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Piscatory Pete meets Flopsy Fish[edit]

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Despite the GBA Shogakukan guide having a separate entry for Piscatory Pete (albeit separated by an identifier), the SNES Shogakukan guide clearly considers it the same as Flopsy Fish. Merge to Cheep Cheep? LinkTheLefty (talk) 00:21, August 21, 2020 (EDT)

Yes, similar name, similar looks, and in Yoshi's New Island, they're replaced by green Cheep Cheeps. --JumpPumpkinPlant SMW.pngDarkNightSMW Pumpkin Plant.png (Boo!) 00:46, August 21, 2020 (EDT)
Absolutely. While on the surface they don't look like "typical" Cheeps, they're clearly going off the weird design used in SMW. As for the separate design in general, Flopsy Fish was (aside from the "biting" pose) assembled from smaller graphics to make it animate more fluidly while Pete was made to fit in a 16x16 space to conserve space. The fact that YNI absolutely converged them makes this pretty clear-cut. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 01:18, August 21, 2020 (EDT)