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Andymii ('Shroom staff portrait)

Staff Notes

Written by: Andymii (talk)

Hello there, 'Shroom readers! I'm Andymii (talk), your new Fun Stuff Director. If case you didn't realize by our banners and background, I'm kicking off my job with the 'Shroom's Zelda/Pokémon special issue. So if that's your type, we hope you enjoy our specially themed activities this month! We've got plenty – Meta Knight (talk) has made a Zelda-themed maze, Pyro Guy (talk) has made extra Picross puzzles, and Yoshi876 has made a Zelda/Pokémon Quiz. Unrelatedly, if the notion of Donald Trump eating Yoshi eggs interests you, you might want to read on as well.


Section of the Month

Last month's Section of the Month goes to… me. Huh. Congrats also to Marshal Dan Troop (talk) and everyone else who wrote!

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Guess Who! 25 45.45 Andymii
2nd Silly Stories, By You! 11 20 Andymii
3rd DId You Know? 8 14.55 Marshal Dan Troop

Word Activities

Andy challenges your Pokémon knowledge in Guess Who!
[read more]

Help Andy come up with a silly story!
[read more]

Yoshi876 tests your Mario knowledge!
[read more]
Graphic Activities

Don't lose yourself in Meta Knight's mazes!
[read more]

Pyro Guy offers some challenging Picross puzzles!
[read more]
Mind Games

It's aMAZEing

Written by: Meta Knight (talk)

Greetings, adventurers! It's been 30 years of The Legend of Zelda. That is a really long time, but this series has proven to be one of Nintendo's biggest. Man, even my mom beat the original Zelda. She also beat Zelda II. Good job Mom; way to outshine me there. But enough of that. When I went to Hyrule, I stole the Triforce just for you guys. I could have sold it for money so I could take a vacation, but I decided to draw on it instead. With permanent ink too. Now instead of having the power of wisdom, power, or courage, it has the power of markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Not bad if I do say so myself.

How to Play:

-Copy the image in an art program (such as Paint, Photoshop,, etc.)

-Click the line tool and adjust the size as needed

-Use the line tool to get from arrow to arrow

-Zoom in and out as needed

Good luck!

It's aMAZEing February 2016

Here are the answers!


Written by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Hi all! It turns out that both Pokémon and Zelda turn 25 this year, and to celebrate this, I've prepared extra picrosses (I'm still not sure about the plural of picross, but picrosses seem to work out) on top of the promised Wario themed picross. I have also prepared a tip for all you picross lovers; don't just think about the squares and numbers, because they form a picture. Use your knowledge of the picture you've uncovered so far to detect things like symmetry, patterns and more to predict where you can fill in a square. This is needed in this month's HARD picross. Good luck, and get ready for this issue's theme:


any way to shorten that?


Shroom107 EasyPcrs.PNG


Shroom107 HardPcrs.PNG

EXTRA: ('o')

Shroom107 ExtraPcrs.PNG

Wow! Three picrosses! And with that comes three colored answers!

Answers (click show, then click the pictures)
EASY 107 Easy Answers.png
The Triforce. Link's a big fan of them.
HARD Shroom107 Hard Answers.png
Not the mascot of the Pokémon series.
EXTRA ('o') Shroom107ExtraAnswers.png
You better know her name.

So this is the part where I congratulate you regardless of how you did. Well done! Next month, we'll be tackling the Paper Mario series to see what puzzles I can come up with. And on that note, goodbye!


Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Welcome to Quiz, a place where I... quiz you, on Mario stuff... well, not this time. No, this time it's based on Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda.


  1. Which explosive item combines the name of Bomb and Pikachu?
  2. Which Legend of Zelda Assist Trophy messes up the controls?
  3. Which Psychic-type Pokémon has 28 different variants?


  1. Which Pokémon uses Splash as its attack in the Super Smash Bros. series?
  2. What are the four courses in the Triforce Cup?
  3. What is Lucario's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?


  1. In which terrain type in Pokémon Stadium 2 is the hidden picture of the cat found?
  2. How many songs are in the My Music for Pirate Ship in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?
  3. Which The Legend of Zelda enemy occasionally appears from Party Balls in Super Smash Bros. Melee?



  1. Bombchu.
  2. Skull Kid.
  3. Unown.


  1. Goldeen.
  2. Wario's Gold Mine, Rainbow Road, Ice Ice Outpost, Hyrule Circuit.
  3. Aura Storm.


  1. Ice.
  2. Eight.
  3. Like Like.

Guess Who!

Written by: Andymii (talk)

A group of Pokémon appear during the intro.
"And the monsters were all having a marvelous time until PETA arrived and messed everything up. The end."

It's a Pokémon-themed issue this time, and…well. You see, Pokémon and I have history.

You might know that I play games to beat them. I play games that you can finish completely (you might want to see this). As catching every single Pokémon (and their shiny counterparts!) is the stupidest idea ever, I've avoided Pokémon like the plague.

Oh, I've given it its chances. I decided to give Pokémon a go once with (don't laugh) Pokémon Shuffle. And what do they do? They make these stupid competitions where only the top 20,000 get to catch a Pokémon for a short time only. Needless to say, that game has been wiped completely from my 3DS. But it gets worse.

The Pokémon issues extend far beyond their own territory. So I get a free Smash Bros. Mewtwo from Club Nintendo. Sounds nice, right?

No. Now I can't buy all-inclusive DLC bundles, because I "own part of the DLC already." You've got to be kidding.

So I've decided to distance myself from Pokémon as much as possible, because it's trolled me enough already. That is, until MarioWiki called me to do this; looking back, I shouldn't be surprised (our Pokémon article is ironically longer than Bulbapedia's). That's why I've asked my Pokémon-expert brother to choose the Pokémon involved in today's issue. Additionally, Bulbapedia supplied most of the facts seen here, because c'mon, a person who's only played Pokémon Shuffle isn't going to be that knowledgeable. Thank you to both.

Well, uh, let's start, I guess…?

Guess Who! February 2016
Theme: Who's That Pokémon?

Level 1: Easy (even for newbs like me)

  1. The back of this Pokémon sports a nice green plant.
  2. He is a Starter Pokémon is many of the earlier games.
  3. Its Pokedex number is #001.

Level 2: Normal

  1. This Pokémon takes the appearance of a Chinese dragon.
  2. It evolves from a pretty pathetic creature.
  3. Its Shiny form is red.

Level 3: Hard

  1. According to Bulbapedia, this Pokémon takes on a "skeletal-like" shape.
  2. It evolves from its previous form starting at level 40.
  3. It's name comes from the Chinese words 兜 (helmet) and 兜蟹 (horseshoe crab), though Bulbapedia insists that it is Japanese.

BONUS: The Most Obscure Pokémon of All Time (not really)

  1. Yellow!
  2. Red!
  3. Mouse!


Easy: Bulbasaur!

Normal: Gyarados!


Hard: Kabutops!


BONUS:: Pikachu!


Now I'm done with this, I'm not talking about Pokémon again. Hopefully. I probably will have to somewhere along the line. Regardless, thank you for playing Guess Who, and please check back next month!

Silly Stories, By You!

Written by: Andymii (talk)

Special thanks to LegoMarioBros (talk), shockwave527 (talk), Hypnotoad (talk), GreenShroom (talk), TheEpicDonut123 (talk), and others for their contributions.

A Biography or Mario's Stupid Life:
Brock Obama, ready to protect Donald Trump the Egg Eater.
"Brock Obama"

IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, Mario's backstory is greatly shrouded in mystery. Such questions are often asked, but never answered: who are Mario's parents? Why does Bowser hate the Bros. so much? Who is Fluffy McKittyKat the III? Until recently, answers to such questions were only known to underground Nintendo workers and enlightened nerds who have no friends, but now, Mario's origin story has been gloriously revealed to us by our trustworthy friends at Mario Wikia.

Our story starts in the rolling hills of Idaho, under the rule of Most Excellent Donald Trump, who was so powerful that he had managed to enslave John Cena and Brock Obama to grow potatoes on his plantation. Mario's nomadic family had set up for the night in a pop-tent nearby, for they could not afford anything else. You see, Mario's parents were Yoshi herders. As anyone from Idaho knows, Yoshi herding was a terrible occupation for the era; Trump had recently declared that he had a particular passion for green eggs, and was on a mission to steal all the Yoshi eggs for his meal. Then there was also the fact that Yoshis ate his potatoes. Because of this, Mario's parents were in constant fear of being discovered by the Mushroom KGB.

Stop Trump from stealing Eggs!
"Donald Trump"

Are you taking notes? Good.

Speed forward 20 years. John Cena and Brock Obama have become Trump's royal bodyguards. Mario is now a young man living in a shack by Trump's plantation; all his Yoshis are stolen; most importantly, he is vengeful for the Yoshi eggs that he could have made into omelets. To make matters worse, Trump has enslaved the only creature that can save the world from evil: Poochy. Every day from his window, he sees the unstoppable Trump eat an egg. This understandably makes Mario furious.

So furious, that Mario, the little unemployed guy from Idaho, wants to do something. Something for the people! For the oppressed! He cannot bear seeing all the eggs going to the top 1%. A revolution must start!

Mario's life will never be the same. He starts a massive army. An Army that will start a worthy Egg Revolution! Now the government will finally learn that eggs don't only belong to the wealthy. An army that will surely bring justice to the world! A noble cause! Eggs forever! Troops assemble!

…Actually, the only members so far are himself and his brother, Luigi, who is busy playing his Game Boy on the toilet.

Mario, meanwhile, is stressing over how to invade Trump Castle, with thirty pages of written notes. He researches carefully; he learns that Trump has a deathly fear of dirty water. Trump also has a fear of clowns (despite being one himself), and hates jump scares. Just how can Mario take advantage of this? It seems impossible. Tired, Mario decides to take a pee.

He opens the bathroom door. Luigi shrieks and rockets off the toilet, forgetting to wipe yet again. Dazed, Mario suddenly realizes that he has the perfect idea.

He'll stuff a jack-in-the-box in the Trump's toilet.

How will the Bros. enter Trump's stronghold? How will they bypass Brock Obama and John Cena? And how will they save Poochy?
You can help decide this and more! Click the URL below.


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