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Merge Fire Minis articles into one article[edit]

Settledproposal.svg This talk page proposal has already been settled. Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

merge all with fire mini mario 12-2-0
The articles Fire Mini Mario, Fire Mini Toad, Fire Mini Peach and Fire Mini Donkey Kong are 4 articles about one subject "Fire Mini". I mean: we only have article Fire Mario with out having Fire Luigi or any other articles related to Fire Mario. I see that that what the template {{diff}} do.

Proposer: Megadardery (talk)
Deadline: January 28, 2013 23:59 GMT

Merge all with Fire Mini Mario (check this draft)[edit]

  1. Megadardery (talk) Per my proposal.
  2. Tails777 (talk) We don't have a seperate article for Fire Luigi or the Fire Toads. Per proposal.
  3. BowserJunior (talk) Per Tails
  4. Marshal Dan Troop (talk) Per proposal.
  5. RandomYoshi (talk) — Per proposal.
  6. SuperFireBowserJr. (talk) Per proposal.
  7. Mario4Ever (talk) Per proposal.
  8. Yoshi K (talk) Per Tails.
  9. King Pikante (talk) Per proposal.
  10. ThePremiumYoshi (talk) - Per all.
  11. Sonic98 (talk) Per proposal.
  12. Walkazo (talk) - Per all.

Merge all with Fire Minis (create a new article)[edit]

  1. Coooool123 (talk) I like this option better than the one above. The other characters aren't actually fire mini mario, and it will just cause there to be conflicts in the future. The title will be more correct this way.
  2. Bwf8398 (talk) Per Cool

Do Nothing[edit]


@Coooool123, We don't call Ice Mario "Ice Brother", do we? This is what {{Diff}} is for.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by BowserJunior (talk).

True, but that's because they aren't merged. If we merged Ice Mario and Ice Luigi, they'd all go under Ice Power-up or Ice Power or something. We have to adjust the titles to be more politically correct. Coooool123 (talk)
Actually you're wrong we had a proposal that decided that Ice Mario what we should go with over ice person. Marshal Dan Troop (talk)
Then we should change the draft so that it coincides with the Ice Mario article. Coooool123 (talk)