we get all the stories from. I know fakeness isn't like a tangible thing but it flows from this fountain trust me. You will also receive the Key of the Jack Ruby - whatever you do, DO NOT insert this key into the treasure chest at the end of the Chamber of Restless Souls or else you'll trigger a booby trap. Instead, there is a four-digit code engraved on the side of the key which is written in invisible ink (thankfully the Well of UV Light is located nearby, which is a natural source of UV light). Insert that code into the ATM at the back of the room. Thanks for agreeing to do this, by the way - it's all pretty straightforward once you get past the Cobra of Josiah. Just make sure there's enough of its venom in your bloodstream to poison the mosquitoes and it'll be smooth sailing! It's too late for me but please, by all accounts, find the treasure before THEY do.

(Oh, also, Koops is taking a hiatus from the Travel Guide.)

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st TV Tomorrow 29 51.79% Quizmelon
2nd Obituaries 22 39.29% Yoshi876
3rd Weather Forecast 5 8.93% FunkyK38

News Report

Conclusive proof that no matter how cool you are, death will come for you.
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Entertainment Features

Hope you like Glitz, because here's a Ville that's full of the stuff!
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Quizmelon tells us what to watch on the telly.
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Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)


Artwork of Boshi from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
The deceased

Hello 'Shroom readers! I am back from my dinosaur awareness course, with perhaps the most interesting thing I learnt there being that I myself am actually a dinosaur. Who knew that about Yoshis? However, it is with sadness that I learnt that one of my Yoshi friends sadly passed away while I was on my course. Perhaps Boshi might've lived had he also found out that he was a dinosaur.

Unlike most of us, who went extinct 65 million years ago, Boshi was still kicking around recently, although his career certainly went extinct back in the 90s. Sorry, but there is no way that open-toed boots would ever survive as a fashion trend.

Unlike most dinosaurs, Boshi did not die as a result of a meteor strike, instead this dinosaur died after a severe case of athlete's foot, caused by not only the amount of races that he insisted of running on Yo'ster Isle – think a worse version of Yoshi's Island but a better version than Egg Island – and his insistence on those open-toed boots which allowed the fungus to get inside his feet.

However, the other Yoshis living on the island didn't share my sorrow at Boshi's death, due to Boshi's insistence that he was the only one allowed on the racetrack, and since his death the Yoshis have been trampling all over the track almost rendering it unusable. “We thought about leaving Boshi a legacy, but seeing as he treated us like dirt, we saw it fitting to make his favourite racetrack the same,” one Yoshi told me.

Boshi's funeral was held during my dinosaur awareness course, but I have it on good authority that some people attended. However, no one has come forward to admit that they showed up there, and his coffin hasn't properly been buried yet. I'd do it, but I had to write this obituary from my office instead of Yo'ster Isle, plus my travel budget has been vastly reduced given last month's debacle.

Font TravelGuide.png

Written by: Koops


???: Come on, do it... it's a clean shot!



???: ...What's the problem?

TravelGuidePortraitA.png: I'm... I'm so nervous... what if I hit her?

TravelGuidePortraitB.png: It's too late for nerves Rolf, ya wuss. If you're not up to it, just leave it to the master, eh? Watch and learn. One clear motion, no hesitation.


TravelGuidePortraitA.png: That's what I was gonna do, Shinon!

TravelGuidePortraitB.png: Shut up, Rolf!

The queen's men are attacking!

Stop him!


TravelGuidePortraitC.png: So... You know what to do, right, Mister Koops?

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Yeah, yeah, don't worry... kill things, don't let the blue-haired waifu die... I got this...




TravelGuidePortraitE.png: Soren! Always lost in your books! What did I say about watching your back?

TravelGuidePortraitF.png: I'll have you know, Mia, without those... "books", Ike would have had a hard time fighting those off, especially considering how carrying someone hinders your stats heavily in this gam...

TravelGuidePortraitE.png: Ok! Ok! I get it! Keep reading magic out of your books, ya got more soldiers jumping onto you!


TravelGuidePortraitG.png: HAAAAA! No thanks, I'd rather you don't do that! Everything alright on your end, Oscar?

TravelGuidePortraitH.png: All good, Titania! Ok Boyd, I'll be dropping you off after I deal with...

TravelGuidePortraitI.png: YEAAAAAAAH! LEAVE THEM ALL TO ME! Looks like my axe is getting to cut meat after all!

TravelGuidePortraitH.png: ...


TravelGuidePortraitB.png: Rolf...

TravelGuidePortraitA.png: Yes, Shinon?

TravelGuidePortraitB.png: How are you shooting moving targets now when your brothers are running in there among your enemies but you couldn't cut down an immobile rope?

TravelGuidePortraitA.png: I... want to do... things... Can't sit here and do nothing.


TravelGuidePortraitC.png: Gatrie, stay here and keep any soldiers from getting past this chokepoint!

TravelGuidePortraitJ.png: What? But... shouldn't I go near Mia? She looks like she needs some of my... uhhh... protection!

TravelGuidePortraitC.png: Gatrie!

TravelGuidePortraitJ.png: *Sigh* Fiiiiiine!


TravelGuidePortraitK.png: Hold on, Lucia! Everything will be fine, You're safe now! CAN YOU HEAR ME? HOLD ON, LUCIA! PLE...

TravelGuidePortraitL.png: Mist, I don't very strongly think that shaking lady Lucia like this would improve her state. Could you please let me use my staff on her now?

TravelGuidePortraitH.png: Hey Rhys! Boyd's badly hurt! Come quickly!

TravelGuidePortraitL.png: Well at least I can be a useful part of this battle here, I feel...

TravelGuidePortraitM.png: Woah... It's... Sir Ike and the Greil mercenaries! They're here!

TravelGuidePortraitN.png: How odd... I don't remember them having a turtle among their ranks! I don't think turtle laguz even exist!

TravelGuidePortraitM.png: Could this mean there is another continent besides Tellius after all?

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Phew...


TravelGuidePortraitC.png: Well, Mister Koops. You certainly helped us. Here. There's your part of the money, minus what you needed to pay me with.

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Yeah, thanks for that. I can finally pay for the four others at the other end of the portal now!

TravelGuidePortraitC.png: It's still weird that you caught up with us as we were marching. Really sounds like you wanna respect the payment at all cost.

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: What can I say? You know I was cherrypicking who to get into my section thing, including you, so the least I could do was to look the best I could in front of them!

TravelGuidePortraitC.png: Yeah. I would have done just the same. You can go now, a friend of mine just informed me that his nation declared war upon Begnion, which doesn't sound good, so they need all the help they can get.

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Ooh... Challenging Russia?! Yeah you definitely need to help those animal shapeshifting people or whatever you call them!

TravelGuidePortraitO.png: Uh... excuse me... we're called... "laguz".

TravelGuidePortraitC.png: Oh hey, Ranulf! Didn't know you were still here! Say, could you guide this guy back to where he came from? I believe it was half a mark north from here, shouldn't be too far.

TravelGuidePortraitO.png: ... Are you kidding me? I just came back all the way here from Gallia!

Fast forward something like an eternity later, Koops has paid the plant, the tin can, the cute doggo and the super sayian doggo, and is as always struggling to find something to do before the 'Shroom deadline is reached.


Ugh! Why. Does. It. Have. To. Be. So. Hard. To. Find. One. Location?!


Hello 'Shroom readers! Come closer, as I, the one, the only, clumsy but bold Koops ventures through various places to tell you about wether you should or shouldn't visit a certain location that happens to be... unknown to me at the moment because I... look listen this is only my eighth section, which sounds weird since I've been around for a long while, but yeah... it's just the eighth.

Well. You know... let's actually see how the proletariat wants me to move here. Not that I get suggestions often but...


Glitzville, you say?

Glitzville = Small island. Small island = Little work. Little work = I still do what I have to do minus the fatigue.

That's... PERFECT! Glitzville it is!


So... Glitzville! The floating plaza! People call it a town, but it's just a plaza. At least to me. But then again, it's me! There are absolutely zero homes or houses or apartments. The only thing that really counts as habitable are the fighters' rooms in the Pit, or if you really wanna go out of left field, the stands and stores, because coming here for work and going back to the surface of the Earth with only one single blimp doing all of the transport must be HELL!

Oh did I mention that the island is completely floating in the sky? Yeah. They told us there would be flying cars and a safer internet in the future, and this is what they gave us! I mean... progress comes in every way!

The main attraction of this place, of course, is the Glitz Pit! It's... it's the place where the big 'uns fight! Well... not all of them ARE big, in fact, the lowest ranking fighters are a buncha Goombas! You'd think they would step it up a bit, often being discriminated for their sizes and ability to be squished, prove they're more than that for once. Oh well... some things are better left unchanged, I mean think for a second... if a Goomba gets too powerful the universe might cease to exist, for all we know! All the undiscovered potential that humankind has yet to prove the potency of! I'm terrified just thinking about it!

Anyway, I just started talking about the least remarkable of all these competitors more than I should have. There's actually 23 currently registered names, and one of them, Mister Swoop, seems to currently be climbing the ranks while ALL the others are staying where they are, eventually falling to this one tenacious bat. In fact, he's so high up now that he only has the champion left to fight, a certain Great Gonzales™️, who seems to never be available. I wonder who that is anyway, and why they wouldn't show themselves. I mean it's not like they were busy saving the princess and kart-racing like Mario, right?

So, I guess if you really wanna compete here too, I gotta tour you on what you'll have to go through so you don't come back home crawling in a puddle of your own blood.

Starting out, you will be put here, in the minor league room. It's got a bed, it's got a toilet, it's got a long couch, and lockers, but ThErE's A cAtCh! Everything is broken! There's springs poking out of the bed! I guess you could say that this would encourage you to go climb up the ranks.

But... most people just ragequit after the loss of 1 HP, coupled with the fact that they are to stay here if they lose, so you can tell it's working. Like maaaaaaagic! I mean I guess it's keeping the rooms from getting oversaturated by low-tiers. It wouldn't be a good thing to have them all burst out of the window, especially since we're in the sky right now...

If you do manage to get to half of the ranking list, you will get awarded! You will get to stay in this slightly less shitty version of the minor league room... the major league room! It's like the former, but ThErE's A cAtCh! Nothing is broken! So yeah... however, fights do get tougher and tougher as you go on, so that compensates for the lack of bad furniture. Also, people in the major league have a tendency to get sent cake to them, and get poisoned because of that. GEE, I WONDER WHO COULD BE THE CULPRIT?

Speaking of the culprit... it would be a travesty to come here without talking to the king... or well... the one who USED to be king of the pit. Everyone, meet a guest I have paid specifically to come in my proximity... the Rocky Hock!


TravelGuidePortraitP.png: You misspell the name of the fabulous Rawk Hawk? Well, I guess I should've seen that coming! My name is too godly for mere mortals to comprehend! Thanks for proving the point, unlike any other person who successfully said my name!

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Ok... Mister Rawk Hawk...

TravelGuidePortraitP.png: Aww man...

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Tell me... how humiliating was it to drop to third place?

TravelGuidePortraitP.png: Pffft... Like I lost... I was actually LETTING some people win because if I went full power, they would've exploded and my reputation would be ruined! Besides, those whiners won't stop whining until they win, so I had to end their crying! Even though everyone not Rawk enough to challenge the Hawk should just kick back and play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in their tear-soaked rooms instead of getting a REAL beating!

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: ... Is it true that you once locked the current champion in a locker room to prevent your defeat?

TravelGuidePortraitP.png: What? No... Rawk Hawk ain't no coward! Those cowards locked THEMSELVES in the room to avoid fighting me! Even though they won... but that's besides the point!

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Yeah, sure, sir! Obviously, one look at you and I'm sure flicking that hair my direction would send me halfway across the multiverse and back into the time when I was more active as a writer!

TravelGuidePortraitP.png: What the heck is that? Sounds like something that I... no, wouldn't just suplex the living wimpiness out of, but entirely wipe out into so far in the future that the explosion of the sun would occur in front of their very eyes. Of course, I would be around to witness that too, since I'm very visibly immortal, but yeah, you get the point!

TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Yeah, yeah, thank you very much for the info! Very informative!

Now with that pompously decorated dumbass out of the mic's wavelength, I wanna add that Rawk Hawk isn't actually third, but fourth on the pit.

Because a Baby Yoshi came in and screwed him over even more.

Anyway, I gotta also talk about little things because... there really isn't much around here...

See the blimp? It's in the shape of a Cheep Cheep! Cute, isn't it? It IS a bit derpy, but that's what sells the trick! And I guess now that I mentioned that blimp, it's time for me to climb up on it and say bye-bye to this place! I hope you didn't expect too much out of this section!

Oh what now, I'll just get myself a cup of juice, I guess.

This has been Koops from Travel Guide, signing off!


TravelGuidePortraitQ.png: Yes, my King Pelleas? What are your orders?

TravelGuidePortraitR.png: You must assist Begnion and eradicate the laguz alliance trying to retreat into Gallia.

  • Back into camp*

TravelGuidePortraitS.png: YOU AGREED?! Micaiah, this isn't you! What have the laguz done to us anyway! And most importantly, why are we helping BEGNION of all countries.

TravelGuidePortraitQ.png: Sothe, you don't have to fight this war if you don't want to... I heard your friend Ike is fighting for the laguz alliance, and I also heard he and his band of mercenaries were in the company of a very powerful sword-wielding turtle!



TravelGuidePortraitD.png: Hey Guys!

So... I hope you enjoyed this section, as much as it's decorated with "anime swordsmen" (FOR THE RECORD, PEOPLE, THEY DON'T ALL WIELD SWORDS). I know, you could say that... well... I may have blundered with this ol' one. It's just that... I don't have that much motivation to continue this section at the moment. It feels more like I need to make them so that you guys get a dose of me every month... except... it took forever for me to realize I had images to make.

I am not dropping Travel Guide, but I am putting it on hiatus right now. I will pick it back up in the future, and besides, I have requests on that now, don't wanna further disappoint the nice people who suggested things. However!


If things go right... you might still see me around the 'Shroom, let's just say. If things go right. Yeah... I got plans to keep you entertained.

See ya, everyone! This has truly been your friendly neighborhood Koops... signing... OFF!

Font TVTomorrow.png

Written by: Quizmelon (talk)

What better summer activity could there be than watching television? No need to risk sunburn or heatstroke by going outside; you can stay inside and view your favourite fictional Mushroom Kingdom programmes. Truly the best way to spend a summer is to never go outside and just watch TV all day. And I’m here at TV Tomorrow to pick out the best three things you can watch tomorrow!

King Boo chasing Luigi down the fifth floor hallway
Luigi explores terrifying hauntings in Paranormal Mysteries, tomorrow at 9pm.

New: Paranormal Mysteries of the Mushroom Kingdom
MKBC2, 9pm
Genre: ‘Reality’ show
Luigi is the paranormal investigator hosting this six-part series that aims to focus on supposed cases of paranormal activity in the Mushroom Kingdom and explore them more deeply. The mysteries are a little exaggerated - such as the supposed sightings of a giant ghost wearing a purple crown at a hotel - but Luigi’s entertaining presenting style makes up for it.

Dr. Mario's Megavitamins.
Mario is the star of Cosmic Clinic, tomorrow on MKBC1 at 8.30pm.

Cosmic Clinic
MKBC1, 8.30pm
Genre: Sci-fi/medical drama
In one of the weirdest style fusions present in modern-day television, the award-winning Cosmic Clinic airs its Series 3 finale tomorrow. The show focuses around Dr Mario, an ordinary doctor who is also a galactic hero, here to save the world from aliens and space criminals with his magical pills. In this episode, he finally goes after the notorious criminal known only as The Chimp, engaging in a climactic showdown.

Snake Block Party, from Mario Party 10.
Over 100 different minigames will be played for charity, tomorrow on MKBC1.

Minigames for Charity
MKBC1, 1pm-7pm
Genre: Charity show
Minigames for Charity was always a big staple of the Mushroom Kingdom television year back in the day, until a group of uncharitable executives axed it about ten years ago. But now it’s been brought back with view to revitalising the movement. Mario Party contestants including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Rosalina and more play thousands of memorable minigames in an effort to raise money for a variety of charitable causes.

So, whether you like exciting dramas, amusing comedies, pointless daytime TV or simply something to watch out of the goodness of your heart, the Mushroom Kingdom has it all in the summer. Why would anyone want to go outside? Just set up camp in front of your television and enjoy the holidays. See you next time on TV Tomorrow!

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