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Andymii ('Shroom staff portrait)

Staff Notes

Written by: Andymii (talk)

You're probably in Hawaii right now. Or SoCal. Or London. Or your couch. The point is that you are most likely having a very relaxing break right now. "So," you may ask, "why should I bother reading Fun Stuff?"

You see, Fun Stuff is the epitome of exquisite design, built straight from the ground up and indisputably world-class. All our readers can't be wrong about us; after all, Fun Stuff is built by fun-seeking pioneers, for fun-seeking pioneers. That Picross right there? Hand-designed square-by-square for the utmost quality. That Quiz? Written based on top standards from the most meticulous of research. That maze? Hand-drawn with quill and papyrus, a result of masterful artistry and cutting-edge philosophical advancements. That story? Triple-checked by Donald J. Trump himself. We do the work so you can have more fun for less by visiting us, your one-stop-shop for all things fun.

And now, Fun Stuff is LudwigVon (talk), Fun Stuff's current Word Search crafter, has made an efficient-and-effective Mystery Images section that's made just for you! Why resist?

(Have I used all the clichés yet?)

Section of the Month

Guess Who won, but congrats to Yoshi876 (talk), Meta Knight (talk), and everyone else who wrote! Thank you all for your dedication.

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Guess Who! 16 43.24 Andymii
2nd Quiz 11 29.73 Yoshi876
3rd It's aMAZEing! 5 13.51 Meta Knight

Word Activities

Read a silly story. Make a silly story.
[read more]

A classic puzzle. Can you find them all?
[read more]
Graphic Activities

Don't lose yourself in Meta Knight's mazes!
[read more]

Pyro Guy offers some challenging Picross puzzles!
[read more]

What could that zoomed-in image really be?
[read more]
Mind Games

Andy challenges your character knowledge in Guess Who!
[read more]

Yoshi876 tests your Mario knowledge!
[read more]

Silly Stories, By You!

Written by: Andymii (talk)

Special thanks to our anonymous contributors.

Read Chapter 3 here!
Read Chapter 2 here!

Read Chapter 1 here!

Sentences in bold are ideas directly taken from you, the readers. Thank you for your continuous support!

Chapter 4:
Fluffy McKittyKat III


Stepping through the debris of the 24-foot high door Miley Cyrus had burst through, Mario and Luigi found themselves in an ornate hall that immediately put them on an inexplicable heightened sense of fear. The lights were half-dimmed; there was the smell of fresh Yoshi eggs far-off. More disturbingly, the hall was lined with framed toupees; each one from "very beautiful/organic/private sources." (Mario suddenly realized why he had been taxed on body hair since age 13.) Further down the hall were golden closets. "Backup Wives," the label read." "Please feed and water on a daily basis. Harvest when ready."

"We have to find a way to enter the bathroom," Mario spoke to Luigi. "I've got the jack-in-the-box here." Mario pointed a large pocket in his overalls. "We gotta deploy the toy in the toilet, lure Trump over, and then run away as fast as possible."

The bathroom was conveniently around the corner, but it was heavily guarded. As the Mario Bros. peered down the wall, they saw for the first time Trump's mythical and mysterious bathroom attendant, FluffyMcKittyKat III.

McKittyKat was trained at the prestigious Trump University Military Academy with a 4.0 GPA; he had learned the values to work hard in life; that his word was his bond, and the only limit to his achievements was the strength of his dreams and his willingness to work for them. He had worked his way up the ladder, from Intern to Servant to Personal Bodyguard, and now the Bathroom Attendant, the second most coveted job of all, as the official collector of "raw angus beef." He was so dedicated to his job that he had never once in his life left his station. The only job more prestigious was the Culinary Department, where the aforementioned beef was collected and carved into glorious Trump Steaks, the most revered "meat" in the country.

The passion for steak was in no way a secret to the Mario Bros; McKittyKat frequently talked about his dreams and hope for the future on television. It was his ultimate passion; it was his ultimate weakness. And so Mario, staring at the final adversary between him and the Golden Throne, developed a plan.

"Mr. McKittyKat," Mario said while approaching the feline officer, "I am an official of the Culinary Committee. You have been assigned to kitchen duty. Obey my orders and go now."

The cat stared.

"Go now," Mario repeated.

"As you have walked within ten feet of the Bathroom Department, it is my legal right and duty to inspect you," the cat replied.

"Do you want that kitchen duty?"

"Will you let me inspect you?"

"We're on a tight schedule. You gotta come now."

"Sorry, but I am bound by law to inspect all that walk 10 feet ne-"

"Look, I can't wait all day. Do you accept the nomination?"

"Sir," McKittyKat repeated nervously, "it is my legal right and du-"

"You know, we have plenty of boys and girls around the nation waiting to handle Trump's Steaks. If you continue to harass us with your inspections, I'm afraid I'd rather give the nomination to someone more respectable."

Upon these words, McKittyKat, torn between a call to duty and a lifelong dream, broke down. "Why must you make it so difficult?" he cried. "Let me inspect you!"

"Very well. I assume you don't want the job. Quite surprising indeed. I shall move on."

"No, no, I want the job! But if it means breaking the code of honor to achieve my dreams, then I'll-"

"-Turn down the countries most coveted career? The most luxurious, well-paid, well-respected occupation of all time? Have you forgotten how to dream big?"


"Please!! Let me inspect you."

"You have wasted my time enough. I'll be on my way to see Mike Pe-"

"No, sir, I'll go! Please! Wait! Where's the kitchen?! I don't know this place enough myself."

"Just go down the hall, jump through the window on the left, and you should be there," Mario replied. The cat obliged.

"That was too easy," remarked Luigi, as the brothers heard the expected splat of cat hitting pavement. The jack-in-the-box was now safely deployed in the bowl. All they had to do now was to lure Trump into the bathroom, which was easier said than done.

"Ooh, a Trump Steak!" said Mario, centering the jack-in-the-box to the center of the toilet and bumping the Steak to the side of the bowl, making a mighty splash.

How will the Bros. lure Trump over? When does Trump reveal his true identity? And what is Trump's ultimate motivation?
You can help decide this and more! Click the URL below.

Word Search

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hi readers, and welcome to July’s Word Search. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, my favorite game of the Paper Mario series, will be the theme of this month’s word search. Have fun!

Word Search 112.png


Word Search Answers 112.png

It's aMAZEing

Written by: Meta Knight (talk)

It's July, but chances are that it's been insanely hot. Unless you're in Australia or something, this weather has been brutal. I have to keep a fan on me constantly. Hopefully you all have more efficient ways to beat the heat than I do. For this month, we have a pretty hot enemy. A Lava Bubble has volunteered to be this month's maze. He doesn't seem too happy that I've drawn on it, though. Oh well. There are multiple different pathways this time, and your goal is to make it to the star. Huh, kinda like Super Mario 64, now that I think of it. No matter what path you take, though, there's sure to be a blazing heat.

How to play:

  • Copy the image into an art program (such as Paint, Photoshop,, etc.)
  • Click the line tool and adjust the size as needed
  • Use the line tool to get from arrow to arrow
  • Zoom in and out as needed

It's aMAZEing 112.png


Lava Bubble

It's aMAZEing Answers 112.png


Written by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Power Ups

Power-ups have appeared in pretty much every Mario game, and the number of them keeps on growing with each installment! Today, I've created some puzzles based on these gameplay mechanics, and I hope you enjoy.
How to play:

  • Any program with a fill tool works for this; just copy and paste the pictures onto the program and follow these steps.
  • Each number on a row or column represents a line of filled in squares on that row or column.
  • There must be at least one blank square in-between each line of filled in squares.
  • Do it right, and you can create a picture!
Picross A 112.png
Picross B 112.png


EASY Picross A Answers 112.png
Super Mushroom
HARD Picross B Answers 112.png
Fire Flower

Mystery Images

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hi! Welcome to the Mystery Images section. This month, I provided you three Mystery Images puzzles and you must find out a character, a game and a location. Good luck!

Game 1 - The character

Mystery Images A1 112.png

Mystery Images A2 112.png

Mystery Images A3 112.png

Mystery Images A4 112.png

Mystery Images A5 112.png

Game 2 - The location

Mystery Images B1 112.png

Mystery Images B2 112.png

Mystery Images B3 112.png

Mystery Images B4 112.png

Mystery Images B5 112.png

Game 3 - The game

Mystery Images C1 112.png

Mystery Images C2 112.png

Mystery Images C3 112.png

Mystery Images C4 112.png

Mystery Images C5 112.png


Game 1: Donkey Kong!
Donkey Kong
Game 2: Dinosaur Land!
Dinosaur Land world map, as seen in Super Mario World.
Dinosaur Land
Game 3: Mario Party 5!
The North American box art for Mario Party 5
Mario Party 5

Guess Who!

One of Mario's award animations from Mario Kart Wii
Something original! Yayyyyyyy

Have an idea for a theme? Suggest it here!

It's time to get original! That's why instead of testing of testing your trivia knowledge, this month's Guess Who will test your inference skills by only giving you quotes. Using logic and any knowledge you may have, figure out which character I'm referring to.

Yes, it's harder than usual. But everyone's loves a good challenge, right?

Guess Who! July 2016: Special Quotes-Only Edition

Theme: Special Quotes-Only Edition


  1. "Let's-a go!"
  2. "Mama-mia!"
  3. "You know what they say: all toasters toast toast."

Level 1: Easy

  1. "Jr., I've got tell you about Princess Peach..."
  2. "Tough luck, Mario! Princess Toadstool isn't here..."
  3. "Go ahead--just try to grab me by the tail! You'll never be able to swing ME around!"

Level 2: Medium

  1. "Pick a box. Its contents will help you on your way."
  2. "I'm the best!"
  3. "Thanks! Here's a gift for you. Just head through the door!"
Promotional artwork of Mario for the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

Level 3: Hard

  1. "Welcome to [name of character]'s Magical Circus, Mario!!! Would you like to have some fun with these magical balls? See if you can balance yourself on top of them like I can. Ha Ha Ha!"
  2. "Lying is an excellent trait!"
  3. "How far can Mario go? I hope he doesn't make it this far. [Bowser] has many complicated tricks waiting for him in the Dark Land."

Bonus: Good Luck

  1. "If Toad doesn't get us outta here soon, I'm gonna eat this mattress!"
  2. "Watch it, gang! His toes are loaded!"
  3. "I never saw so many tonsils in all my life!"
  4. "Luigi, are you a man or a Mouser?"


Warm-up: Mario!
Easy: Bowser!
Artwork of Bowser holding the Star Rod, from Paper Mario

Medium: Toad!

Artwork of Toad in Super Mario Galaxy (also used in Mario Party DS and Mario Party: Island Tour)

Hard: Lemmy Koopa!

Lemmy Koopa

BONUS: Mario (again)! Courtesy of the geniuses behind the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

"Would you care for some gourmet mattress?"

How'd you do? Thanks for playing, and please check back August for more Guess Who!

There's too many Marios loose in this section


Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Welcome to Quiz, a place where I... quiz you, on Mario stuff. After my trip to the Silverstone racing circuit, I'm feeling in quite a racey mood, so this quiz will be about the Mario Kart series. Happy guessing!


  1. What is the only Mario Kart game to have DLC?
  2. Which characters have been playable in every main series game?
  3. What four engine classes have been available in every main series game?


  1. What item only appears in Mario Kart Wii?
  2. How many arcade titles are there?
  3. What two characters from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! weren't playable again in future titles?


  1. What game series does Don-chan originate from?
  2. What is the name for the Mario Kart tech demo designed for the Game Boy Advance?
  3. What is the objective of Mission 6-1 in Mario Kart DS?



  1. Mario Kart 8
  2. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and Toad
  3. 50cc, 100cc, 150cc


  1. Mega Mushroom
  2. Three
  3. Paratroopa and Petey Piranha


  1. Taiko no Tatsujin
  2. Mario Kart XXL
  3. "Drive backwards across the spinning bridge!"

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