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Welcome to my user page! I'm LegoMarioBros, and I am a huge LEGO and Mario fan!

I have been reading The 'Shroom since about Issue 85. I have competed in the following contests:

  • The Issue 100 Mad Lib contest: This was my favorite contest. I came up with the words "smelled" and "dancing" for this contest. I lol'd when I read the results. I hope I see another Mad Lib contest soon.
  • The 2015 Ultimate Character Tournament: Way to go, Yoshi! Since I am most familiar with Mario and Kirby characters, I only voted for those.
  • The Silly Stories, By You! contest: This is great! I came up with Mario stuffing a jack-in-the-box in Donald Trump's toilet. (I thought it was going to be Bowser. Trump has won so many delegates - what did he do to deserve this?) I hope to see more of this soon.